17 Particularly WTFish Moments That Did, In Fact, Happen on Your Television
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17 Particularly WTFish Moments That Did, In Fact, Happen on Your Television

By Courtney Enlow | Seriously Random Lists | August 2, 2012 | Comments ()


These were not, as you've long suspected, fever dreams you had after eating expired Activia.

Rose Nyland was molested by her dentist.

Eric Matthews married a moose...


...But not before the gang went back in time...




Make that three times.


Also, Shawn joined a cult.

Zack and Lisa totally fell in love and never spoke of it again.

Speaking of which, these two got married at 19.


So did these two.


Stephanie drove a car into the kitchen.


This happened.

So did this, and I'm still not okay with it.

Also, there was cheese.


Above all else, never forget...

That the Hugga Bunch really happened. And they're putting your grandma out to pasture. (skip to 5:50)



And, remember...

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  • Pawesl

    The thing with Zack and Lisa was that they were dating in reality and wanted to have their romance on the show. To comply the creators put this in but they did not feel that it would resonate with the audience because it was an interracial couple. And I know Screech was after Lisa but that only worked because they were NEVER going to get together. So the writers ended up writing out that entire storyline which is why we have that wildly out of place episode.

  • Aeryn

    OMG Thanks for making my day... Total Angel/Cordelia shipper, the video was awesome. Pennywise! Still friggin creepy........

  • Tracey Sims

    The grandma out to pasture scene is seriously amazing. I totally forgot all about the Hugga Bunch until now. Thanks for smacking me in the face with that one. Next up to seek out? The Popples and the Get Along Gang.

  • Leigh

    OMG other people know the HuggaBunch movie! None of my friends had heard of it, and they thought I was cracked when I tried to explain it to them. Until YouTube, I always had this vague feeling that I might have made it up...

  • TheGreatUnstainer

    Can somebody translate this post into non-American for me?

  • Maguita NYC

    First cousins kissing and thinking of procreating.

  • Jenne Frisby

    I don't know. I liked Angel and Cordelia together. (I mean, not that it ever really happened.) But at least they were friends first... I was pretty over Buffy/Angel by the end of season 3.

  • Cree83

    May be unpopular, but I agree. I never thought David B. and SMG had much chemistry. Charisma Carpenter seemed to wring a little spark out of him.

  • Jenne Frisby

    I know! They had fun together. Remember in the first season when he and Doyle found her bra? All the teasing about the business cards? I think that was the first time I ever thought he could be funny. Well, besides the flashback episodes. The hair. The accent. I don't know why they kept doing that to him.

  • nosio

    Oh my god, thank you. On the way to work this morning I had a conversation about Rob Lowe as Drew Peterson in probably my favorite Lifetime movie ever - a movie and casting so ridiculous I sometimes feel like I must have imagined it.

  • Arran

    Now that Peterson is actually going on trial, hopefully they'll make Untouchable 2: The Trial of Drew Peterson.

  • fribbley

    I'm still working my way through Angel for the first time, and now I sorta feel like I don't need to keep watching :(

  • Three_nineteen

    You do. Other interesting things happen. IMHO, things way more interesting than an potential Cordy/Angel pairing.

  • fribbley

    Oh, I probably will. But now this is hanging over my head!

  • Lbeees

    There were some very questionable script decisions. But the first three+ seasons were great.

  • blorft

    I was doing the same thing two years ago, got to the Cordelia/Angel thing, and had to take a break. I'm still on a break.

  • fribbley

    I had no idea... I mean, I wondered if they'd do it, but didn't think they would.

    Angel will always be Buffy's, in my mind!

  • James West

    The Eric Matthews Plays With Squirrels scene will never be topped for me.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I feel like Boy Meets World must have paved the way for WTF absurdism in the aughts. Is fully half of any Scrubs or HIMYM episode possible without Plays With Squirrels, the Feeny Call, "The Other Side" of JAHS and the studious ignoring of Eric's severe TBI and Cory's subsequent conversion to Judaism to cope with it?

    The last two there were implicit.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    How about all of the Teletubbies and Sigmund the Sea Monser? How about THOSE?

  • Ooh, I loved it when Kimberly ripped off the wig. So awesome. I still remember that moment--probably the only one I saw as it happened.

  • Devo14

    I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who remembers Hugga Bunch. Considering how many times my parents rented it for my little sister, purchasing it might have been a sound investment.

  • dizzylucy

    I forgot all about Zack and Lisa. Apparently so did the writers?

    Poor Rose - all the bad stuff happened or almost happened to her. Remember when she got mugged? And when she had to get an HIV test because of a blood transfusion? For a comedy, they sure piled the crap onto her!

    What is with all the scary clown photos lately? I'm going to have to stop going on the internet.

