17 Television Characters Whose Personalities Are Partially Defined by their Favorite Foods

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17 Television Characters Whose Personalities Are Partially Defined by their Favorite Foods

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | August 1, 2013 | Comments ()


Food often plays an important role in the personalities of television characters. Ron Swanson, of course, is the most clear-cut example because he is defined by two things: His libertarian politics, and his love of meat. But television writers for years have been using food to help sprinkle some color into the personalities of their characters, or sometimes for the benefit of product placement. Knowing what kind a food a character loves can be informative, although sometimes it’s just a nice thing to know about a person.

Here are 17 characters and the foods they love.

Urkel, “Family Matters”: Cheese


Peg Bundy, “Married … with Children: Bon Bons


The 11th Doctor, “Doctor Who: Fish fingers and custard.


Cookie Monsters, “Sesame Street”: Cookies


Hurley, “Lost”: Chicken


Picard, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”: Earl Grey Tea


Michael Weston, “Burn Notice”: Yogurt


Joey, “Friends”: Sandwiches


Mulder, “The X-Files”: Sunflower seeds


Shawn, “Psych: Pineapples


Kaylee, “Firefly”: Strawberries


Cliff, “The Cosby Show”: Hoagies


Jesse, “Breaking Bad”: Funyuns


Raylan, “Justified”: Ice cream


Omar, “The Wire”: Honey Nut Cheerios


Walter, “Fringe”: Root beer floats, Twizzlers, and LSD.




Ron, “Parks and Recreation: Meat, specifically bacon.


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  • Morgan_LaFai

    Every time I rewatch Star Trek TNG I try Earl Grey Tea to see if I like it yet. I still don't. It is most upsetting. Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea is pretty good though. Why couldn't Picard drink that?

  • Naye

    Fringe; Strawberry milkshakes. Whole episodes based around Walter and that milkshake recipe

  • RJ

    What, no Liz Lemon?

  • atoz15

    -leslie knope

  • Rebecca Hachmyer

    But work is definitely third.

  • pumpkin

    Dave Lister and curry

  • Kati

    Hannibal Lecter - people. Even his beer is people, for chrissakes.

  • e jerry powell

    David Duchovny is a product-placement WHORE.

  • I am appalled Liz Lemon is not on this list. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr...

  • csb

    Yeah, Liz had quite a bit going on with her food.

  • Batesian

    Bruce Campbell stole Hurley's chicken? Dude, that's cold.

  • $2786243

    Hurley was more Ranch dressing than chicken.

  • RigbyReardon

    Liz Lemon and Sandwiches!! C'mon!

  • kirbyjay

    I thought she loved salted snacks?
    and how about George Costanza and the cured meats?

  • Cree83

    Gotta be Liz and Sabor de Soledad.

  • chanohack

    Or ham, at least! Or hard cheeses! Or... almost anything?

  • RJ

    She's probably still working on her night cheese

  • RigbyReardon

    Yes! That's literally like 60% of her character. 30% is her issues with men, 60% is her love of food, 10% is...what? Blazers?

  • chanohack

    Bi-curious shoes?

  • Mirabelle

    Scooby-doo and Scooby snacks?

  • Jiffylush

    Laverne wither her milk and pepsi?

  • Luke

    Hey now...Walter loved RED VINES...not Twizzlers!!!!! Also he loved a lot of foods so....lets stick with LSD

  • apsutter

    1. Yogurt?!?! What kind of freak lists yogurt as their favorite food? Ewwww
    2. The fact that Omar loved Honey Nut Cheerios so much was wonderful and made me like him even more. Everyone knows Honey Nut are the best kind of Cheerios.
    3. I had forgotten about Cliff's love for hoagies and elaborate sandwiches!! Watching that always made me hungry because he made such fancy and awesome sammies.
    4. Ron also, surprisingly, loves seafood

  • dizzylucy

    Ah Ron Swanson. He had me at meat tornado.

    Bluths - Frozen Bananas. Also see ice cream sandwiches (George), juice (Buster), bangers in the mouth (Tobias/Mrs. Featherbottom) and martinis (Lucille).

    Joey Tribbiani coined a phrase often said around my office when we get big sandwiches: "Uh oh, here comes the meat sweats."

  • Kendra, Warrior Babe

    Matlock, the beloved Andy Griffith, and his penchant for hot dogs was one of the first things came to my mind. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I've got some ideas.

  • JenVegas

    Oh Walter I miss you on my teevee.

  • quoipourquoi

    Kel: Orange Soda

  • John W

    You forgot the Watchers on Fringe: Hot sauce.

  • CMooreVerdad

    Also, mounds of pepper.
    Olivia Dunham - whiskey

  • Aaron

    Forgot Hannibal

  • Bert_McGurt

    I'm not sure the cigars count as food though...;)

  • PDamian

    Agent Cooper (Twin Peaks): coffee and pie

  • L.O.V.E.

