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8 Female Marvel Characters Who Could Easily Carry Their Own Movies

By Vivian Kane | Seriously Random Lists | August 4, 2014 | Comments ()


Last week Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced he’s really into the idea of a female-led movie, he just doesn’t know when they’d fit one in to their schedule, which has releases pretty much booked through 2019. There was quite a bit of criticism thrown at Fiege for paying pretty weak lip service to an entire gender of Marvel fans. That criticism, in return, brought out the internet shouters in droves, with claims of “Why should they hastily throw a movie together just to pander to womens?” and “Womens are boring and no one would want to see a movie about one.” To both of those points, I call bullsh*t. No one is asking for a slipshod half-baked mess of a movie. We’d just like our turn to play without having to wait for all the boys to get off the playground first. In 2019.

And as for finding the right subject, that part shouldn’t be so hard. Here are a few women who could easily carry their own badass movie, in no particular order. (Take your pick, Feige.)

1. Black Widow
Let’s get this one out of the way first, as it’s the obvious choice at the moment. The main arguments against making a Black Widow movie seem to be shouty statements along the lines of “but she doesn’t have super powers” and “she’s boring.” Well f*ck that sh*t. You know who else doesn’t have superpowers and has a cool, terse, often emotionless outward persona? Jason Bourne. Also a guy named James Freaking Bond if you need a second example. And they’re pretty popular. It could be a prequel (Budapest?) or a solo mission, but a Black Widow movie seems like a strong way to go.

2. Jessica Jones
What really sets Marvel apart from the ever-serious DC-dominated comic movie landscape of days past is their humor. All of the recent Marvel movies have a wit and a levity to them that is one of the main reasons for their popularity. A major problem with female characters is… they’re just not usually that funny. And this makes sense. When most of these characters were written a bajillion years ago there was no need for them to be anything more than a glorified boner-maker for the hero and/or the young male readership.

But not Jessica Jones. Witty, sexy, crass, and dark, a super hero-turned private eye, she’s basically the Veronica Mars of comics, with plenty of opportunity for character cross-over. And actually, there is a Jessica Jones/Alias series planned for Netflix, set to start production right after they release their Daredevil series.

3. Mystique
Look, a full movie devoted to Mystique couldn’t be nearly as bad as the last few Wolverine solo turds. And if Marvel is worried about getting butts in seats, Jennifer Lawrence is not exactly a risky entity.

4. Molly Hayes
It’s been pretty well proven that teen and preteen girls will flock in full gaggles to seen a story about girls kicking a wide variety of asses. Runaways, about a group of children who suddenly learn that not only are they the children of villains, but they all have super powers of their own, was a crazy huge money-making success when it was released. Created by Brian K. Vaughn and handed over (for a while) to Joss Whedon, Wizard called it “one of the best original concepts from Marvel in thirty years.” There are a number of female characters in the books, but Molly, the youngest, often serves as the comedic relief, and a movie from her point of view would kick so much YA butt.

5. Gamora
Gamora was a fantastic part of Guardians of the Galaxy, though there are lack-of-humor issues to consider. Still, tell me you wouldn’t want to spend 90 minutes watching a green body-painted Zoe Saldana thoroughly kick the ass of everyone she meets. I don’t believe you.

6. Jean Grey
What are the chances we can finally get the Dark Phoenix Saga movie we all want, done as well as it deserves?

7. Ms. Marvel (AKA Captain Marvel)
Carol Danvers is a blonde bombshell pilot with some Kree genes freak-accident-spliced in. Oh, and she also has a standing invitation to join the Avengers whenever she damn well feels like it.

8. Misty Knight (and her Heroes for Hire)
Originally an ex-cop with major martial arts skills (oh, hello 1970s), she founded Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage (who’s married to Jessica Jones - crossover potential!). For-profit superheroing, mind control, sexy times with the Iron Fist? I’d watch that movie.

Vivian Kane would really like a Kitty Pryde movie, but she understands that ‘Days of Future Past’ ship has sailed.

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  • Dave

    The reason that they haven't done this yet is because they are not just targeting comic book fans, but mainstream audiences. I'm not saying that mainstream audiences don't want female-leads - but that most of the audience don't care whether the hero has a dick or not, they just want a good story and a strong character.

