Come On, Get Happy!: 10 Movies On Netflix Instant Guaranteed To Brighten Your Week
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Come On, Get Happy!: 10 Movies On Netflix Instant Guaranteed To Brighten Your Week

By Jodi Clager | Seriously Random Lists | August 21, 2014 | Comments ()

mst3k pointing.jpg

The past couple of weeks have been a torrential downpour of terrible news and the realization of just how much we have to grow as a society. It’s been stressful, rage-inducing, and anxiety-stoking to say the least. So I’ve decided to share with you the movies that I turn to when I need my mind eased and spirits lifted.

1. Trollhunter

This Norwegian horror comedy is perhaps unconventional as a movie to make one happy. If you watch it, you’ll understand why I have it on this list.

Three Norwegian film students decide to film a documentary on the man they think is responsible for the rash of bear poaching. It turns out that the man is actually a trollhunter for the government and he is fed up with the terrible hours and crappy benefits. He allows the film crew to tag along while he investigates the influx of trolls to the area.

2. & 3. The Muppet Movie / The Muppets Take Manhattan

Don’t make me choose between these two movies from my childhood. I cannot do it. The Muppet Movie features a trippy scene with Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem rocking while painting a van while The Muppets Take Manhattan has frog amnesia and a Broadway show. You can’t watch either of them without smiling, unless you have poop where your soul should be.

4. The Avengers

The Avengers is just a big, fun, exploding movie of very sexy people doing cool things and saving the world. From Cap’s Ass to Thor quipping that Loki is adopted, the whole thing keeps you entertained and giggling long enough to forget that we don’t have real superheroes to step into dire situations.

5. Big Trouble in Little China

It’s just like Jack Burton always says: “If you want a good time, try a John Carpenter movie starring Kurt Russell on for size.” Big Trouble in Little China has got romance, a self-absorbed hero, lots of fighting, monsters, curses, and big rigs. How can you help but grin with Kurt Russell sporting lipstick smears on his face and facing off against Garbage Pail Kids-looking evil dudes.

6. Hot Rod

I like my comedy absurd and formulaic. Rod has been a daredevil all his life. He’s surrounded by dim friends that share his enthusiasm for sweet stunts like jumping the public pool and taking on ramps set up in the street. When Rod’s step-father needs a surgery, the gang all find a way to raise money through daredevilry.

7. Ghostbusters

I don’t need to explain this choice to you. Right?

8. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Night of the Blood Beast

MST3K is my go-to for melting away my stress. This technically counts as a movie, because this is my list and I make up the rules as I go. So.

This particular choice is a favorite because the premise of the film is so ridiculous. A man is sent into space where he is impregnated with alien babies that look like brine shrimp. When the Blood Beast comes to Earth to just talk, a group of…scientists? NASA experts? Steves? have to take it on.

The riffing is delightfully absurd, with Crow deciding to fake a pregnancy for all of those sweet, sweet perks. You get a bonus short with insane people singing about phones.

9. Clue

Here’s another movie with a strange sense of humor. The murder-mystery based on the board game is filled with comedic genius and a myriad of quotable moments.

10. Wayne’s World

I remember when this movie was released. I saw it in the theater opening weekend. I loved it. I think the movie still holds up pretty well and the jokes aren’t too 90s specific to work. You also get the bonus of funny Mike Myers and vintage Rob Lowe.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Maydays

    Ghostbusters all day long. Fun fact: if you ask my 6yo if he'd like something you'll generally get a "Yes, have some." a la Louis Tully.

  • BWeaves

    I always get "Clue" and "Murder By Death" confused. I love both.

  • TQB

    YES! Some respect for Clue!! 'Bout time. If you haven't seen it, please give it a shot. I dare you not to shout "IT'S A RED HERRING!" at people for the following week.

  • BWeaves

    My go to movie for cheering up is "Local Hero." There are no villains. Everybody wins. And the humor is low key.

    It also has all my favorite secret boyfriends, at their cutest:

    Peter Riegert. Denis Lawson, and Peter Capaldi!

    Unfortunately, Netflix no longer has Local Hero. Watching Local Hero was the reason I joined Netflix to start with. I had to finally buy a copy myself. I'm OK with that, but still.

  • BendinIntheWind

    Me scrolling down: "Good, good, ok, good... just a few more entries before I get to the comments section and get to shriek at everyone about the greatness of 'Clue'..." HAPPY SURPRISE! IT'S ALREADY THERE!

    Thank god Netflix isn't linked up to my Facebook or anything... it might be difficult to explain why I've watched this movie at least once a month for the past 2 years. I wait for the day that Netflix sends me the DVD with a Post-It attached that simply says "Seriously?"

  • TQB

    We have Netflix, and own the DVD... and the VHS. Come over any time.

  • Poo. Maybe I'm broken inside but I've never been able to sit through an entire episode of MST3K. I get bored halfway through, skip the non-movie segments and generally wish it'd be funnier. I just get bored and antsy for it to be over.

  • BendinIntheWind

    I'm sure everyone you reveal this to responds with "Seriously, just watch the ___________ episode, you'll get it!", which is no doubt annoying, but seriously... just watch the "Space Mutiny" episode if you can find it.

    Alternatively, maybe scope out RiffTrax and find a movie you already wanted to watch? They do a lot of current/well-known movies, so even if you don't like the commentary, at least you saw the movie!

