10 Non-Stick Insect TV Actresses Who Are Allowed To Be Confident In Their Sexual-i-tay
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10 Non-Stick Insect TV Actresses Who Are Allowed To Be Confident In Their Sexual-i-tay

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | January 16, 2014 | Comments ()


With all the talk of late surrounding Lena Dunham and body shaming and exactly which kind of actress is “allowed” to show her body or embrace her sexuality on television, it should be noted that Dunham is not the only non-rail thin actress flaunting her stuff on television. Perhaps she’s the most nude, but she’s not the only one. Is there anything wrong with slimmer ladies? Nay! Anything wrong with stacked ones? I say nay again. Ladies of all shapes and sizes are welcome to empower themselves sexually on my TV screen and I urge you not to confuse the following post with this off-putting meme.


But I don’t think it’s out of line to suggest that the current aesthetic of Hollywood is more welcoming to women with fewer curves or, possibly, ladies with astronomically disproportionate curves in the manner of Sofia Vergara or Kat Dennings. Once again, that’s not a Vergara/Dennings slam, but it’s nice to see that, more and more, a wider range is being represented. You might cock your eyebrow at the inclusion of some of the women on this list. (The same way we all sneer “you call that ‘plus-size,’ H&M?”) But I’ll have you know that when I put every single one of these names into Google Image Search, the autofill suggested “First Name Last Name Weight” or “First Name Last Name Pregnant” as popular searches. So, there’s that. Certainly there are larger ladies on our TV. But, at least in their current TV roles, the Rebel Wilsons and Melissa McCarthys are still played for laughs rather than viewed as legitimately sexually empowered. Not so the following ladies who, much like Mariska Hargitay, are confident in their sexual-i-tay.

Busy Phillips — Cougar Town
Laurie started the show a little stickier than she is these days, but that doesn’t stop good ol’ Jelly Bean from getting her swerve on. Stride of pride, indeed.

Rhetta — Parks & Recreation
You remember the Meagle motto, don’t you? “Use Him, Abuse Him, Lose Him.” I’m thinking of having it stitched on a pillow.

Jemima Kirke — Girls
I know, I know, you were expecting Lena, weren’t you? But I’d argue that despite Dunham’s assertion that you shouldn’t have a problem with her naked form, the character of Hannah lacks confidence in, oh, every single aspect of her life. The delicious (and obnoxious) Jessa, on the other hand? Sexual force of nature. No wonder Shoshanna worships her.

Mindy Kaling — The Mindy Project
Dr. Lahiri is not without her insecurities which might put her more in the Hannah camp than the Jessa camp. She has, however, managed to nail a parade of eligible TV guest star bachelors and gave some great sexy Santa just a few weeks ago.
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.25.47 PM.png

Dascha Polanco — Orange Is The New Black
Dayanara was subject to some sexual exploitation (as were many of the women in Orange Is The New Black) and put downs from her own mother, but that didn’t stop her from owning her allure.

Margot Bingham — Boardwalk Empire
This is what we like to call “period appropriate voluptuousness” in that Daughter Maitland’s fuller form fits right in with the 20s aesthetic. Bingham is, undeniably, a knock out.

Christina Hendricks — Mad Men
Ah yes, another period appropriate delight. The lovely Joan Harris is, of course, the patron saint of papazow. Her relationship with her sexuality has been up and down (married her rapist, traded sex for professional advancement) but here she is at her happiest and most appealing.

Cecily Strong — Saturday Night Live
They’re still playing Aidy Bryant for Melissa McCarthy-esque laughs, but Cecily Strong here is the resident hottie of the cast and she’s not exactly frail.

Amber Tamblyn — Two And A Half Men
Are we delighted that the lovely Amber Tamblyn (aka Mrs. David Cross aka the best Emily Quartermaine aka “what IF God were one of us, Joan?” aka one of those sisters with the well-traveled pants) is stuck in Chuck Lorrie sitcom hell? No we are not. But we have to admit we’re a little excited that one of the main characters on this particular Chuck Lorrie monstrosity is a stacked lesbian with a healthy sexual appetite. So, moderately well-played, Tamblyn.

