25 Emmy Snubs and the Nominees They Should Have Replaced

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25 Emmy Snubs and the Nominees They Should Have Replaced

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | July 18, 2013 | Comments ()


1. “Rectify” replacing “House of Cards” in the Best Drama Category

2. “Justified” replacing “Downton Abbey in the Best Drama Category

3. Timothy Olyphant (“Justified” replacing Hugh Bonneville (“Downton Abbey”) in the Best Actor Drama Category

4. Aden Young (“Rectify”) replacing Jeff Daniels (“Newsroom”) in the Best Actor Drama Category

5. Michael Cudlitz (“Southland”) replacing Jim Carter (“Downton Abbey”) in the Best Supporting Actor Drama Category

6. Walton Goggins (“Justified”) replacing Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones”) in the Best Supporting Actor Drama Category (Dinklage had a fairly insubstantial year)

7. Archie Panjabi (“The Good Wife”) replacing Morena Baccarin (“Homeland”) in the Best Supporting Actress Drama Category

8. Monica Potter (“Parenthood”) replacing Christine Baranski (“The Good Wife”) in the Best Supporting Actress Drama Category

9. Michelle Fairley (“Game of Thrones”) replacing Christina Hendrix (“Mad Men”) in the Best Supporting Actress Category (Hendrix had a great year last year; this year, not so much)

10. Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black”) replacing Connie Britton (“Nashville”) in the Best Actress Drama category

11. Julianna Margulies (“The Good Wife”) replacing Vera Farmiga (“Bates Motel”) in the Best Actress Drama category

12. Keri Russell (“The Americans”) replacing Michelle Dockery (“Downton Abbey”) in the Best Actress Drama Category

13. “Parks and Recreation” replacing “Big Bang Theory” in the Best Comedy Category

14. “New Girl” replacing “Modern Family” in the Best Comedy Category

15. Zooey Deschanel (“New Girl”) replacing Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie”) in the Best Actress Comedy category

16. Jake Johnson (“New Girl”) replacing Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) in the Best Actor Comedy Category (Johnson, like Scott below, submitted in the Best Actor categories this year)

17. Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation”) replacing Don Cheadle (“House of Lies”) in the Best Actor Comedy Category

18. Eliza Coupe (“Happy Endings”) replacing Miayim Balik ( “Big Bang Theory”) in the Best Supporting Actress Comedy Category

19. Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”) replacing Juie Bowen (“Modern Familhy”) in the Best Supporting Actress Comedy Category

20. Jessica Walter (“Arrested Development’) replacing Sofia Vergara, “Modern Family” in the Best Supporting Actress Comedy Category

21. Max Greenfield (“New Girl”) replacing Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”) in the Best Supporting Actor Comedy Category

22. Adam Pally (“Happy Endings”) replacing Jesse Tyler Ferguson in the Best Supporting Actor Comedy Category

23. Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”) replacing Ed O’Neill in the Best Supporting Actor Comedy Category

24. Jeff Probst (“Survivor”) replacing anyone except Anthony Bourdain (“The Taste”) in the Best Reality Competition Host Category

25. “Archer” replacing anything except “Bob’s Burgers” in the Best Animated Series category

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  • Guest

    The big bang theory when there's community, happy endings and archer?! Kung Fu Fucking Panda when there's The legend of korra?!! Fuck the emmys! I'd really like to hear they're defense for this fuckery!

  • okayflint

    i agreed with every single one of those up until #25, i'd have no problem with archer replacing bob's burgers. you just solved the emmys, i'm going to pretend all of this happened.

  • MGMcD

    Another year of the Emmys fellating Modern Family? I'll pass.

  • Siyabonga Africa

    I agree with some of these, especially the Happy Endings and Archer substitutions. But why replace Peter Dinkalage in the best supporting actor category? He was phenomenal this season.

  • St

    I disagree about Vera Farmiga. She can’t be replaced by anyone. Are you kidding? Did you watch Bates Motel? She deserves to win, not just to be nominated.

    Also Tatiana Maslany IS the biggest snub that everyone are talking about. Lets hope that Golden Globes and SAG will nominate her in winter.

  • Bates Motel wasn't very popular around these parts, but I'm going to back you up here. Vera Farmiga killed it.

  • James

    I'm gonna back the 2 of you up. I love Vera Farmiga as well


  • Naye

    10,11,12,13,18 ,23,24 I agree with all of my heart. Eliza Coupe was magnificent on Happy Endings, and Nick Offerman kills every single episode of Parks. And I don't know how anyone can watch Orphan Black and not think that Maslany didn't deserve an Emmy. I completely captivated knowing how difficult it must be technically as an actor to play against yourself for the majority of your show. And be believable at that.

