11 Hottest 1980s Female Teen Heartthrobs

By Agent Bedhead | Lists | September 19, 2012 | Comments ()

By Agent Bedhead | Lists | September 19, 2012 |

I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty damn great that Elisabeth Shue's finally made her way back into films that people will actually watch. In honor of Her Hotness (and as a sort of companion piece to my 1980s male heartthrobs list from a few years ago), here's a list of the hottest 1980s female heartthrobs. I probably left off your favorite though. Let's do this.

Elisabeth Shue: True, she's looked better in the 1990s and beyond than back when she first became a star, but Elisabeth was always a cutie.


Alyssa Milano: Hey, I did the Teen Steam workout video. You didn't?


Lisa Bonet: Oh yeah, she was the Cosby kid with an attitude.


Jami Gertz: That hair would be awful today, but back then? Whoa.


Heather Graham: This little crush is still going strong, I have to admit.


Phoebe Cates: No one could blame poor Brad Hamilton for fantasizing about this in the bathroom.


Beverly D'Angelo: How exactly did Clark Griswold bag this babe?


Joan Jett: Something about a woman who could totally kick your ass is a bit of a turn-on. Not even Kristen Stewart could ruin this one.


Michelle Pfeiffer: Even as the drug-addled Elvira, Pfeiffer was always gorgeous on an ethereal level.


Mia Sara: Man, where did this one disappear to all of a sudden? Perhaps she secretly ran off with Michael Schoeffling.


Jessie's Girl: Wait, you mean this chick was fictional? No way.


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