Better Or Worse SRL: Did Studios Make the Right Call In Shelving These 7 Alternate Movie Posters?
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Better Or Worse SRL: Did Studios Make the Right Call In Shelving These 7 Alternate Movie Posters?

By Jodi Clager | Seriously Random Lists | September 26, 2013 | Comments ()




Winner: The original Pulp Fiction poster is so iconic at this point that the alternate poster, though very pulpy and gorgeous, can’t begin to replace it in pop culture history.



Winner: This is a tough call. Both posters are moody and tell you jack and sh*t about the actual movie. I can’t help but think that the alternate poster would have been more annoying than interesting to prospective moviegoers, so the original wins by default.




Winner: Though the tagline is the same for both posters and the original is more iconic than the Pulp Fiction poster, I can’t help but think that the alternate poster is somehow more evocative of the film. The original seems cartoonish when you place it beside the alternate, which shows a body that may or may not be a corpse and the gang of merry psychos strolling off into the street lights to continue on their to do list of rape and ultra violence.



Winner: Dear Lord baby Jesus, lyin’ there in your ghost manger, just lookin’ at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, learnin’ ‘bout shapes and colors, WHAT IN THE HELL. It looks like the alternate poster was designed by Prince as part of the soundtrack deal. No. NO. Plus the tagline containing “not so distant future” makes me start singing the MST3K theme song, which is not very Batmannish of me.



Winner: The alternate poster is lovely with Newman’s face large and handsome, but the original poster captures more of the movie.



Winner: Um. I’m terrified of the original. So that one wins.



Winner: Alternate poster all day long. It’s more interesting to me than the slick original poster. It also capture the sometimes ass-awful movie poster majesty of the era of the first Oceans 11 film.

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  • neonseattle

    Both Ocean's 11 posters are LOL terrible.

  • e jerry powell

    But in the alternate Ocean's 11, Clooney is looking like Russell Crowe, and not in a good way.

  • llp

    I like the second Ocean's 11 poster better too, except that I would never recognize that person as Clooney - he looks like Gerard Butler to me.

  • Jebus

    The alternate batman one looks like the cover of a novelization of a Nintendo game

  • thom2maro

    EVEN MORE ALTERNATES!!!! Wooooo :-)

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I have to go with the alternate for Cool Hand Luke. All posters should just be a close up of Paul Newman.

    Also, The Exorcist and Mystic River posters were more evocative, but still lacked Newman...

  • The Mystic River alternate is fantastic.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Most of the originals seem to be the right call to me. The Exorcist could go either way.

    A Clockwork Orange's poster, in particular, matches the style of the movie better (at least the 20 minutes of the movie I've been able to bring myself to watch). The gritty B&W poster looks like a movie about, I dunno, some Fenian thugs.

    That amazing Thunderball poster looks like something out of MAD magazine.

  • csb

    That A Clockwork Orange image has been given an Irish connotation.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Huh, kinda fascinating to me that that is out there.

  • Guest

    That A Clockwork Orange image has been given an Irish connotation.

  • AudioSuede

    That alternate Exorcist poster is both aesthetically and thematically more frightening in every way. That tagline is so unnerving.

  • sanity fair

    I actually gasped a little when I saw that alternate, said "Holy shit!" and had the whole terrifying experience of watching that movie for the first time come rushing back to me all at once.

    So I'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

  • BigBlueKY

    Paul Newman. Now that is a MAN.

  • No Pithy Name

    Ain't that the truth. I need to amend my Freebie Five Same Team Edition. Oof.

  • Ruby


  • Maguita NYC

    George Clooney looks like a beaten up Clark Gable in the second poster.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I was thinking Sean Bean.

    I dislike that alternate - the cut & paste is absolutely terrible. Plus the slick original poster captures the slick feel of the movie for me.

  • And Julia Roberts looks like an awkward robot.

    Like ... you know in Mars Attacks there's the alien in a Lisa Marie suit who glides down the halls of the White House smoothly swinging her arms juuuuust a little too mechanically? That's what she looks like. But less sexy.

  • AudioSuede

    I honestly was like, "Wait, in the alternate version they replaced Clooney with Gerard Butler?"

  • llp

    Crap, I had the same thought and posted before I read this. Great minds!

  • Maguita NYC

    Honestly, he's like a mixture of Butler and Tom Berenger back when he was in Major League. Just so not George Clooney!

  • TK

    I kind of love the alternate Batman one.

  • I had the same thought, although it does seem to be for a completely different movie than the Michael Keaton Batman turned out to be.

  • Aaron Schulz

    yeah its some weird scifi version of batman, like Batman Dredd

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    You also love playing with Mega Bloks and insist on writing in capital letters so no one is really surprised.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    It would be perfect for Batman Shrugged.

  • mzbitca

    The only alternative I like better visually is the exorcist one. It seems creepier to me.

  • Maguita NYC

    The second one for Exorcist gave me chills.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I find it terrifying with the implied violation of a child.

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