    Some comic-book fans have (rightly) noticed the discrepancy between the number of female-leads vs. male-leads and are upset because they love a certain (female) character and/or back-story.

    Most studios have enough decent characters and stories that they are planning to film without having to take the 'risk' of a female-lead. The only reason that Sony are doing it now is because it's different and they have very few other options given the licenses they own (which is ironic really given the amount of noise there is that the rights should revert back to Marvel). X-Men: First Class set up a potential 'Mystique' movie really well but FOX were then faced with pulling the trigger on that or re-investing in their successful Wolverine and X-Men franchises.

    I would probably see all of these movies but I think most audiences would view it as 'gimmicky' and just trying to be different. I think the best chance of it occurring and having the desired impact and success is if they link it directly to a team-up film and shoot pretty much back-to-back with the implications of the solo film having serious consequences for the next movie (like Winter Soldier).

  • Gary

    1. Black Widow - No. I think a good movie featuring her would have to be so solo that it would need to be set apart from the larger MCU. A female version of Jason Bourne comes to mind. Ummm...Salt?

    2. Jessica Jones - Who?

    3. Mystique - No. The last Wolverine turd movie aside, Mystique is a character who is best suited as a member of an ensemble. Shape shifting her way through a movie would get obnoxious and dull.

    4. Molly Hayes - Who?

    5. Gamora - No. Like Mystique, better off in an ensemble. Besides, a solo film featuring Gamora is like a solo film with Princess Leia.

    6. Jean Grey - No. Ensemble.

    7. Ms. Marvel - A character named after the company with similar DC Superman powers? Meh, but could be very good.

    8. Misty Knight - Who?

    It appears that the better female characters are those that are in ensembles. Surely there's at least a few solo characters that don't already belong to a team.

  • Musikonica

    Not sure the author is aware Marvel has no control over movies with X-Men characters right now. Otherwise, decent list.

    Also not sure why such a long and boring argument over "mansplaining" is going on.

  • ResurrectRider

    No Lady Sif?...a "Lady Sif, and The Warriors Three" film, would rock the house. She does lead them in Journey into Mystery.
    But, my number 1 pick is Carol Danvers...she would be great in a stand alone film. And, i hope that Katie Sackhoff is cast for the role. Black Widow would be really good, but IMO she needs Barton and Wilson as supporting cast.

  • David Young

    Geeze, I hope I don't get banned for putting in a comment about the actual article itself.
    Anyway, I was disappointed Lady Sif didn't make it into your top eight, considering that she's already had some screen time and made a pretty good impression on the fans. One of the strengths of this character (aside from Jaimie Alexander) is that you'd have the option of putting her either in Asgard or on Earth, or maybe moving between the two. That gives one lots of story telling options.

  • Jack Kelly

    While I agree that Gamora or Molly could carry they're own movies, and that they would be great movies, I don't think they should. They're interesting on they're own, but the best parts of they're character and they're personalities come out when with the team. They're kick-ass, but they need a team, and the team needs them.

  • nobcarajo100

    Also if you don't think all of these movies would be brilliant and groundbreaking you're sexist.

  • ResurrectRider


  • nobcarajo100

    A spy movie starring Scarlett Johansson...I'm sure this has been made already

  • Jack London

    I want a Pixar made Power Pack movie.

  • Coolg82

    Black Widow COULD be an interesting character. Too bad no one at Disney has written one for her. Every appearance she has had has not gone any deeper than "hot redhead in catsuit". This sucks, because all they have to do is write the damn character and Disney has shown it can do that, for the most part, in the MCU. Also, Scarlett Johansson is a good actress and can pull off any character they write for her.

    As for the others, I believe anything can be done well as long as it is written and acted well.

  • BlackRabbit

    Nitpick: Iron Man doesn't really have powers either. The rest is a vicious circle: female superheroes aren't believed to be able to carry movies, so no one makes a film with them, so female superheros can't carry movies...

  • The Kilted Yaksman

    Put Katee Sackhoff in the Captain Marvel costume and film the fucking movie already!