    Charlie Day from Always Sunny and Cat Food.

  • Bert_McGurt


  • Nathan Convey

    & Jelly beans. Raw!

  • L.O.V.E.

    Ned from Pushing Daisies and PIE.

  • rubelin

    he doesn't eat the pies he makes, 'cause he uses dead fruit that's he's made "undead" which then turns rotten again when his mouth touches it.

  • IngridToday

    Mmmm...Ned's mouth... wait what are we talking about?

  • apsutter

    Ned :) Love how they always made fancy apple pies for the aunts

  • Modernlove

    One of them Winchester boys on Supernatural seems to have a thing for pie.

    Edit: I was informed it is Dean. So Dean and pie!

  • Daniel Lewis

    The joke is whenever he requests pie, he never gets it.

  • Sarah

    "Meat, specifically bacon." Try steak.

  • "But this hotel always served bacon wrapped shrimp. That's my number one
    favorite food wrapped around my number three favorite food. I'd go to a
    banquet in honor of those Somali pirates if they served bacon wrapped


  • apsutter

    No, bacon is his #1 food...he mentioned at Ben and Leslie's engagement party.

  • NateMan

    Sterling and Mallory Archer; everything alcoholic.

  • Guest

    Don't forget bear claws. Rawr!

  • emmalita

    That is how you get ants!

  • psykins

    Best drinking game ever - drink during Archer every time someone has sex, shoots a gun, or drinks alcohol. Smashed in half an episode, guaranteed

  • NateMan

    Do you have to drink for every shot fired? Because that could get dangerous.

  • danobc

    in which kind of area would you say one would venture by playing this game?

  • I can't help but think it would be a zone of some sort, and a fairly perilous one at that.

  • BWeaves

    In bed.

  • chanohack

    Where is Kojak?!?

  • BWeaves

    OOOO Lollypops.

  • apsutter

    I thought that was Columbo?

  • BWeaves

    Nope, Kojak sucked on lollipops so he wouldn't smoke.

    Columbo was just a rumpled slob in a wrinkled raincoat. I don't think he had any food addictions.

  • apsutter

    Don't be mean to poor Columbo! He was hilarious and I'll love him forever if only for the fact that he had a wonderful appearance on The Great Muppet Caper http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X...

    Also I think you may have been right about him not having a signature food. I think he just liked his stogies a lot

  • Bananaranma

    Agent Cooper - Cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee

  • michaelceratops

    Can we get Charlie Crews and fruit as an honorable mention? That was one of the most endearing parts of his character.

  • A year or so back I marathoned a good deal of the second season over a weekend and then went on the biggest fruit run to the produce store.

  • sanity fair

    Leslie Knope--Waffles (with tons of whipped cream)

  • emmalita

    No salad. Salad is stupid.

  • Nic.Cage

    Calzones are stupid and pointless.

  • dizzylucy

    They're just a pizza that's harder to eat. Plus they tend to betray those who love them.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Michael Bluth - whole things of candy beans.
    Nancy Botwin - f*cking iced coffees.
    Ricky (Trailer Park Boys), chicken fingers and pepperoni.

  • stella

    Iced coffees with a straw

  • llp

    Ricky - jalapeno chips!

  • toblerone

    The Belchers - Burgers

  • mangrilla

    I don't remember Shawn and pineapple, but he and Gus are constantly talking about getting jerk chicken.

  • ZombieNurse

    There is a pineapple in every episode, but I don't know if I've ever seen them eat one.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    so it's more about his favorite sponsor.

  • fribbley

    It's been 27 years since I went through puberty, but I'm pretty sure that Kaylee gif just made me go through it again.

  • Aubenabee

    Alf: Cats

  • PerpetualIntern

    This was my first thought too!

  • BWeaves

    The Doctor IV - Jellybabies. Creepiest, waxlike candy item, ever. Yes, I've tried eating them.

  • Carrie/Teabelly

    The little sweet ones are nice, the bigger ones are, yes, not so good.

  • Maguita NYC

    Homer Simpson, Duff Beer.
    (Unless this has changed in the past 5 years I haven't watched the show... Then I apologize to Homer S.)

  • BWeaves


  • Maguita NYC


  • apsutter

    Just wonderful Maguita

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Wait, LSD is food? So where is it on the food pyramid? I need to talk to my MP about this.

  • $27019454

    You need to talk to your Member of Parliament about LSD? You foreigners are weird. And by weird I mean I want to move wherever you are that has government officials who want to talk about getting hiiiiigh.

  • BWeaves

    Right at the top, because it's high.

  • $27019454

    And it's fucking awesome. At LEAST as great as bacon.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Damn you! I hate when other people make a good pun!

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