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'80s Shows That Should Shouldn't Be Brought Back

By Guest Listologist Jeremy Stein | Seriously Random Lists | May 27, 2009 | Comments ()

The Love Boat: Picture it: Loads of hot twentysomethings having promiscuous sex with the ship's doctors. Does he have the key to the condom box? Is Charo available?

Bosom Buddies: What could be funnier than two guys dressing up as girls to get an apartment in a single-sex building? But who could possibly replicate Tom Hanks' fro?

3. Silver Spoons: Picture the cool gadgets Ricky Stratton could have now. A bed shaped like an iPhone?

Diff'rent Strokes: Creepy old white rich guy goes to an orphanage in Malawi and brings home babies. Starring Maddona and Bernie Maddof.

Fantasy Island: If Obama can find a female Latino Supreme Court Justice nominee then Hollywood casting should be able to find a Filipino midget to replace Tattoo. Am I right?

(Are they really bringing back "Fantasy Island"?)

Jeremy Stein lives in Portland, Maine. He drinks beers and shoots the shit with the publisher of Pajiba.

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