8 Adorable Film Partnerships That Will Make You Want To Call Your Best Friend

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8 Adorable Film Partnerships That Will Make You Want To Call Your Best Friend

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | August 23, 2013 | Comments ()

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I know you’re all going to be quite busy today filling up on pints and seeing the best damn movie of the summer. Trust us, just go see it. While you’re watching The World’s End and the jokes are zinging past and the pathos is subtly creeping in, take a minute and appreciate just how goddamn delightful it is to watch two real-life friends play up there on the big screen. When the friendship is real, the obvious, joyful chemistry is downright infectious. Here’s a brief and by no means comprehensive list of other on-screen pairings that give you the warm fuzzy friend tingles. I skipped the more romantic couplings because that’s a different kind of tingle altogether (ahem, Gosling and Stone, good god DAMN). I also only picked those partnerships that span more than one film franchise. Otherwise, this list would be dominated by my love for these cats…

…and these kittens.

So now that I’ve exhausted what this list is not, here’s what it is. Read it over a pint on your way to the theater. TRUST US.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford: The Butch and Sundance pairing is one of the finest in film history, but these two spark just as brightly in The Sting. It’s a pity they didn’t work together more often.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson: On the one hand, the rumored Zoolander sequel is a terrible idea. I’m not sure you can recapture that delicious lighting in a bottle. On the other hand, anyone who doesn’t embrace Hansel and Derek as one of the best on-screen pairings can derelick my balls. Stiller and Wilson don’t work together as much as they used to, but Wilson’s molasses delivery always brought out the best in Stiller.

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor: Though friendly, apparently Wilder and Pyror weren’t as close as they could have been due in large part to the latter’s issues with drug abuse. But you wouldn’t know it from the four giddy comedies they made together.

Brad Pitt And George Clooney: Ah, the fact that these two worked together in Burn After Reading means they just squeaked by the arbitrary rules I set up for myself. Of course these two are best friends, of course they are. Who else would understand the burden of being that handsome, rich and charming? Though the Oceans franchise was fueled by their affable, frat boy brotherhood, it’s on the red carpet that these two seem to have the most fun. Work together more, please, and often.
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Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant: I know I said I wasn’t including romantic couplings but I never got the knee-quaking trembles from these two. They just always seemed…matey. Especially when compared to the pop fizz of other screwball partners like Powell and Loy or, especially, to the roaring fire of Hepburn and her real-life love Spencer Tracy. No Grant and Hepburn just always seemed to be palling around be it with leopards, tumbling or Stewarts. One thing is for certain, they were always having fun.

James Franco And Seth Rogen: You could probably pick any combination of the Apatow kids and get a similar warm, gooey vibe. But Pineapple Express is a movie that sadly didn’t work on SO many levels and was only saved in part by the chemistry between Rogen and Franco. The fact that they resurrected that relationship in spoof form for This Is The End only makes me love them more.

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau: These two worked together for 32 years. That’s longer than I’ve been alive. I cannot even fathom liking someone enough to work with them for that long. And even if most of their movies were variations on a theme, it was an amazing theme. We were lucky to have them.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (and Edgar Wright): Nick Frost famously got his start in acting because his mate Simon Pegg wanted to spend more time with him. So he asked him to come work on his show “Spaced.” And, lo, something beautiful was born. But lest you think the magic hinges on just these two, it’s worth mentioning that writer/director Edgar Wright is absolutely required to make the whole thing swing. (See the not-quite-as-good Paul for evidence.) I’ll be absolutely crushed if The World’s End is the last we see from these three. They promise it’s not and I plan to hold them to it.
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  • AudioSuede

    I think we're not far from adding Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum to this list. The stories Jonah tells of the two of them hanging out and doing press are hilarious and adorable.

  • manting

    jackie chan and sammo hung - they made a ton of movies together through the 80's are they are all amazing. There has never been a fat man as graceful as Sammo Hung.

  • PatriciaDelicia

    Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry!

  • e jerry powell

    Just a bit...

  • BWeaves

    1. Abbott and Costello

    2. Cheech and Chong

    3. Laurel and Hardy

    4. Martin and Lewis

    5. The Three Stooges (all 6 of them)

    6. Frick and Frack (yes, they were real people. German trick skaters who did movies. And don't say you've never heard of them. You've just never realized who Frick and Frack referred to.)

    The only reason I'm not including the Marx Brothers, is because they actually were brothers.

  • e jerry powell

    Newman and Redford work together all the time in my dreams...

  • Grumpy Old Men is a goddamn treasure!

  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, but Matthau and Lemmon are really all about the Neil Simon at heart, even if at the beginning Lemmon was just a younger, more Hollywood version of Art Carney.