  • Robert

    I have to disagree on your animation issue. Archer shouldn't replace South Park, either. South Park is nominated for "Raising the Bar," aka the Honey Boo Boo/reality TV social critique episode, which might be the single best-written episode of that series ever. I'd argue it's the best written episode of any TV comedy this award year and up there with the best of the dramas, too. Replace The Simpsons, Regular Show, or Kung Fu Panda, but not South Park this year. I will not be surprised if South Park wins another Emmy for that episode.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Fuck Downton Abbey with a posh ivory broomhandle.

  • bonnie

    Cat Deeley is awesome and works for her Emmy noms every year. She deserves to win, for once. Jeff Probst has won several times. He'll be okay.

  • dizzylucy

    You, sir, are 25 for 25.
    I was in such a rage over Justified and Tatiana that I forgot about Rectify. Ugh, Emmys. Just ugh.

  • e jerry powell

    Truly, as has been noted elsewhere on Pajiba, exactly why is Downton Abbey eligible for Emmys? Are American TV exports eligible for BAFTAS?

    Also, no knocks, but I agree about the Dinklage. He's nominated because he's always been nominated, and that has nothing to do with the quality of his work this past year. It's annoying.

    Nothing I've found lists which Nurse Jackie episode Falco submitted, but I'm willing to bet it was the season finale. She didn't have much else in her favor this season, in my subjective opinion -- other than all her previous nominations for that role.

  • DominaNefret

    Uhhh. Cat Deeley.
    The end.

  • e jerry powell

    Rightly said.

  • Rin

    Where the fuck is Mads Mikkelsen on this fucking list? What is this shit? GIVES MADS ALL THE AWARDS!

  • lowercase_ryan

    I think Hugh Dancy out-acted him this season actually. Did you see him go insane before our eyes? That was impressive as hell.

    But if we're giving out awards for being cool as shit, then yeah, Mads gets it in a landslide.

  • I was with you right up until the Reality Competition Host category. Keep Probst out of it and this could be Cat Deeley's year, FINALLY.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Phil Keoghan is better :p

  • Quiet, you!

    Honestly, as long as Seacrest doesn't win... Keoghan or Bourdain are acceptable second choices over Cat.

  • KSPaula

    A.G.R.E.E.D. 100%

  • Ruthie O

    There. It's settled.

    We clearly need an annual, Pajiba-run TV award show. We can call them the Pajabies. The writers will select the nominations, and the readers will vote on the winners. The big night will be collectively hosted by that year's Pajiba 10. Red carpet fashion commentary will be hosted by that year's finalists from RuPaul's Drag Race (except we'll always replace the weakest of the three with Latrice Royale. Duh.). The awards will be shaped like the patron saint, the Godtopus.

    We'll have the standard award categories, plus a category for best guilty pleasure. We'll have a few topical categories every year, as well: this year's would obviously be "Best Genetic Identical." Forget the EGOT; stars will be fighting for the GPOT, which sounds charmingly like g-spot. And all would be right with the world.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I nominate Ruthie O to chair the Pajabies. Do we have a second?

  • Ruthie O

    Excellent! You won't be disappointed.

    The only drawback is the potential awkwardness that could result in sitting in a room with both our partners and our freebies. But that's a price I'm willing to pay.

  • Maguita NYC

    I'll bring the baklawa or balaclava, depending on what Emmalita will be bringing... Both of us bringing the same thing amounts to a fashion faux equivalent to wearing the same dress to the same party.

    And you can sit by me Ryan, I have no partner... Well, no male partner because you know, the wifeys. But I'm quite sure they wouldn't mind sharing.

  • lowercase_ryan

    sitting with you and your wifeys has got to be the best seat in the house, I'd be honored.

  • emmalita

    I can bake all kinds of things. I'll make a cake or bake bread. And I'm happy to share you with lc_r. After all, it's part of our agreement.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I'm actually capable of baking one or two things so I can actually contribute to the party. Ruthie O just tell us what you need, delegate like whoa and it'll be a piece of cake.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I have no partner and thus no worries, commence the party.

  • Noo


  • imanalterego

    I agree with most, and the Emmys can suck it.

  • E Robb

    Both Jaime and Tywin had more impressive seasons than Tyrion.

