A Kiss With A Fist: TV's Best Slaps, Jabs, Smacks, Wallops and TKOs

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | April 17, 2012 | Comments ()


If you've stuck with AMC's slow-burning "Mad Men" over the past five seasons, you were richly rewarded this weekend when Madison Avenue's very own Eddie Haskell finally got what was coming to him. It's the five year wait that made those punches so delicious. When Tyrion famously slapped Joffrey last season on "Game of Thrones," we had only just begun to loathe the little sh*t. Me? I've hated Pete Campbell since, well, since he was Connor on "Angel." But that's a different story. Our very lovely Sarah Carlson will have a full "Mad Men" recap (complete with nuanced explications) up later today, but for now wallow in the visual depravity of these fine TV smack downs.

Lane vs. Pete -- "Mad Men"

Kalinda vs. Blake's Car -- "The Good Wife"

Ava vs. Devil -- "Justified"

Tyrion vs. Joff -- "Game of Thrones" (the classic)

Cersei vs. Joff --"Game of Thrones" (a Queen-sized take on the classic)

Andy vs. That Damned Ice Coffee -- "Weeds"

Slapsgiving -- "How I Met Your Mother"

Santana vs. Finn -- "Glee" (Do Rachel next! Oh then Mr. Schue!)

Laurie vs. Her Ex -- "Cougar Town"

Ben vs. That Douche Who Called Leslie a B*tch -- "Parks and Recreation"

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