  • manting

    am I wrong or didnt Iron Fist and Luke Cage found Heroes for Hire? I remember Misty dating Iron Fist but not being a founder of HfH.
    Carol Danvers is a total badass and Im amazed she hasnt been introduced yet. "Shes the only women in the world who smells like C-4 and Channel no 5." - Wolverine

  • Sean

    Ms.Marvel/Captain Marvel is coming. Trust me. I am betting Carol Danvers is hinted at during this upcoming season of Agents of Shield. They already have the Kree body, and have revealed others have been experimented on. She will make her debut in Avengers 2.

  • emmalita

    I would watch ANY of those movies! I think we keep proving that there is an audience for quality female led action and super hero movies. I don't understand why the studios are so moronic about this.

  • Tinkerville

    Squirrel Girl or bust!

  • foolsage

    I would unironically love that, but it'd have to be handled carefully. She has a funny premise but she's actually a badass. Just, you know, a really sweet, easy-going, squirrel-themed badass.



    It looks like Marvel just trademarked her for possible use in movies.


  • Sean

    Ah, you need to show the next page...with the hundreds of scary squirrels ready to fight Wolverine.

  • Tinkerville

    Dude, she has beaten Dr. Doom, Thanos, Mandarin, and many more. I unabashedly love her and you could make the argument that she's one of the most badass superheroes there is.

  • Al Borland's Beard


    One of my favorite comic panels.

  • foolsage

    Absolutely agreed; I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. I called her badass above, twice even, and showed her beating down Wolverine. :)

    She's not gritty or dark though, and she shouldn't be a punchline. That's tricky for a lot of writers and directors.

  • Sean

    Couldn't it be both? Have a sweet, naive girl that happens to be badass when needed. It could be really fun.

  • Adam C

    Don't forget Misty's bionic arm, and her business partner Colleen Wing who is a freaking samurai.

  • fate.scion

    No Psylocke?

  • _Alexander_

    No Sif? How dare you!? She would be amazing

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I understand no one should have any reason whatsoever to be excited for this, but didn't Sony recently announce a spin-off movie starring Black Cat, who appeared for half a second in The Moderately Adequate Spider-Man 2 as Green Goblin Jr.'s flirty secretary?

    Yeah, I know. I still blame myself for remembering anything related to that travesty of an adaptation.

  • Sean

    I would say it was more like The Mildly Annoying and Severely Bloated Spiderman 2. Or the I Am That They Killed Gween Stacy So I Don't Have to Do This Shit Again said Emma Stone Spiderman 2.

  • Andrew J

    I don't think any of the original x-men can carry anything by themselves.. Also how could you do the dark Phoenix story without the team?

    Replace grey with kitty pryde and that's a good list. But not gloomy love triangle movie kitty, I want snarky smart awesome comic book kitty

  • The Butt
  • Jason

    I agree with all these except for Black Widow. She really is boring. And kind of a sadist, at least in the books I've read (which are, admittedly, not that many).

  • manting

    by the way Jason Bourne does kind of have superpowers. He was given experimental non-FDA approved drugs in all the movies which made him better then normal. The last Bourne movie actually was Bourne meets Flowers for Algernon where Bourne was given super intelligence boosting drugs.

  • Dove of Doom

    A sadistic, ass-kicking redhead dressed all in black, armed to the teeth, and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her mission. A mere mortal tough and tenacious enough to tangle with superbeings and come out on top. Sounds like a real snoozefest to me.

  • robinvik1 .

    "You know who else doesn’t have superpowers and has a cool, terse, often emotionless outward persona?"
    Hawkeye. Does anyone want a movie with him?

    Comparisons to Jason Bourne or 007 isn't valid, since in their universe they are among the most fantastical characters. If Jason Bourne existed in the Avengers universe, would anyone talk about having a movie with him as the main character?

  • AngelenoEwok

    Does anyone want a movie with him? Yes.

    If Jason Bourne existed in the Avengers universe, would anyone talk about having a movie with him as the main character? Yes.

  • The Pink Hulk

    Why not Storm? Her backstory is compelling. The African backdrop would, for once, get us out of the US, and her powers RULE. Zoe Saldana was made for the role.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Another Fox property due to X-Men.

