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10 Of TV And Film's Most Beloved Nerds Who Never Should Have Attempted To Go "Sexy"

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | November 13, 2013 | Comments ()

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | November 13, 2013 |

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Hugh Dancy — Will Graham — Hannibal: Dancy is, of course, a very handsome man. But he’s handsome in a weedy British way and not in a punkish way at all. I’m sure this was a joke. It had to be.
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Kunal Nayyar — Rajesh Koothrappali — Big Bang Theory
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Rainn Wilson — Dwight Schrute — The Office
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Martin Starr — Bill Haverchuck — Freaks And Geeks: Starr has grown up into a charmingly hirsute young man and the Brie accessory almost works here. Almost.
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David Schwimmer — Ross Geller — Friends: Boo. Ross. No. Put it away.
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Masi Oka — Hiro Nakamura — Heroes: Can I teleport to a time or place where I knew nothing about Oka’s thoughts on nipples? Please?

John Francis Daley — Sam Weir — Freaks And Geeks: I’d give it this to Daley if I didn’t know it was a selfie. Self-important selfies are never sexy, friend. That’s law.
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Daniel Radcliffe — You Know Who — The Harry Potter Franchise
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RJ Mitte— Walt Jr. — Breaking Bad: It’s enough to put you off your breakfast.
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Lisa Simpson — The Simpsons: AHHHH MY EYEEESSSSSSSS. P.S. Friends, don’t google “Lisa Simpson sexy,” you’ll never recover. Never.

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