15 Reasons Why You Wish You Had Spent Thanksgiving With TV's Favorite Family

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15 Reasons Why You Wish You Had Spent Thanksgiving With TV's Favorite Family

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | November 29, 2013 | Comments ()


Because You Wouldn’t Have To Worry About Carving The Turkey

Or Seating Arrangements

Or, For That Matter, Transportation

Because They Always Have A Booster Seat Handy

Because They’re Very Indulgent With Their Indoor Pet Policy

And Have Impeccable Table Manners


Because You’d Never Run Out Of Wine


Because They Know How To Work Up An Appetite

Because You’d Never Be Stuck Behind An Ornate Centerpiece. They Know The Value Of An Unobstructed View.

Because Tyrion Has At Least Three More Slaps Left Until Slapsgiving

Because They Know How To Show Their Appreciation

And When To Call It A Night

Because They’re VERY Prompt With Their Thank You Notes

And They Always Throw The Most Exciting Parties

Because They Understand The Importance Of Coming Together As A Family

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  • Pat Sponaugle

    Thank you for this. I'm giving thanks for this. Thanks! Given!

  • lowercase_ryan

    Pity she's gone, I think Mags Bennett probably hosted one hell of a Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Guest

    I think Ellstin Limehouse would be a better Thanksgiving host but Mags would be a pretty close second.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Not enough dancing in the holler.

  • Guest

    All the BBQ easily beats dancing.

  • lowercase_ryan

    What about her apple pie?

  • Guest

    Meh... I'm sure Limehouse would have pecan.

  • lowercase_ryan

    no no dude, her "apple pie"...


  • Guest

    As long as you get it right from jar...

  • lowercase_ryan

    well played

  • Guest

    I see what you did there.

    *The TV family I'd most want to spend Thanksgiving with (which is actually in October for us Canadians) is the Belchers (Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise).

    Followed by the Tylers (Darren, Karen, Sharon, Aaron and Jaye).

  • Oh I'm totally having Thanksgiving with the Belchers if for no other reason than finding out what is on the board for the Thanksgivakkuh burger.

  • charitaszn773

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  • Javier

    every time I see that second gif of the Joffrey slap, I picture him screaming like Ruby Rod on the Fifth Element

  • John W

    Finally watched Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and Killing Them Softly. All really good.

    Anyone who hasn't seen Zero Dark Thirty yet I highly recommend you watch the HBO documentary Manhunt: The hunt for Osama Bin Laden first.

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