  • I'd love to see Storm get her own movie. But may I suggest Lupita Nyong'o? Google her name + Storm and you'll get a ton of results like this one: http://static.comicvine.com/up...

    Plus you could introduce Black Panther in Storm's movie then spin him off... and even though their relationship is canon, her movie doesn't necessarily need a love interest, he could just show up as a friend and fellow superhero.

  • Marc Greene

    Storm is with Fox, Black Panther is with Marvel Studios: it isn't going to happen anytime soon.

  • Gah, I constantly forget that - and I even mentioned that Fox owns the mutants in another post on this very page!

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Is it possible they could ask Fox's permission to use Storm similarly to how they have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2?

  • Marc Greene

    Sadly, it is unlikely as (for some reason) Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch hold a specific exemption because MOST of their comic career was Avenger-based rather than Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Ah, okay. Thanks.

  • Tracer Bullet

    I was coming here just to say that. And if they find a role for Angela Bassett, who SHOULD have been Storm all along, so much the better.

  • The Pink Hulk

    Couldn't agree more, and an absolute yes on Lupita!!!

    And as to the introduction of Black Panther, it seems that character is on the radar...


  • Daniel Valentin

    Gimme SHE-HULK! Shulkie already has the side benefit of being related to Ol' Jade Jaws, so that's instant interest in her already, but she's also a HOT superhero slash LAWYER. Crossover with Daredevil potential ahoy!

  • Marc Greene

    I always thought She-Hulk was awesome. I'd suggest they play her straight (comedic, but no breaking the 4th Wall). I say American-accented Rose Byrne as Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk as mo-cap CGI.

  • JustOP

    >Well f*ck that sh*t. You know who else
    doesn’t have superpowers and has a cool, terse, often emotionless
    outward persona? Jason Bourne. Also a guy named James Freaking Bond if
    you need a second example.

    Oh man, that is true. Except that those guys don't exist in a comic book universe with flying robot men, gods, super-humans, aliens, or Groot. If they did, I would question as to why exactly anybody would want to watch a movie about them, and how they get over the fact that when shit goes down they're almost useless (Avengers finale - Cap, Hawkeye, and BW kill infinitely spawning grunts and stand on a highway dramatically whilst Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man save the planet). Do you honestly think 'female James Bond story' is something to aim for?

    It should just be 'awesome Black Widow story'. Not 'Mrs (other male character)' film.

    That said, Ms Marvel/Runaways/Misty Knight I'd go see.

  • Marc Greene

    Come on, BW put that Thingie in that other Thingie to make the thing stop doing stuff... things. There is room for a super-spy, but in the right context and movie. The movies so far have been doing a good job with that (Cap fights super-terrorism, Iron Man fights technology gone wrong, and Thor fights space elves). Widow could go up against HYDRA dudes, but I think we agree that just throwing together a movie for no purpose other than to bow to audience pressure rarely results in a good movie (hello, Elektra and Spiderman 3). I think a good story/script should come first. If they can mine a good Black Widow limited series run (like they did for Cap and Iron Man), that might work well.

    Now DC should know by now, there is no reason for there not to be a Wonder Woman movie at this point. Didn't they try to do a Wonder Woman tv show that didn't make it past the pilot? This one:

  • JustOP

    I honestly think a Black Widow movie could shine when they get around to Civil War, given her nature as a spy/double crossing etc.

    Hopefully DC follows Marvels suit in creating their universe with stand alone films, but maintains their own gritty feel. A Wonder Woman movie would be awesome.

  • Meg

    There was supposed to be a Runaways movie years ago, but after the success of The Avengers it got shelved so they could do more Avengers related tie in movies. Though with the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, and more movies about lesser known properties like Ant-Man and possible scripts for Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther floating around, maybe The Runaways will be given another chance in a few years...

  • Daniel Valentin

    The Runaways would be very interesting as long as they keep it geared towards the average moveigoer and don't cater it to the Twilight-raised tween crowd.

  • Potentially a Runaways movie could get the youth dollars and could also be engaging and interesting to an adult audience, like the comic was....

  • luthien26

    She. Hulk. :)

  • competitivenonfiction

    ONLY if played by Zoe Deschanel.

