11 Crappiest Movies of Steve Zahn’s Career

By Agent Bedhead | Seriously Random Lists | August 1, 2012 |


Forces of Nature: This romcom features a bit of an offbeat style and Sandra Bullock at her witty best, but it's just too silly to fully enjoy as a story.


Strange Wilderness: Zahn gets top billing here but it seems like he's merely sleepwalking instead of acting. Awful film too.


Sahara: $78 in red ink is possibly the most entertaining aspect of this movie. Also, Zahn was sorely miscast as the muscular, Italian Al Giordino of the novels.


Daddy Day Care: Do I really have to justify this one?


National Security: Zahn really took an unnecessary figurative pounding from Martin Lawrence in this racist-not-racist "comedy."


Chicken Little: In the words of my daughter, it looked creepy and wasn't very funny at all. She loves almost everything.


Chelsea Walls: Ethan Hawke directed this pretentious mess. HAhahahaha.


Employee of the Month: Hey, remember when Jessica Simpson was going to be a big movie star -- the next Julia Roberts or something? Yeah, that.


The Object of My Affection: This formulaic romcom tried so hard to be charming but failed miserably. And with Paul Rudd involved, that's a very hard thing to do.


Riding in Cars with Boys: It almost pains me to include this movie on the list since Zahn gave a pretty great dramatic performance here. The film itself though? Crap.


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