America F**k (-ing People You're Not Married To) Yeah!: Our Favorite Political Sex Scandals

By Courtney Enlow | Seriously Random Lists | November 15, 2012 |

Larry Craig

In 2007, Idaho Senator Larry Craig did a little airport bathroom tap dance, the universal signal for "I want your sex, in the George Michaely way." This did not work out for him, what with how his desired partner in the "not everybody does it, but everybody should"-ing (yes, that song is in my head now) was an undercover officer. Craig served out the rest of his term, but was tragically destined to never enter a public restroom again.


Mark Sanford

You know what more scandals need? Total AWOL disappearances, replete with widely varying alibis, climaxing in the discovery that the missing person in question has been in Argentina with his mistress. Ole! Upon his return, Sanford tearfully announced that he'd spent the last five days crying in Argentina (in his defense, it might not have been a total lie-- I'm sure some liquid was in fact exiting his body in some way). Alas, his tears were wasted and he resigned his post as head of the Republican Governors Association.


Eliot Spitzer

As a rule, whatever they fight against hardest, that's their biggest vice (I have it on good authority that Paul Ryan has had, like, twelve abortions and pops OrthoTriCyclen like it's candy.) And when Governor Eliot Spitzer was caught partaking in the very enterprise he'd fought so hard against, it was shocking. And pretty hilarious. It was called The Emperor's Club. That's so fancy. And I still think it's hilariously awesome that his call girl of choice, Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro, née Ashley Youmans, alias Ashley Alexandra Dupré, hooked under the name "Kristen." It's never not funny.


John Edwards

*angry face* His isn't funny. Douche.


Anthony Wiener

BUT HIS IS! *puts on party hat* Okay, I want someone to tell me right now how people accidentally tweet their genitals. You tell me right now. Because I don't get it. Be it the drummer for Sex Bob-omb or a NY congressman, how do you even do that? It seems hard (and I'm not talking about Weiner's little Anthony). Also, as he's one of Jon Stewart's best friends, there is nothing I wouldn't give to be privy to the riotous shitgivings he gets from his friends (it's been over a year--it's totally okay to make fun of him to his face now, right?)


Bill Clinton

Ain't no scandal like a Bill Clinton scandal 'cause a Bill Clinton scandal don't stop. Seriously. It won't stop. His name is still synonymous with adulterer, pimp, playa, manwhore, however you want to word it, and Monica Lewinsky is still a national joke, which is really sad, because of all the obvious reasons, and, if it had been ten years later, chick would have had at least four reality shows by now.

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