    ETA: I feel like my sarcasm wasn't clear here... I do like the idea of She-Hulk but think casting is pretty damn key.

  • Ah, the Dark Phoenix storyline. My heart still aches thinking about how it was Ratnerfucked.
    If they can do Guardians, they could do an Exiles movie, right? With my girl Blink as the lead? (Yeah, yeah, Fox owns the mutants, I know, I know.)

  • Sean

    You really can't blame Ratner. He came on to X-Men 3 only a week or two before filming. That movie was going to be whatever it was going to be regardless of who yelled "action".

  • idiosynchronic

    Fuck Marvel & it's boys club.

    Make this: Velveteen vs. The Junior Super Patriots

  • John W

    We should be seeing Misty Knight (who I'm familiar with) and Jessica Jones (who I'm not familar with) in the upcoming netflix shows.

    Not familiar with the Runaways but I'm a Marvel fanboy so of course I'd see it.

    I'm definitely on board with everyone else. I'd add She Hulk.

  • Marc Greene

    My random opinion:

    1. Sure! I don't think it would work in Phase 3, but it could be great eventually.
    2. I'm really looking forward to the Jessica Jones Netflix series. If anything, I think that is better as it allows the character to grow and breathe with a pacing that can play out over several episodes.
    3 & 6. Feige and Marvel don't really have anything to do with Mystique or Phoenix at the moment; that's on Fox.
    4. Runaways could be outstanding. They could really fit well in a Phase 3 outing if Phase 3 (on the Earth-side of the MCU) concentrates on propagating more and more "capes" to fill the world...maybe with a Civil War payoff?

    5. Gamora is very cool in GotG. I'd like them to do more with her and Nebula. Maybe a "Gamora v Nebula: Dawn of Crayola Ladies Stabbing Each Other" movie.
    7. THAT'S the one that should be done soon in cinema. I don't care if it is Katee Sackhoff (my favorite choice) or Yvonne Strahovski (choice of Dexter Morgan's everywhere), I think the character's story, personality, and power set would be a welcome addition to the MCU. Tricia Helfer might make it work, too...

    8. Misty Knight is fucking awesome. I VERY much hope she has a big role in Iron Fist and that carries over into Luke Cage (or visa versa) and maybe a Heroes for Hire "spin off" with Iron Fist and Cage where she is their boss after they do the Defenders Netflix movie or series. Get some Colleen Wing in there as well!

  • WestCoastPat

    RE: Black Widow, the practical reality of how the character is built into both the Avengers and Winter Solider plot-lines means they are probably not like to burn one of her remaining films under contract on a standalone feature.

  • NateMan

    I love most of these ideas, but a Jean Grey movie would be boring as shit. Sorry. She's just a Macguffin. At least, that's how she's always been written. And there are many more deserving characters than that one.

  • meh

    Just give us Wonder Woman. Seriously. I know she's not Marvel, but....come on.

  • I've said my piece on both Ms. Marvel and Black Widow. I don't think a solo Jean Grey movie would work per se -- she suffers from the same issues as Cyclops (other X-Men are more colorful) -- but what of a Cable movie that touches on his birth/background being raised by Slym (Cyclops) and Redd (Jean) in the future. Cut off from the other X-Men, they would have the opportunity to flex their muscles and be more than the vanilla X-couple.

    A Gamorra movie would also be a great idea to expand the cosmic MCU side, specially as she ends up teaming with Adam Warlock before the Infinity Gauntlet fight with Thanos.

    Mystique? I'm sure we're getting it.

  • Marc Greene

    I agree about Gamorra; she has a big role in the comics Infinity Gauntlet arc with Adam Warlock and actually joins the Infinity Watch at the resolution of the series. Any opportunity to see her interact with Nebula will have my support. Jean and Mystique are both Fox properties (unfortunately)...

  • JenVegas

    Yes but only if Joss Whedon and/or Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars, not Matchbox20) is part of the writing team ...which would also need to include actual real life women.

  • Marc Greene

    That's a shame, I heard Rob Thomas' writing was Smooth. Not to Push, but I might be wrong because it is 3 am and I'm Unwell..

  • Like, say, Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman. Not that they should just keep using one woman and call that good enough.

