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God bless the 80s, y’all. Mullets, ripped jeans, dangly earrings, Hammer pants, Hypercolor T-shirts, and Tiger Beat. If you were a teenager in the 80s or early 90s, here’s some advice: Don’t revisit your prom photos (the same can be said for those of you from Jersey, 70s to present). A few weeks ago, we did Hottest TV daughters, which contained quite a few of the 80s Teen Queens, so out of fairness, here we offer up the five hottest 80s Teen Heartthrobs based, in part, on the teen mags my closeted father had hidden away in his office drawer (Jeremy Jordan, however, is not included, probably because none of you remember who Jeremy Jordan was).

There were so many, really, so it’s tough to trim it down to five, so I have to give a few quick, honorable mention nods to Chad Allen, Ralph Machio, Michael J. Fox, and Matt Dillon, among many others. But in the end, these were the five that really mattered, the ones from whom you made your ribbon-y hair stiff and your panties wet.

5. Joey Lawrence


4. John Stamos


3. Andrew McCarthy


2. Johnny Depp


1. Kirk Cameron


The Five Hottest 80's Teen Heartthrobs

A Seriously Random List XXX / Dustin Rowles

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