A Proper List of the Ten Most Confusing Films of All Time

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | July 27, 2010 |

9. Akira

8. End of Evangelion

7. Videodrome

6. Mulholland Dr

5. Eraserhead

4. π

3. Lost Highway

2. Primer

1. Rachel Getting Married


There were a couple of explanations for Rachel Getting Married below (first suggested by Jean), but I'm not sure that anyone quite cracked it. If anyone else would like to take a stab at explaining what Rachel Getting Married was all about, please feel free to use the comments section below. It was a head scratcher.

"Rachel Getting Married" was about Jonathan Demme showing us his superior ability to appreciate ethnic music and how small-minded the rest of us are to not get the joy of dishwasher loading as a competitive sport. -- Paddydog

I thought the point of "Rachel Getting Married" was that this unfortunate chick was born into a pretentiously annoying family. So annoying in fact, that she almost had no choice but to hate them and be constantly smacked-out. Despite the terrible things she did, you end up feeling sorry for her because most of us would've ended up just like her. -- Darth Darko

(Note: You can watch Primer online for free right now over here).

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