  • justin386

    Jean Grey and Mystique are off the table as Marvel Studios don't have the rights to those characters.

  • cruzzercruz

    Well three of these are invalid because of rights issues or the fact that they're already getting a Netflix show. Runaways might fall under Fox's territory as well.

    I say Ms. Marvel or Jessica Drew aka Spider-woman. That could be a great espionage film with room for Black Widow as well.

  • Marc Greene

    The good news is Runaways are Marvel's :-) http://www.totalfilm.com/news/...

  • Marc Greene

    (Supposedly) Sony just announced a Black Cat (ASM spin-off) movie.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I havent seen any of the new spidermans, has Felicia Hardy been in it? Or are they going to have to do a SM3 to introduce her?

  • Al Borland's Beard

    She was in the second one for about two minutes as Harry's secretary.

  • idiosynchronic

    Good idea or Bad idea: Our Mrs. Reynolds as Dark Phoenix?

    (No, I've never liked Famke Janssen . . . sorry.)

  • Blake Lively is attached to DC and didn't exactly kill it as Carol Ferris.

  • Famke Janssen was the worst. THE WORST.

  • Salieri2

    Must agree. All I saw was Xenia Onatopp, and I wanted to scrub it off of my Wolverine.

  • Halbs

    Birds of Prey? Zatanna? (I'm not thinking Marvel in particular but I know that's where we started.)

  • Aaron Schulz

    I would kill a cat for a Zatanna movie, shes just awesome. The goofy costume not so much, but they can sort of work around that, i would prefer she keep the top hat though.

  • Daniel Valentin

    I'm crossing my fingers that Madame Xanadu and Zatanna will make it into Constantine. They already showed Doctor Fate's helmet in the trailers, so the show's definitely set in the larger DC Universe.

  • Halbs

    What about a Velvet movie?

  • Tracer Bullet

    Catherine Zeta-Jones looks the part but she can't act for shit. Get me Geena Davis on the line, ASAP!

  • Sean

    I think CZJ could act before the mental illness and drugs and booze.

  • As was brought up in the comments of the Fiege interview, they're all suberb ideas but how do they -- save for Capt. Marvel -- fit into the overall Infinity Gauntlet narrative that Marvel is trying to spin.

  • tiny_bookbot

    They perhaps don't, but god knows that'd be a refreshing change, since the movie plots are getting increasingly cut-and-paste and perfunctory. The Thor and GoG villains were boring cardboard cut-outs played by interesting actors rendered unrecognizable by make-up and CGI. And every single damn climax is a loud, explosive special-effects reel. My kingdom for a Heroes for Hire film with exquisitely choreographed and edited fight sequences.

    That said, it's easy as hell to tie these things in. Make it explicitly clear in the script that this is about how macro-level events (SHIELD's destruction, the realization that there are aliens and other worlds) trickle down to affect other circles of people, and it's a more character-grounded action story that can subvert the increasingly predictable Marvel template as well as expand the borders of the cinematic universe. Clever directors like Rian Johnson can take $40 million and make a pretty slick action sci-fi flick, so the return on investment could be pretty strong.

  • Make it explicitly clear in the script that this is about how macro-level events (SHIELD's destruction, the realization that there are aliens and other worlds) trickle down to affect other circles of people
    This is exactly what Agents of SHIELD tried to do with varying degrees of success. It and the Nextlix series are going to cover street level stuff, Marel is on the record saying as much. Your kingdom is safe because unless Ant-Man totally tanks, Marvel is going to keep pumping out those $150 milllion plus SFX explode-fests because that formula is working.

  • tiny_bookbot

    Well, it's what they tried to do in the back half of the season, anyway. Scheduling around the films may continue to cripple that show, and I'm wary how well the Netflix series will manage it, though the Netflix episode dump might save them from the same poorly paced storytelling.

    So unless Marvel cracks the code of TV/film integration, I'm going to lose my patience for their storytelling a long time before Feige gets around to scheduling a film anchored by a female protagonist.