  • Three_nineteen

    Dustin, just because you don't watch a show doesn't mean it is not worth a nomination. Nurse Jackie's last season was very good (although season 4 was the best), and Edie Falco was incredible in it. On Deschanel's best day, she couldn't touch Falco on Falco's worst day.

  • Naye

    Edie act circles around Zooey but i never saw Nurse Jackie as a comedy...

  • Three_nineteen

    True, but until they either break down and create a "dramedy" category or smoosh everything together and just have a "best acting" category, this is what we have to work with.

  • Green Lantern

    “Archer” replacing anything except “Bob’s Burgers” in the Best Animated Series category

    This times INFINITY...

  • lonolove

    Whatever. Regular Show is hilarious. *THHPPPBBBBTTT* Yeah, that's right. Raspberry.

  • AudioSuede

    Though how did Regular Show get nominated over Adventure Time? That's some nonsense.

  • Naye

    IDK I think Regular Show does funny better without being gross. Adventure Time starts out over the top and every episode of Regular show hooks me in with some normal and then takes me right over the top with some crazy. And im never prepared.

  • wkw99

    I agree whole-heartedly with Justified replacing Downton Abbey, but I've seen both House of Cards and Rectify, and I still give it to the former, although I admit it's close. I'm okay with Aden young replacing Jeff Daniels though, because Daniels basically gave one good speech and pouted a lot. And Timothy Olyphant over Hugh Bonneville...hell yeah.

  • kimk

    HOC and "Rectify" were both excellent shows, but for me at least "Rectify" had a visceral impact that has stayed with me more than any other show this year. A huge part of that was due to Aden Young's mesmerizing characterization (seriously, where did this dude come from?) but the supporting case was great as well.

    Of course, if it were my choice I would include both shows and dump "Mad Men", but I know I am clearly in the minority on that one.

    BTW - Added (purely superficial) plus to nominating Timothy Olyphant: Timothy Olyphant in a tux.

  • PDamian

    Indeed. House of Cards is worth every nomination it got.

  • weetiger3

    My thoughts exactly.

  • DeltaJuliet

    I'm glad to see someone other than me mentioning SOMETHING about Southland. Seriously, I almost take it personally how little recognition that awesome show got.

  • dizzylucy

    Especially this year. I mean, that one episode still haunts me.

  • Real_Irwin

    Wow, way to forget Fringe.

  • Hendricks. Not Hendrix.

  • Marc Greene

    Wait, "House of Lies" is a comedy... oh shit, I've totally been watching that show incorrectly.

  • kirbyjay

    I feel the same way about Nurse Jackie. I don't think I ever laughed in the 2 seasons I watched it.

  • itsnotoveryet11

    RuPaul being constantly snubbed in the host category hurts my soul, and my soul is used to wearing 6inch hooker heels

  • MrsAtaxxia

    Ru really does deserve a host nod. Drag Race is the best competition show on the air.

  • $2786243

    And the smartest.

  • Marc Greene

    I think it is "Hendricks", not "Hendrix" ... although looking at her it should be "Hendrixxx"

  • Bert_McGurt

    When Dustin spells it "Hendrix" I like to imagine her with a giant red afro and a leather vest playing a backwards-strung Strat with her teeth. And so should we all.

  • Epic Johnson

    Other than the lack of Hannibal love, this list expresses 100% objectively true opinions. Well done.

  • Kayanne

    The lack of nominations for Justified is just sad. Goggins's hair is so amazingly perfect and loud I can almost hear it screaming "all the awards." And when Olyphant had that moment in the elevator I was convinced he had at least some type of recognition on the way.

    Also, I've resigned myself to the fact that no matter how much less impressive BIg Bang Theory and Modern Family are compared to other comedies, they will always get nominations. This fact blows snot bubbles.

  • hippyherb

    what moment in the elevator?

  • Salieri2

    4.08 "Outlaw," after a certain traumatic thing happens to Raylan Givens and Olyphant takes a few moments to absorb it.

    Spoilers abound here, but there's a pic of the elevator moment that doesn't do it justice. http://showrenity.com/justifie...

  • hippyherb

    I remember now. Thanks for jogging my memory. I watched the entire season in 2 sittings and think it was too much for my brain. I need to re watch it more slowly.

  • AudioSuede

    TO BE FAIR, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, and Glee basically had these awards in a death grip for a while, and they finally wised up and stopped nominating those. So MAYBE they'll get their heads out of their asses about BBT and MF.

    Related: Modern Family basically wouldn't exist without Arrested Development, a series that was pretty much brought back on the strength of fan support and a history of critical acclaim, including Emmy noms and awards in its first three seasons, yet when AD comes back and delivers a groundbreaking new season that makes Modern Family look like amateur hour by comparison, which show gets forgotten? Yeah.

