5 Roles You May Have Seen Chris Messina in Before You Knew How Awesome He Is as Danny on "The Mindy Project"

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5 Roles You May Have Seen Chris Messina in Before You Knew How Awesome He Is as Danny on "The Mindy Project"

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | May 11, 2013 | Comments ()


We've been quietly tooting Chris Messina's horn long before he became the boyishly likable but surly male lead in the rapidly improving "The Mindy Project." The 38 year old is one of those guys who has been around for years (15, to be exact), but that has never been given his due, but now that you're completely in love with him, I thought we could take a look back at five roles -- besides the more obvious ones from Julie & Julia and Ira & Abby -- you may have blinked and missed him in.

His debut acting role, in Rounders


As "Fox Salesman" in You've Got Mail


Claire's Frat-Boy Republican/Christian Boyfriend on "Six Feet Under"

Away We Go, as the husband of a woman who can't have kids in a weirdly depressing section of the film

As the best reason to watch the last two seasons of "Damages," for which he was nominated for an Emmy, which is saying something because John Goodman -- who was in one of those seasons with Messina -- was not.

Sorry, ladies: He's also "married" to Jennifer Todd (I put "married" in quotation marks because both Wikipedia and IMDB say that he has two kids with the producer, but don't say he's married. However, in an interview on "Conan" he told a story in which he referred to his "wife").


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  • rob

    I remember seeing him as the detective in Devil. Yes, I admit to watching the movie Devil

  • Jifaner

    He was so good on Damages. I became obsessed (watched it on Netflix a few months ago), looked him up, which led to me to The Mindy Project which I hadn't really watched before. Yay Chris Messina!

  • Kylie

    Yeah, I guess he was cute when he was younger. But a little bit of aging has really worked for him.

  • ZizoAH

    Agree on EVERYTHING.

    He wasn't nominated for an Emmy for Damages though. I wish he was, but he wasn't. I think, now I'm not sure!

  • prince_of_montagu

    Oh my God. In the Six Feet Under when Ted came back, I LOST IT. I was already weepy before, but that sent me over the edge. He was there for Claire with Nate and came back for her with Ruth. I remember saying after that, that she needed to marry him IMMEDIATELY....and then they did which caused a whole new set of tears.

    There was alot of pausing in those last few minutes because i couldn't see through all of the crying.

    Every time i see a pic of him, i go back to that moment for a few seconds.

  • Irina

    Julie and Julia! God, I hated Julie, and Messina played her saint of a husband. He was the only highlight of the movie for me.

  • koko temur

    He sported a spectacular porn mustache in Argo.

  • e jerry powell

    He was quite lovely on Six Feet Under, definitely. I still have to catch up on Damages.

  • Uriah_Creep

    If you want to see Chris in a lovely, low-key movie, check out "The Giant Mechanical Man", also starring the lovely Jenna Fischer.

  • Hated that movie, loved Chris Messina.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    I love this movie. This is where my mild obsession with him started.

  • anon

    He was pretty good in "Ruby Sparks", too.

  • Strand

    The Newsroom where he played "SHUT THE FUCK UP REESE!"

  • lonolove

    Such appropriate timing! I started watching The Mindy Project today on Hulu...I have since left for work and have been notified by my BF that in my absence he watched the entire first season with our (male) roommate. Son of a bitch.

  • KC

    Psht. I've liked Chris Messina since he played Claire's adorable, dorky frat boy boyfriend/husband on SFU.

  • I re-watched all of Six Feet Under during finals last week and I was just thinking he was great on that show. I wish we had seen more of him and I love how he and Clair reunite and get married. So freaking sweet. Oh and Alan Ball said that a lot of people thought he was a Christian bc of that song he was listening to but in actuality he wasn't one. He just heard that song on a top 40 station and liked it.

    Side note- How great was "Away We Go?" Such a sweet, charming little film. And John and Maya are so good in it. That part of the film was so darn sad and unexpected.

  • Maguita NYC

    Enjoy the finale one more time! Breathe me - Sia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

  • prince_of_montagu

    Nope, not watching it. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water. Flawless ending. I remember feeling so horrible for David and Vanessa. Plus, I felt every bullet that hit Keith.

  • Maguita NYC

    Same here. I break whenever I see Keith getting shot, and like @Appey, completely lose it when David sees him playing football.

    The best finale for a series ever. Most fulfilling and memorable closure, and unlike many, it remained faithful to the series' subject matter, which was about the end of a life.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Stop this now! You will not ruin my weekend.

  • Oh god damn it, are you TRYING to kill me?

  • And here come the tears.

  • Omg...just watched it on Friday and I cried like a baby. I've seen it so many times but I can't help it, it just wrecks me. When they reach the part where David sees Keith playing football I just lose it. The first time I watched it I knew nothing about how powerful it was and didn't know what to expect and I was literally WEEPING. Totally knocked me off my feet.

  • yocean

    okay, now I have to rewatch te entire series of Six Feet Under. Love that he became Claire's husband.

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