  • Marc Greene

    The Netflix characters (Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, and the unmentioned Colleen Wing, Elektra, Karen Page, and [Rosario Dawson's character]) work within their own plot arc at least in regards to whatever "the Defenders" superplot might be. That is a huge part of what I'm looking forward to with the Netflix series: they can explore multiple stories and they can still find the time to spin the narrative back to the Defenders' plot without it being jarring or overly shoehorned in. They could bring in SpiderWoman, Shang Chi, Cloak and Dagger, and so many other "street level" heroes (meaning that they don't need a huge budget for special effects).

  • Sean

    A Cloak and Dagger TV show would be great. I have waited for that for 30 years.

  • Dove of Doom

    Nothing in Iron Man 3 or Captain America: The Winter Soldier advances the Infinity Gauntlet narrative. They were just good, old-fashioned stories that functioned on their own. If Marvel can give their male heroes stand-alone adventures, why not the ladies?

  • Sean

    Because 100 million Chinese went to go see those movies. Would they go to see She Hulk, Black Widow, or Spider Woman?

  • Dove of Doom

    I don't know. Is China supposed to be the arbiter of American pop culture?

  • Sean

    No. But that is where the money is now made. These movies don't turn a profit in the US. They make their profit from foreign sales. Especially China. And more and more, China is going to be the arbiter of what we see. Iron Man 3 had scenes filmed with Chinese characters for the Chinese market. I would bet Avengers 2 will have something similar. Like it or not.

  • Dove of Doom

    Well, Transformers 4, the most China-pandering American movie of all time, made a billion dollars worldwide, and China contributed about thirty percent of that. $700,000,000 would still be a profitable performance.

  • Those two movies weren't supposed to do that. IM3 and Cap 2 were supposed to set up Age of Ultron, which is now the next movie on the Marvel slate. The standalones set up the Avengers movies, that's the formula Marvel has devised and is following. Avengers 3 is pointing to being the showdown with Thanos, which in the comics messed up the Marvel Universe pretty good. The basis of the article is these are movies that can be done now. So following the Marvel math, any movie that comes between Age of Ultron and Avengers 3 has to set up Avengers 3 in some way.

  • Dove of Doom

    Well, I responded specifically to your original point that any female focused Marvel movie had to tie in to the Infinity Gauntlet. And let's not act like Marvel Studios is bound by some law dictating that they can only greenlight movies for characters that set up Avengers movies. This is brand management, not gravity. They can do whatever they like, and if they were so inclined, they would have announced a movie for Black Widow or Ms. Marvel or whatever female hero they thought was the smartest choice. At minimum, they could have announced a definite plan to do some female-driven movie instead of Feige's temporizing.

  • The reality is setting up Avengers movies is what Marvel wants to do. It's making them buckets of cash. Avengers 3 is going to be watershed for both the MCU and Marvel Studios because it's going to be where RDJ, Evans Hemsworth and possibly others are going to get off the ride. It's likely the reason Feige is being so evasive because they aren't sure what the roster is going to be post-A3

  • JustOP

    Captain American: Winter Soldier plants the seeds for the 'children of miracles', which looks to be a pretty significant plot point (and change) within the superplot. The introduction of humans with innate powers is something new to the story-arc, and is probably going to relate to the Doctor Strange film. Furthermore, it also destroyed SHEILD (the backbone of the entire series so far) and re-introduced Hydra as a threat with Loki's sceptre. The fact that everything is fracturing like this and the addition of so many new characters could lead to potential new teams, and potential conflict (*cough* civil war - introduction of Sharon Carter *cough).

    To call Marvels superplot the 'Infinity Gauntlet' narrative is a bit misleading. They're building a large universe with the potential for many, many stories. And that means stories from female superheroes also.

    In the other thread, the main point of contention was that it's not the right time to do one now. Let Marvel set it up, and the pay-off will be much more satisfying.

  • Dove of Doom

    The tag notwithstanding, Winter Soldier is concerned with the immediate story it's telling about Cap & Co. and SHIELD. It has ramifications for the MCU, sure, but its not setting up the cosmic showdown that Avengers, Thor, and Guardians are.

    I hope Marvel has room for complete, self-contained storytelling in addition to the building of its big picture view because otherwise the MCU will get stale and unsatisfying, with every film becoming a promise of something to come instead of something to enjoy on its own terms.

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