11 Crappiest Movies of Elizabeth Banks’ Career

By Agent Bedhead | Seriously Random Lists | May 23, 2012 |

Man on a Ledge: Not only was this a B-movie sendup that was evocative of Phone Booth's relative success, but Banks' role as a negotiator was entirely miscast and almost laughable.


The Uninvited: Look, I know the current crop of horror remakes collectively stands as an inferior product, but this is ridiculous.


W.: Okay, I'll admit that I used to find it cute when Oliver Stone got all political with his movies. Now, it's just a cry for attention.


Meet Dave: In this movie, Eddie Murphy's tiny thetans become infatuated with Banks' character. Or something like that.


Fred Claus: Here stands yet another crappy entry into the "Pantomimed Vince Vaughn Christmas oeuvre."


The Sisters: This movie shit all over an Anton Chekov work, and I don't take kindly to that nonsense.


Spider-Man 3: Here Banks reprised her thankless role as "Miss Brant," but that doesn't excuse the fact that this was the movie about Emo Spidey.


The Baxter: So twee. So hipster. So wannabe Woody Allen.


Daltry Calhoun: Johnny Knoxville can suck it. And so can Quentin Tarantino with his "executive producing" credits.


Swept Away: Honestly, this movie should've never been made. Shame on Guy Ritchie and his dick led astray by Madonna.


Wet Hot American Summer: Obviously, this movie is a cult favorite for many of you. Yet it was meant to be crappy, and it achieved said goal.


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