Buttoned Up Or Stripped Down? Joseph Gordon-Levitt vs. Aaron Paul
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Buttoned Up Or Stripped Down? Joseph Gordon-Levitt vs. Aaron Paul

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | July 17, 2012 | Comments ()

dapper vs scruffy.jpg

It's a long-running joke here on Pajiba that, given how often we see him looking dapper as f*ck, Joseph Gordon-Levitt must surely have a vest rider in his film contracts. He puts his fashion fetish to good use in this three-piece suit spread for the August edition of GQ. But just in case JGL isn't your thing, GQ also has a spread with TV It Boy of the summer, "Breaking Bad"'s Aaron Paul. So, it's a skinny, spiffy white dude vs. a skinny, scruffy* white dude. Which do you prefer, folks? Buttoned up, or stripped down?










*Admittedly, GQ's version of scruffy involves English riding boots, britches and a tie. But "A" for effort.

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  • chanohack

    I prefer Aaron. P.S. I've missed your hotness case studies.

  • melissa82

    Both. I'll take both, thank you.

  • Tammy

    Oh dear Godtopus, I want to remove JGL's vest. With my teeth. Hot cha....

  • Devin McMusters

    The guy on the left is cooler because he was in an episode of Dr. Quinn when he was young.

  • Orleanas

    I'll take "skinny, spiffy white dude" over "skinny, scruffy* white dude" all day, everyday in this case. JGL (who I forgot to put on my Pajiba 10 list), is working that three piece suit and my hormones whereas Paul Aaron is activating my gag reflex (too strong a reaction?) for grown men who wear skinny jeans--a fashion faux pas and pet peeve of mine.

  • Pepper

    JGl fer sure. Maybe we can also strip down that buttoned up dapper...

  • Peppermt

    JGL - typo

  • Becca

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, just because no matter how healthy Aaron Paul looks, all I can see is a pale skinny junkie wearing a hoodie five sizes too big for him.

  • A man in a suit is a man I'd let in my pants.

  • Aaron Anthony

    Considering that Aaron Paul looks like in that header pic that he is pointing that (corn cob?) at the next bike racer kid he wants to molest I'm going with JGL. That and he just looks so damn smooth that I'm jealous.

  • JG Levitt. no question- its not even rocket science. JGL can do it all, and looking hot as hell, mind you. He just chooses not to be the sidekick to a high school chem teacher who couldn't make it at JBL or into a public schools grad program. Oh yes, I went there....

  • JGL does nothing for me, loins-wise, but damn, he can wear a suit. That's a talent.

  • FireLizardQueen

    My brains say JGL my loins say Aaron Paul.

  • Yo, I think Aaron Paul can look handsome in his own right, bitch.

    But JGL makes me swoon. Vesty McHotass for the win.

  • no one

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a walk.

  • TheOriginalMRod


  • BendinIntheWind

    Don't you DARE try to distract me from the besuited JGL.

  • Haystacks

    Screw Scruffy. Give me a 3 piece suit wearing man every time,

  • Drake

    AP is handsome enough (despite the drive-in screen forehead), and I'm sure a nice guy, but JGL makes me ache in places that I forget that I have.

  • slicler7574

    I agree, huge forehead - gives me the creeps

  • TheOriginalMRod

    I like to refer to it as an "eighthead"

  • Samantha Klein

    In this case, buttoned-up. That other guy has an alien forehead.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I just wish I had the cash to rock both sets of threads. Those jackets they have Paul wearing are great, and I LOVE that suit in the third-to-last (and maybe second-to-last) picture of JGL. Sadly, I'm guessing it would cost me a month's salary.

  • supermeg

    ordinarily i'm into dirt, scruff and all badboyness but throw my boy in there and it's always gonna come out JGL. Every damn time.

  • Captain_Tuttle


  • Kip Hackman

    Posts like this make it harder and harder to continue to be a straight guy around here.

  • rockthecaspar

    This is a comment by me on a thread about Joseph Gordon-Levitt. To whom I am married. I think my stance is pretty clear on this one.

  • jon29

    Aaron Paul looks like he needs some McDonalds.

  • burpany

    The correct answer is: both.

    Although if I had to choose from these GQ photo shoots, I'd take Aaron Paul over JGL. Specifically, I'd take Aaron Paul in that second picture with the unbuttoned shirt/pants combination.

  • Rocabarra

    Sometimes the old adages just can't be ignored: the clothes make the man.
    Always, always buttoned up. A man in a waistcoat says, nay, demands, all your sex, and resistance is futile.

  • Aaron Paul? He of the giant head? Seriously, look at him on that dirt bike and tell me he's not 3 seconds away from tipping massive-cranium-first over those handlebars! He's creepy-looking! How is this even a contest? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! JGL by a mile and a half.

  • Jen

    Thank you, for a few minutes reading these posts I thought I was going insane. Aaron Paul while I'm sure is a perfectly nice guy is butt ass ugly and creepy. If he wasn't an actor and just some random guy walking down the street no one and I mean NO ONE would even glance at him. I know you'll all tell me how wrong I am but I'm not. JGL all the way ( and he can play his fucking Ukele anytime all he wants)

  • Pants-are-a-must


    See, I want to love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Goodness knows I lusted after his limber, zero-gravity ass on Inception.

    But the comment he made about pretty women not normally being funny on Comic Con opened a pandora box of stupid shit he said, courtesy of the internet-never-forgets, and now I disdain his lily white privileged ass.

    I wish I could just ogle men and forget they can talk.


