'80s Shows That Should Shouldn't Be Brought Back

By Guest Listologist Jeremy Stein | Lists | May 27, 2009 | Comments ()

By Guest Listologist Jeremy Stein | Lists | May 27, 2009 |


With the sweeping success of "Battlestar Galactica," we can only hold our breath and hope that the finest era of television can be brought back. Unfortunately we are stuck with reality talent shows and these fine, fine remakes are our best shot at redemption.

The Love Boat: Picture it: Loads of hot twentysomethings having promiscuous sex with the ship's doctors. Does he have the key to the condom box? Is Charo available?

Bosom Buddies: What could be funnier than two guys dressing up as girls to get an apartment in a single-sex building? But who could possibly replicate Tom Hanks' fro?

3. Silver Spoons: Picture the cool gadgets Ricky Stratton could have now. A bed shaped like an iPhone?

Diff'rent Strokes: Creepy old white rich guy goes to an orphanage in Malawi and brings home babies. Starring Maddona and Bernie Maddof.

Fantasy Island: If Obama can find a female Latino Supreme Court Justice nominee then Hollywood casting should be able to find a Filipino midget to replace Tattoo. Am I right?

(Are they really bringing back "Fantasy Island"?)

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