14 Things You Should Know About SXSW 2013

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14 Things You Should Know About SXSW 2013

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | March 13, 2013 | Comments ()


There Were Moments Of Pure Nerd Joy: Like the fact that Joss Whedon and the cast of Much Ado About Nothing travelled to Austin together on a bus. Like the damn Partridge Family. You can see highlights here. And they're adorable.

There Were Moments Of Pure Nerd Despair: Literary geek god Neil Gaiman (and his lovely and talented wife) were in attendance this year. Why was Neil Gaiman in Austin? Why to interview TV producer Chucke Lorre ("Big Bang Theory," "Two Broke Girls," and "How I Met Your Mother") of course. That's right, one of the greatest literary minds of our generation was sent to ask gorram Chuck Lorre about "creativity." I cringe.

We've Crowned A New Pajiba Prom Queen: Though she's not exactly new to the scene, Brie Larson has been flying enough under the radar that we all really feel this might be a break out fest for her. If you didn't already love her in "United States of Tara," Scott Pilgrim or 21 Jump Street, one of her three festival films is sure to win you over. Keep your eyeballs peeled for Spectacular Now, Short Term 12 and Don Jon.

The "Bumpers" Are Pretty Cute: Before each film, SXSW shows a short little movie meant to throw some love on the festival and filmmaking in general. This year, being the 20th anniversary, we were treated to the "Best Of" the bumpers. My favorite is below and you can watch them all here.

Goodfellas - SXSW 2013 Bumper from SXSW on Vimeo.

Ain't Nothing Fancy About Being A Blogger: I don't care how much of a famous internet personality you think you are, if you're trying to blog and attend the festival, odds are you will spend some portion of the weekend with your ass on the floor trying to wring some precious power out of the wall. I have measured out my weekend in "low battery" signals.

Some Films Will Pleasantly Surprise You: One of our favorites was a little movie called Milo that is about a butt monster. Yes. A. Butt. Monster. Full disclosure, the film was written by Pajiba reader Benjamin Hayes (who is adorable), but I wouldn't lie to you. The film is fantastic, campy, stupid, smart and fun. See it.

Some Films Will Unpleasantly Surprise You: The Pajiba vote on Before Midnight is split (and Dan will have an official review up later), but as someone who absolutely adored the first two I will caution you to temper your expectation for this third installment of the Celine and Jesse show. The last 20 minutes are rough as hell.

Festival Audiences Are Delightfully Engaged: Maybe it's the sleep deprivation or the alcohol served at every venue but there's nothing more lively than a festival audience. Sometimes this can be obnoxious when, for example, the whole theater is already in the tank for a film. The fanboy hooting and hollering can be a bit much. But when something alarming happens (e.g. in Mud or Spectacular Now) and an entire packed house gasps in unison? That's a powerful feeling.

Don't Read The F*cking Screen Cards: Unless, of course, you want the intentionally obtuse plot of Upstream Color spoiled for you right before the movie begins.

Hell Is Interactive People: We film nerds look down on the tech nerds. It's the way of the world. You shall know them by their orange badges and the dazed, almost fearful look of people who don't get outside often. SHUT UP IT'S WORSE THAN OURS. You should see them trying to walk around. It's like a bunch of ants after someone dropped the honey.

Sometimes You'll Confuse A Famous Actor For A Film Blogger: It's not my fault. He's very jowly and that's usually the film blogger's defining characteristic.

Some Films Will Put You Off Your Tacos: Just like swimming, don't eat an hour before or after you see Evil Dead. Trust me.

Winter Was Biking: Austin was teeming with pedicabs but, without exception, these were the finest. I very nearly stole one but I couldn't quite figure out how I would get it on the plane.

I Think We Can All Applaud The Unofficial Theme: If Much Ado, Spectacular Now and Drinking Buddies are any indication, we Pajibans aren't the only ones who enjoy our booze by the vatfuls. We wish we could have taken you all with us but, rest assured, we poured out* a Shiner Bock or 50 in your name.
Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 2.27.02 PM.png

*down our throats.

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  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Odd thing about being a panelist and an "invited guest" for Interactive is that I was given a "fancy" badge that let me go to Film and Interactive and I guess music if I had stayed. No orange hangtag for me, but that didn't change the fact that I was really just a fancy tagged nerd.

    What I was impressed with was the sheer volume of hipsters, and quite frankly, very attractive women. Normally tech conventions are not given over to attractive women (ok, women of any shape size or color). But looking and listening to all the hipster talk - I think I found the modern equivalent of a "dandy" as described by Susan Sontag in her notes on "Camp". See what you think:

    45. Detachment is the prerogative of an elite; and as the dandy is the 19th century's surrogate for the aristocrat in matters of culture, so Camp is the modern dandyism. Camp is the answer to the problem: how to be a dandy in the age of mass culture.

