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11 Crappiest Movies Of Michael Caine’s Career

By Agent Bedhead | Seriously Random Lists | February 15, 2012 | Comments ()


When one thinks of Michael Caine, the mental image is often a portrait of reverence. Why? The man has made as many crappy movies as the next bloke. Let's do this.

Austin Powers in Goldmember: This was easily the most ridiculous installment of the franchise and the precise point when it parodied itself to death.


Blame It On Rio: This was like SNL's "Motherlover" only with reversed genders and much less amusing.


Cars 2: In the immortal words of Michael Bay, "BOOM!"


Bewitched: Way to piss off a ton of die-hard fans, right?


Flawless: This movie was sheer drudgery to experience with too many plot twists to even care.


Jaws 4: The Revenge: Here's the obligatory, "Do I even have to explain this one?" entry.


On Deadly Ground: Ridiculous script, execution, and acting? Check, check, and check.


Sleuth: Yet another crappy, pointless remake ... even if it does brilliantly point towards Jude Law's future as a homoerotically-inclined detective.


The Swarm: Even Caine (as a "brilliant entomologist) clearly didn't want to be in this movie.


The Weather Man: It seems like a cop out to describe this as "Yet another crappy Nicolas Cage movie," but damn, it's absolutely true.


And now here's a little bonus number for you ...

Miss Congeniality: Yes, everyone loves Sandra Bullock, but c'mon, it wasn't that funny of a movie.


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