  • Bethers


  • googergieger

    Song Kang Ho and Shin Ha Kyun have tremendous chemistry together and everyone of their movies together have been masterpieces. Heck Song with anyone is magic really. Best living actor today.

  • BlackRabbit

    Steve Martin & Michael Caine were so good together in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels that I wonder if they got along offscreen as well.

  • King Push

    "But Pineapple Express is a movie that sadly didn’t work on SO many levels and was only saved in part by the chemistry between Rogen and Franco."


  • t should have said: "Pineapple Express is exactly the movie it was meant to be and gets better with each viewing."

  • She could have said that, yeah, but then she would have been horribly wrong on several different levels.

  • foolsage

    Huh. No love for Hope and Crosby (and Clooney)? Color me surprised. And pinkish. Pinkish-surprised.

  • DataAngel

    Hope and Crosby weren't really friends outside of the studio.They weren't enemies, but they didn't hang out outside of work.

  • $32857398

    "Who else would understand the burden of being that handsome, rich and charming?"

    OMG, Clooney and Pitt are the real live Cher and Dionne and I never realized.

  • DataAngel

    Newman and Redford. Right in the feels.

  • Katharine

    Katharine Hepburn, not Katherine. Its nice to be named after her, but not when no one can ever spell her name!

  • Bert_McGurt

    Can't argue with any of these. I'd suggest Bill Murray and Harold Ramis as well, despite their recent lack of activity.

  • chanohack

    Didn't they break up?

  • kirbyjay

    There was an article I read recently, maybe it was here, that said they haven't spoken since Ghostbusters.

  • Alex0001

    Harold Ramis actually directed Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. I heard Murray was a little off the handle during it and they're relationship took a nose dive.

  • Guest

    Kirk and Spock (and Bones) - Both Versions.

    William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy / Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

  • Buellie413

    That header photo gave me such lovely feelings.

  • Bert_McGurt

    "Though friendly, apparently Wilder and Pyror..."

    Holy unfortunate typos, Joanna!

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau: The OG Bromance

    A strong case could be made for Lewis and Clark as well...

  • Joe Grunenwald

    I love all of these pairings.

    I must have Affleck on the brain, because I sort of expected he and Matt Damon to show up here.

  • JoannaRobinson

    And anger the natives? I daren't.

  • kirbyjay

    How could Matt and Ben anger the natives? The natives love Matt and Ben. Don't you natives?

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I love how obvious it is in World's End that even though they evolved and matured as people/artists, the Pegg-Wright-Frost brosome is still as fun as it was in "Spaced" and they haven't lost an iota of it.

  • Ruthie O

    Owen Wilson is also a part of one of my favorite behind-the-camera couplings: Owen Wilson + Wes Anderson.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Oooh, I love a chance to tell a Matthau/Lemmon story -

    They were making a movie together and Matthau took sick. He was lying down and Lemmon was keeping him company while they waited for medical help. Lemmon asked, "Are you comfortable?" and Matthau replied, "I make a nice living."

  • Maguita NYC

    Hepburn and Grant were always amazing together. Philadelphia Story is still one of my favorite movies, their friendship and long-term comfortable companionship shines through.

  • pumpkin

    Philadelphia Story is wonderful.

    The movie Holiday is one of my favorite movies of all times. The plot and Hepburn and Carey are just do damned charming. I'm smiling just thinking about it.

  • xihetafolex

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    Song Kang Ho and Shin Ha Kyun have tremendous chemistry together and everyone of their movies together have been masterpieces. Heck Song with anyone is magic really. Best living actor today.

  • BAM

    I really need to work "derelick my balls" back into my lexicon.

  • George Tarleton

    Frost, Wright and Pegg were just on the Doug Loves Movies podcast and they were so wonderful and charming and funny, I wanted to drive over to the theater afterwards and ask them to come live with me.

  • John G.

    Edgar Wright's voice is magical.

  • Arran

    They're also on a b-b-b-bonus episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! today. Pegg and Frost do a chunk of the show in character as Michael Caine and Sean Connery. It is glorious.

  • Meli_V

    I hadn't looked at my Doug Loves Movies update and look there it is, my day is made!

  • Fredo

    My favorite DVD extra is the film of Wright, Frost and Pegg doing the promo tour for Hot Fuzz. Their escapades on radio interviews, dressing up as faux cowboys in Austin, Nick Frost flushing birthday cakes down the toilet and how they loved to see the audience's reactions to Timothy Dalton's throat impalement. It's a lot of fun to watch.

  • JoannaRobinson

    "White House Brown" made me laugh for a full day.

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