A Much-Needed Reminder That One Sheen Still Has The Profound Power To Make Me Perspire

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | March 11, 2011 | Comments ()


Yesterday, we reminded you of the stentorian greatness of Martin Sheen, and so today, in our continuing effort to preserve the good name "Sheen," we want to remind you of the chameleonic prowess of the prodigiously talented Michael Sheen. That's a mouthful. . .let's just say he's pretty great. He's rather ordinary looking, no?


And yet, for the reasons listed below, his presence in any film (with one vampiric exception) makes it worth a look.

Mary Reilly: For keeping a straight face when confronted with Julia Roberts's dismal Irish accent.

Twilight: New Moon: For keeping a straight face when confronted with Robert Pattinson in a velour bathrobe. (Nope, I still didn't see this movie. And I won't. Not for all the Sheens in England.)

TRON: Legacy: For keeping a straight face through all of the things going on here.

"30 Rock": For holding his own against Tina Fey.

Frost/Nixon: For holding his own against Frank Langella.

Bright Young Things: For playing it super effeminate in 2003. (skip to 4:20)

Underworld: For playing it super masculine in 2003.

The Deal: For playing Tony Blair not once.

The Queen: Not twice.

The Special Relationship: But three times. That's range.

F.Y.I. This is much closer to "goddess" territory.


So well done, Sheen.


Joanna Robinson would like her favorite actors to stop getting their hands dirty with this Twilight nonsense. Lee Pace, I'm looking at you.

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