    Edited to add: The "Space Mutiny" episode is up on Youtube in its entirety

  • Yep, they do. I've tried! It just always feels like a chore. Maybe I'll try that one eventually.

  • xxx

    MIileyyCyruss is FFucckiing>

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    My love for Big Trouble in Little China is disturbing. I own a replica of Burton's tank top that I work out in and I will always respond to someone saying "who?" with "Jack Burton, ME"
    ...that confuses a lot of people.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Fozzie is so awesome, hes my hero

  • emmalita

    I love Fozzie Bear.

  • Dulce et Banana

    Is that the MST3k where he does the disturbing and merciless Captain Janeway drag performance?

  • eag46

    No that's the Laserblast episode, Season 7, Episode 6, the last Comedy Central episode.

  • Pinky McLadybits

    Nope. You are thinking of Laserblast.

    "She undercut the subtle nuance of my wiener joke!"

  • kdm

    Does Netflix pick a random Clue ending for you?

  • BendinIntheWind

    You get all 3, right in a row (I believe this is also how it plays on the DVD, and when it airs on cable).

    You get one ending, then an old-timey silent film-style title card with music that says "That's one way it could have happened... but what if it went like this!", and before the final ending, it instead says "But here's what REALLY happened!"

  • Wrestling Fan

    the DVD I have (different release?) lets you choose between random ending and all three.

  • llp

    That's what I was going to ask! I have seen that movie, with all the endings, dozens of times.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    It's probably a sign I'm getting older, but every time I see Madeline Kahn's "flames....flames....on the side of my face" moment, I laugh harder and feel it sink into my soul a little more.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I will always have a crush on Tim Curry from that movie. ALWAYS.
    And I will also always kinda want to dress like Mrs. White.

  • emmalita

    Confession time - I have never seen Wayne's World.

  • xxx

    MIileyyCyruss is FFucckiing>

  • Guest

    These spambots are much more depressing than the others. At least the others promised you a great salary and all the success in life.

  • Berry

    Wayne's World is one of those movies that I've seen bits and pieces of, but never the whole thing from beginning to end. It's weird. Jumanji is another. And that one especially is kind of amazing in my version, a real trip of confusing elements that make only very little sense. I almost don't want to see it for fear of turning it into something that hangs neatly together.

  • HasenKlub

    I'm not ashamed to admit that "Jumanji" is one of my favorite goofy kid movies. It's probably heavily due to the nostalgia factor, but I absolutely love it. Also, I might get a little teary-eyed at the end with the father-son reconciliation. It's damn manipulative, but I can't help myself. Every. Damn. Time.

  • Berry

    It's decided: Sunday next week, when husband and I are both home and not working for once, we'll have a movie afternoon, with Jumanji, and pizza. And animal crackers, if such things, or a close enough approximation, exist here.

  • emmalita

    Any animal shaped or nostalgic childhood dessert/snack will do.

  • luckypete

    These spambots are much more depressing than the others. At least the others promised you a great salary and all the success in life (I originally replied to the spambot, but removed it since I didn't know if that would just encourage them).

  • emmalita

    Do you mean the ones promising Miley Cyrus porn? They are depressing.

  • emmalita

    I watched Jumanji for the first time a few days ago. Loved it.

    Edit to add: it does hang together as neatly as something with monkeys and Robin Williams can.

  • Berry

    It really sounds like a lot of fun. I should watch it. It would probably make for a good Sunday afternoon pizza movie, yes?

  • emmalita

    Yes! Pizza and Jumanji. And animal crackers for dessert.

  • dizzylucy

    No way!

  • Bananapanda


  • HasenKlub

    Confession time: I *own* Wayne's World and I've never seen it...

  • emmalita

    High five!

  • poopnado

    Wayne's World landed me my first boyfriend. We AOL instant messaged Wayne's World quotes back and forth to each other, and I did better than him. He was impressed.

    This was the only thing we had in common, but we dated for a year and I was heart broken for way too long when he dumped me. PUPPY LOVE is dumb and I hate it. My love for Wayne's World is still going strong though.

  • Dulce et Banana

    A shocking twist!!!

  • Pants-are-a-must

    How have you been able to enjoy headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody, then?

  • Alicia

    Does playing air guitar to Bohemian Rhapsody work as well?

  • emmalita

    I was 6 or 7 when Bohemian Rhapsody was released. I've been head banging to it for longer than Wayne's World has been around.

    I feel like I should end this by shaking my ladle and telling you youngsters to get off my lawn, but I won't. I'll just admit I'm old.

  • Jormis

    I was 7 when BR was released, saw Wayne's World at a theater, own the DVD, but have never head banged to Bohemian Rhapsody. Maybe if I had had a ride in an AMC Pacer ...

  • Berry

    I've never head-banged to it either (I was -5 years old when it was released) but I do try to sing along whenever I hear it. Every time, without fail. For me, for me, for meeeee....

  • Fabius_Maximus

    It's one of the few songs of which I know the lyrics by heart.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I'll be here to make you feel (somewhat) younger.

  • emmalita

    Always the gracious gentlecreep.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I agree that headbanging to the song has been going on longer for me too, but Wayne's World made is just so...ritualized. In a fun way.

    I'm sorry for making you feel old. Here, have a Hannibal gif:

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I love you.

  • emmalita

    You didn't make me feel old. My age did that.

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