    46. The dandy was overbred. His posture was disdain, or else ennui. He sought rare sensations, undefiled by mass appreciation. (Models: Des Esseintes in Huysmans' À Rebours, Marius the Epicurean, Valéry's Monsieur Teste.) He was dedicated to "good taste."

    The connoisseur of Camp has found more ingenious pleasures. Not in Latin poetry and rare wines and velvet jackets, but in the coarsest, commonest pleasures, in the arts of the masses. Mere use does not defile the objects of his pleasure, since he learns to possess them in a rare way. Camp -- Dandyism in the age of mass culture -- makes no distinction between the unique object and the mass-produced object. Camp taste transcends the nausea of the replica.

    47. Wilde himself is a transitional figure. The man who, when he first came to London, sported a velvet beret, lace shirts, velveteen knee-breeches and black silk stockings, could never depart too far in his life from the pleasures of the old-style dandy; this conservatism is reflected inThe Picture of Dorian Gray. But many of his attitudes suggest something more modern. It was Wilde who formulated an important element of the Camp sensibility -- the equivalence of all objects -- when he announced his intention of "living up" to his blue-and-white china, or declared that a doorknob could be as admirable as a painting. When he proclaimed the importance of the necktie, the boutonniere, the chair, Wilde was anticipating the democratic esprit of Camp.

    48. The old-style dandy hated vulgarity. The new-style dandy, the lover of Camp, appreciates vulgarity. Where the dandy would be continually offended or bored, the connoisseur of Camp is continually amused, delighted. The dandy held a perfumed handkerchief to his nostrils and was liable to swoon; the connoisseur of Camp sniffs the stink and prides himself on his strong nerves.

    49. It is a feat, of course. A feat goaded on, in the last analysis, by the threat of boredom. The relation between boredom and Camp taste cannot be overestimated. Camp taste is by its nature possible only in affluent societies, in societies or circles capable of experiencing the psychopathology of affluence.

  • melissa82

    But I'm a film nerd AND a tech nerd (silly job requires the latter, but a mom who owned a movie store when I was a wee lass instilled the former.). Come to think of it I do have a lot of self-loathing...

  • DarthCorleone

    Split on Before Midnight? Ugh. Was hoping for universal accolades. I read elsewhere it's the last 20 minutes that really send it into the stratosphere. Regardless, I'm putting a moratorium on reading anything else about it until I see it for myself. It's just about the only sequel worthy of hype this year as far as I'm concerned.

  • lowercase_ryan

    This made me smile...and start planning for next year.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    My asshole brother left Austin for New Hampshire... wtf!?!?!

  • Derek

    Chuck Lorre has nothing to do with "How I Met Your Mother." He created "Dharma and Greg" and "Two and a half men." please don't associate him with HIMYM.

  • Tinkerville

    But of course. There's a great deal of dignity and prestige that comes with being the creator of Two and a Half Men, but being associated with HIMYM is a slap in the face.

  • Amanda Meyncke


  • Pentadactyl

    Is that Vinnie Van Lowe I see?

  • The Replicant Brooke

    I'm seeing a lot of Tony Danza in group photos these days. I like it.

  • BlackRabbit

    I always felt like he and Matt LeBlanc should get more love than they do.

  • I'm free Saturday night if the riverboat gambler version of Matt Leblanc wants to come over.

  • Amanda Meyncke

    I need to know more about this very particular fetish.

  • I see the picture and I read the blurb, but the words "Neil Gaiman interviewed Chuck Lorre about creativity" simply does not compute.

  • Robert

    I consider the best part of any festival or convention when I give up on appearances of professionalism and sprawl out on a nice concrete floor for a working lunch. Laptop here, notebooks there, a warm peanut butter sandwich sitting on top of my backpack, and my ass high and mighty in the air as I sort swag and press releases. I build a mighty hoard out of a bag or two that acts as a defense from the outside world. No one bothers the crazy homeless looking person who is but a cardboard sign away from earning a little extra money on the side that weekend.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I am jowly and I now have plans for a future job.

  • e jerry powell

    Brie Larson. She a'ight.

    I'm still very bitter about U.S.oT. THOSE PEOPLE tossed all the shows they should have kept and kept all the shows they should have tossed. Subjectively speaking.

  • Guest

    This post merits "Best Ever" status for featuring two of my favourite actresses: Brie Larson and Gillian Jacobs.

    We’ve Crowned A New Pajiba Prom Queen: Though she’s not exactly new to the scene, Brie Larson. Is the J-Law love dead already?

    Larson, who is totally deserving, has always been in my "Top 5".


  • Brown

    I'm curious to see how much is left in the tank for Before Midnight because it felt like it was running on empty by the end of the last film to the point I was starting to dislike it.

  • TheReinaG

    One of my exes is currently driving one of those GoT pedicabs, he sent me the photo a couple days ago and I told him for the first time in my life I was jealous of him having to hump a bunch of drunk assholes around sixth street.

    Also: Tony Danza is alive and in a movie being directed by JGL?! What the what!?

  • Shiner Bock : )

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