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6 Men Who Make the Ugliest Women (and 7 Who Don't Suck At It)

By Courtney Enlow | Seriously Random Lists | October 20, 2011 | Comments ()

Drag is an art. Where many fail, only a few may succeed. But the greatest failures can be genuinely unsettling, due to a combo platter of "Jesus God you uglied up" and "really? Men in dresses? We're still trying to make that funny?"

These six must be lauded for their efforts, and given a gentle pat on the back for at least doing okay at one gender.

The Boys of Saved By The Bell


Martin Lawrence


Adam Sandler


Matt Damon


Rupert Everett


John Travolta


Then there's these men who, when embracing their inner Carmen Carrera, leave a wake of sexual confusion and funny down there feelings.

Dave Foley (the prettiest Kid, Mark McKinney in this sketch notwithstanding)


Hugo Weaving


Gael Garcia Bernal


John Cameron Mitchell


Patrick Swayze


Tony Curtis


And, of course, his highness...

To end, I would be a failure not to include my favorite ugly ladyman of all time, Dustin Hoffman. He belongs on neither list, for he makes one ugly chick, but he also kicks every other ass with his sensible pumps.

Raja approves.


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