  • jmd

    Really - you threw that clown in there?! You bastard!

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Okay... I think the only 2 things I recognized from the list is Golden Girls and It. I seriously missed out on some pop culture references... I must've been in college drinking too much beer or something. [hangs head in shame]

  • Pnnylne

    Pennywise! My cousins showed me It when I was about 6. That creepy bastard put me off of clowns at a very young age.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Why do you insist that Angel is not allowed to move on and that Cordelia is not allowed to grow as a person (demon)??? That is serious BS. "Why can't mommy and daddy get back together??" Because they didn't work! Accept it and let them be happy ffs you spoiled little shit.

  • Lbeees


  • Three_nineteen

    Angel is destined to be alone unless and until he fulfills the Shanshu prophecy and becomes human. Cordy can be with whomever she wants - I was kind of hoping she would notice Wesley's growth as a person, which took place roughly the same time as her own. I never thought Wesley and Fred worked.

  • lowercase_ryan

    post-breakdown Wesley is my favorite TV character ever.

  • Three_nineteen

    Wesley's story is in my Top 5 all-time favorite character arcs, along with Londo Mollari and...well, I haven't thought of any others yet. If Vince Gilligan doesn't completely screw things up, Water White will join them. Then at least I can say I have a Top 3.

  • Maguita NYC

    Hey, it is unforgivable because Celine Dion is singing in the background!

  • Jenne Frisby

    Ha, I agree. I liked Angel (the series) a lot because it was more complex than Buffy was in some ways. I always liked that the demons could be regular people on Angel, as opposed to things that needed to be killed on Buffy. But I'm still bitter about how they turned on Anya, after Willow almost destroyed the world.

  • BierceAmbrose

    What has Charisma Carpenter been up to, and why isn't she on my TV all the time? (With or without Mr. Face Like an Angel / Cheats On His Wife.)

  • Maguita NYC

    Nothing of worthy. Her acting abilities have not been showcased favorably. Especially not in that horrible The Expandables movie.

  • teecer

    She's on an ABC Family show called "The Lying Game."

  • BierceAmbrose

    Now, like currently and ongoing? How Did I Not Know Of This?

  • ABC Family does like 2 season for shows a year, I think it is off for the summer but starts back up in the fall.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Well, my day just got better. Thanks.

  • Tinkerville

    She was also on an episode of Legend of the Seeker in skin tight leather before she gets the crap beat out of her by a naked glamazon. Oh and then kisses said naked glamazon. Not that I, you know, watched the show or anything..

  • BierceAmbrose

    Any more you gotta get the pay / sell your soul Hulu to get Legend of the Seeker. Not that I'd know.

    Sadly, I gave up on Hulu when their browse / search became unbearable. Not even for Charisma / glamazon smackdowns could I put up with that crap any more.

    I question my priorities.

  • knowstoomuch

    Charisma and James Marsters were on a recent episode of Supernatural together! They played a husband and wife

  • Lbeees

    Whaaaa??? I so need to catch up on Supernatural. Because I love Buffy, always have. Always will.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Saw that. And now on SN we've got "Dick." These two were very funny and natural together in a Buffy group panel also.

    OK, now I'm thinking they should have gotten Cordelia & Spike together back in the day & hoping there's some appropriate, inappropriate fan fic. When did I turn into a nerd-girl of a certain age?

  • JenVegas

    Amen. I love that girl. Last time I saw her was in The Expendables I think.

  • BierceAmbrose

    CC was in The Expendables? To the NetFlix!

  • habshockeygrl

    My hugga bunch doll is still in my parents basement, I really thought that whole movie was a bad dream. My sister picked it out to rent over and over again....from the drugstore that rented VHS. Now I feel old. =(

  • Zack and Lisa, UGH. I guess when a show's been on long enough, eventually the writers feel obligated to try out every romantic pairing possible. (See also: Rachel and Joey on "Friends." UGH x2)

  • A. Smith

    When you think about it they have been friends since junior high.

  • buzz

    The 'married a moose' episode is a classic.
    Mr. Matthews?
    Mr. Squirrels.

    Plays With.

  • Louise

    For me, it's always been Boobah. WTF every single time.


  • AngelenoEwok
  • Oh my god.

  • Bedewcrock


  • AngelenoEwok

    Yeah, maybe I'm a bit twisted, but I practically weep with laughter every time I watch that.

  • ReturnofSantitas

    Oh my god, the way that monkey waves its arms around and goes "No! Nooo!" is so fucking funny.

  • AngelenoEwok

    have you ever seen the climactic scene from Seven re-enacted by a Boobah and a stuffed Dog?

  • Louise

    I had not seen that. My life was incomplete. Wow. I thank you.

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