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Back in my day, we didn’t have fancy child care providers or after-school activities to keep us out of trouble after the bell rang dismissing us from class. Those of us with single and/or working parents had a much better babysitter, anyway. It was called television. And it was free. And it didn’t make us eat vegetables.

Indeed, throughout my adolescent years, I’d come home from school, pour myself some generic-brand cereal, and watch some amazing comfort television. And more than any other, these five shows were the perfect 4 p.m. brain-dead sitcoms after a rough day thwarting bully taunts and facing rejection from the cheermongers.

5. “Jeopardy”

4. “Leave It To Beaver”

3. “Charles in Charge

2. “The Brady Bunch”

1. “Saved by the Bell”

So, can anyone identify today’s latchkey-kid television shows? A quick look at the TBS schedule reveals that “Saved by the Bell” is still airing. Man, I bet that show airs for an eternity. But I’ll also say this: Of the above shows, the only one I still can’t help but to linger on if I pass by it inadvertently on the TV dial is “Leave it to Beaver.” It’s dated as hell, and reflects some pretty messed up gender roles, but it’s like a nice, soothing salve for the brain.

Top Five Latchkey-Kid Television Shows

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