  • rockthecaspar

    I don't see what's so bad about this. Pretty girls and handsome men aren't usually funny - I thought that was kind of a given. There are some exceptions, and they're lovely, but you don't need to be funny if you're as hot as fresh doughnuts, so most hot people don't bother. Isn't this a universally recognised truth? Am I going mad?

  • hapl0

    Thank you Sir/Madam. You're not going mad but the OP sure is.

  • Maguita NYC

    "Pretty girls and handsome men aren't usually funny"
    What is so bad about this is your judgmental generalization about people's looks.
    If acceptable, which would then allow the bigots to come out of the woodwork and make shit like this acceptable:
    - All women with breast implants are sl-ts.
    - All Jewish men have big schnozes.
    - All black men have big d*cks.
    - All Asians have small d*cks.
    - All blondes are dumb.
    And by your bland superficial comment, I'm tending to believe that you are one of them "pretty people".

  • FireLizardQueen

    Why is it so wrong to say pretty people have it easier in life? Comics are usually people who had to struggle to get where they are, thus pretty people generally aren't as funny.

  • Me

    There's been a post on this very site saying that attractive people are usually less funny than unattractive people. You should also disdain Pajiba's 'lily white privileged ass.

  • hapl0

    How do you go from not being funny to all these other horrible things?

    Since when does not being funny has led to depression? I guess in the world of stand up comedy that would be a real issue but generally speaking? Cmon.

  • rockthecaspar

    What? No no no, you've extrapolated a completely nonsensical position out of the somewhat general observation I made - and I don't believe that my comment, if true, is the sort of thing that would grant bigots the right to make offensive comments about minorities. Also: I wasn't being judgmental - you read that into my comment. But yes, you're right that I am very pretty.

  • Maguita NYC

    Missed completely then your intention. I must be pmssing.
    Pretty unhumourous blonde.

  • hapl0
  • hapl0

    "Pretty girls aren't usually funny."

    He didn't say pretty girls aren't funny. He didn't even say girls aren't funny.

    In a world where Khal Drogo is glad he got to rape beautiful women and Depp is raped by his photographer, JGL has done nothing wrong.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    God forbid he could've just said "hey, I think Emily Blunt is a really funny person! I loved talking to her!" Because you can't possibly compliment a woman (which is what he intended to do) without slighting other women in the process.

    Also, did I in any way compare this to all the horrible fucking rape talk we've had? Shut your goddamn mouth.

  • hapl0
  • Puddin

    Eww. He said that? Ewww.

  • Me

    “She’s funny…and let’s face it, most pretty girls aren’t funny.”

  • Puddin

    Double down on the ewww. That kid is like a male ScarJo. Slightly above average looks with a massive ego that all stems from being vastly overrated.

    Oh my God, I hope they get together and make awful, pretentious babies so my children will have someone to make fun of.

  • jM

    Both. What am I supposed to do when the other is running out for snacks? Twiddle my thumbs?

  • Ruthie O

    JGL because he can rock the suit and then strip down and sing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" while sweaty and sexy. I'm not picky; I'd be happy with any of JGL's variations.

    Basically, I'd take JGL in a house, I'd take JGL on a mouse. I'd boink him here or there. I'd boink him anywhere.

  • Desine77

    Why choose? Just stick me right in the middle of a jgl and ap sandwich.

  • Puddin

    Let me answer your question with a question. Would you rather have a guy who can help take down an international drug ring while playing with your kid and teaching you about magnets, yo, or do you want some skinny little vest wearing mother fucker who plays you songs on the ukele?

    Science, bitch.

  • i want a little vest wearing mother fucker who plays me songs on a ukele. sorry.

  • JoannaRobinson

    I want to stitch this on a pillow.

  • Puddin

    Yo, what about a magnet?

  • Cabbage418

    JGL in a suit all the way - he's so suave. Although the cover line "Madman Across the Water" being about an actual mad man and not about the cast of Madmen was very confusing given the cover shot.

  • PDamian

    Oy. Ordinarily I'd say JGL, every day, every night, all the freakin' time. But there's something odd about how his suit pants fit his thighs in the photos. They're just a tad too tight. My opinion only, but to my eyes it looks as if the jacket, shirt and vest were perfectly fitted, and then the tailor ran out of thread for necessary alterations for the pants.

    Then again, I was never much for the skinny jeans look, and I guess that goes the same for skinny pants. And Aaron Paul looks mighty tasty, particularly in the last photo. Love a man who smiles, and looks like he means it.

  • zeke_the_pig

    The sartorial choice? Aaron.
    The overall package? JGL.

  • Kacey


  • BobbFrapples

    Man for the day. Man for the night. I will not choose.

  • Abbey Road

    All this really does is makes me want to *also* see a shoot with JGL in cargos & super-Vs with dirt bikes. (But I haven't seen Breaking Bad, so.)

  • exploranora

    I LOVE skinny white boys. Especially if they have cute butts. MOAR BUTTS PLZ

  • Maguita NYC

    Used to love the spiffy-skinny white dude, until he overloaded on nauseous cuteness with wide-eyed Deschanels.

    This time around, I'll give the scruffy skinny white one my vote... He looks intense, and you always look for intense in an imaginary/fantasy bedmate.

  • Muertemaria

    Why do I have to choose? They both make me swoon.

  • ang

    I second that. But skinny jeans/pants of any kind have got to go.

  • Sassafrass Green

    They seem like nice guys. I'm sure they don't mind sharing!

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