  • Mel C.

    AMEN. The elevator scene. I actually paused my tv and said out loud, "And that's how you win an Emmy."

  • emmalita

    It should be how you win an Emmy. If I weren't too busy stocking up on tampons to throw at certain Texas legislators, I'd be rioting in the streets over this snub.

  • $27019454

    I watch very little TV but I did catch an episode of BBT and maaaaan, that is just the definition of mediocrity.

  • I think it's more that it's just "easy". My wife, somehow, has developed a fascination with BBT over the past year and as it is constantly being shown on TBS I've seen quite a bit of it. She tends to be a "path of least resistance" viewer of both TV and film ("I just want something light that I don't have to think about and that will make me laugh" is her mantra) and I would say in that pursuit you could do a lot worse than landing on BBT. It's not that the jokes are awful (not all of them anyway), it's just that I refuse to believe that any writers room worth it's salt couldn't hit every single beat that BBT finds in an episode on a first draft. I feel as though MOST writers rooms wouldn't stop there and settle for the most obvious ways to attack every issue presented from a comedic POV, but that works just fine for BB and they never go deeper than that. Ever. And really, looking at the ratings, it's hard to say they are wrong.

  • Bert_McGurt

    So they're essentially comedy procedurals? I can agree with that.

  • crackblind

    I agree with all the substitutions for Big Bang Theory nominations except Miayim Balik. I have to give her credit for how she really pulls that off (& I'm really not too much of a BBT fan).

  • Repo

    I actually disagree with replacing Parsons. BBT is pretty meh, but that guy owns it. Fully deserving of the nom.

  • Artemis

    This would definitely be a better set of nominations, but I would swap out Emilia Clarke for Michelle Fairley, allowing Kiernan Shipka to trade in for Christina Hendricks' spot. And agree with others that Nicolaj Coster-Waldau should be the one to replace Dinklage.

  • Nick Perry

    I'm surprised you didn't find a way to fit Hannibal into these picks.....

  • BigBlueKY

    So... replace ALL the Downton.

  • Maguita NYC

    And Big Bang
    And Modern Family. In fact, BURN ALL THE MODERN FAMILY.

  • BigBlueKY


  • Maguita NYC

    The further down the nominee list I read, the more I wanted to send my regards as a Lannister.

  • freetickles

    Nicolai Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones should also be there in Best Supporting Actor Drama, and Will Arnett for AD in Best Supporting Actor Comedy.

  • Blank Stare

    He had a great season, but if you were going to give an award to any of the GoT cast this year, it would have to be Michelle Fairley. Amazing performance, and it's a character that isn't going to get a whole lot of nominations next season.

    Yes, I've read the books. The point still stands.

  • freetickles

    I agree, but he included Fairley in the article so I didn't feel the need to add her.

  • Marijka

    Can we all agree that the Emmys are hopelessly out of touch with what's really happening in the TV scene? Honestly, this is an exciting time for television but you'd never know it from these nominations.

  • Sweet Pizza

    Definitely don't agree. They got it 90% right.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy not being nominated was a major snub as well.

  • Maguita NYC

    At the very least Hugh Dancy. Because no matter the Mads love, and I've got tons of it, this first season belonged to Dancy.

  • Marijka

    I'm completely unsurprised that Tatiana Maslany wasn't nominated but I'm pissed off all the same. If you look up "tour de force" in the dictionary it says "See: Tatiana Maslany in season one of Orphan Black."

  • lowercase_ryan


  • Marijka

    You rang?

  • lowercase_ryan
  • nachosanchez

    I'm sorry, I don't see John Noble or Garrett Dillahunt anywhere on that list. Maybe you're still updating. Surely you're still updating.

  • Michelle

    I agree with nearly all of these, although I'm not 100% sure that Aubrey Plaza should be on your replacement list. I kind of feel like she's always just.. Aubrey Plaza.

  • lowercase_ryan

    The Probst snub really shocked me.

    Also, Off Their Rockers is a competition?!?!

  • Maguita NYC

    On the plus side, Bourdain's nomination! He is just so much fun to watch... And hilarious when getting boozed-up during competitions. No wonder his team lost.

  • emmalita

    If they live through the show they get to live another day.

  • lowercase_ryan

    well played

  • Stephanie

    That header picture is giving me ALL of the feels.

  • Yes to all of these. Connie Britton, I still love you, but Nashville is not the vehicle for you. :(

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