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12 Celebrities Who Auditioned for "Saturday Night Live" But Declined Or Were Rejected

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | October 24, 2012 | Comments ()

It's kind of special for Louis C.K. however, because he auditioned for the show back in 1993, but was turned down (he would later co-wrote "TV Funhouse" with Robert Smigel). Louis C.K., of course, is not the only notable celebrity that has auditioned for, but turned down or was rejected from the cast. Here are 12 other celebrities who auditioned but, for whatever reason, did not end up on the show as a cast member.

Donald Glover (2007-2008) (Considered for the role of Obama)


Mindy Kaling (2006-2007) (Offered staff writer role, but wasn't allowed due to commitment to "The Office")


Lisa Kudrow (1990-91) (Lost to Julia Sweeney)


Steve Carell (1995-96) (Lost to Will Ferrell)


Geena Davis (1984-85) (Lost to Pamela Stephenson)

b David Cronenberg The Fly DVD Review PDVD_001.jpeg

Paul Reubens (1984-85) (Lost to Billy Crystal)


Catherine O'Hara (1980-81) (Quit before the season started)


John Goodman (1980-81) (Lost to Joe Piscopo)


Jim Carrey (1980-81) (Lost to Charlie Rocket)


Rob Heubel (1994-95) (Lost to Rob Riggle)


Jennifer Aniston (1999-2000) (Turned down the offer to do "Friends")


Dane Cook (2002-03) (Lost to Will Forte)


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