Sara Ramirez — Grey’s Anatomy
Another lesbian (or at least bisexual) on the list! In a call back to Season 3, Dr. Ramirez ended an episode the other week by shimmying around in her underwear. It was AMAZING…
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.45.13 PM.png

…and went a little something like this.

Before you get your pink, lacy knickers in a twist, that headline is merely a dated Bridget Jones reference.

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  • MissElvira

    Anna Silk? No? OK then.

  • Random_Disqus_Guy

    Funny women are so damn hot, and Cecily REALLY does it for me. Plus she's from Chicago.

  • Lillimae


  • Guest

    RE:Sara Ramirez

    If we're allowed to do call backs (this one more recent) I want to add Romola Garai / Bel Rowley:

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I have nothing to contribute, just wanted to say you picked a still from one of my favourite scenes from Mad Men.

    There was something honestly alluring between the way Don and Joan interacted in that episode, and not in a "will they or will they not" sort of manner. It was brief, but it was a great moment in a show filled with them.

  • Bryan

    Wow, this list is like personal validation. Often I see one of these ladies and think to myself "Am I the only one who finds her INSANELY HOT?" Like seriously, I watch SNL just to catch a glimpse of Cecily Strong. Glad to know I'm not alone.

  • Mark Maloney

    From that 1st "The Girl at the Party" ish Weekend Update skit I haven't been able to take my eyes off Cecily Strong. Whatever her size is. Doesn't matter. I can't explain, and best not try.

  • RilesSD

    LOVE Cecily Strong.

  • in the know, but feel behind

    Donna Noble - Doctor Who. Kelly - Misfits.

  • BWeaves


  • John W

    I hope we get to see more of Margot Bingham in the future.

  • Agreed. That face, those lips. Wow.

  • Casey.Wilson.

  • Random_Disqus_Guy


  • Bryan

    I see I'm not the only one.

  • Well, I AGAIN have a boner the size of [insert metaphor]. And I WOULD like to talk about it.

    I just love a woman who indulges in their sexual desires (aka just about every Pajibette in existence). And the thing about these ladies is, unlike in a lot of cases of women "taking charge of the sexuality" you don't get the feeling that it is forced or only for fanservice. They say and do these things because THEY enjoy it, and don't give a crap about anyone else's opinions. And while they don't take any guff about it, they don't brag about it either. This is a part of them, like their hobbies or talents or anything else.

    We shouldn't forget this lovely lady:


  • Aside: Elizabeth Taylor in her prime gets it this year, last year, any year.

  • Jiffylush

    I was already a big fan of most of the women on this list, and now I am a fan of a few more. Cecily needs to stop doing that or I am going to get nothing done today.

  • Guest

    In case you all needed a reason to find Ramirez sexier. Here's a clip from Spamalot which isn't my favorite, but she is hilarious, sexy and can SING. Apparently someone from ABC saw the show and offered her a role in any show on the spot. She's a STAR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

  • loo shag brolley

    HOT DAMN. Woman is ridiculous.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Good Megan Mullally from Will & Grace. She didn't exactly strip down, but she sure as hell flaunted it.

  • emmalita

    Megan Mullally as Tammy 2 flashes her whale tail with malicious glee.

  • PerpetualIntern

    And slaps her face with smoked meat.

  • I have a date with my bathtub, a glass of red wine, and a gigantic fireman named Marcus.

    I love that about Parks and Rec. Donna Meagle has the best sex life in Indiana. Nay, the world.

  • chanohack

    "I don't know, Marcus, I'll hit you up when I hit you up!"

  • IngridToday

    I love the episode where she gives Ann dating advice at the mixer.

  • We are in the jungle!

  • Berry

    Yeah, that photo-set is annoying. Off-putting is exactly right. The worst thing about it is that it's almost making me kinda defend that Heidi character, which is not something I really want to do.

    On a more important note, Sara Ramirez is on my "would switch teams for her if she asked" -list. I tend to pick not tiny women for the list, because they'd probably not make me feel elephantine myself, and it would be important to be comfortable in any team switching scenario, right? I've given this some thought.

  • chanohack

    Our JLaw is 5'10", you know... :)

  • Berry

    Ooh, that could work.

  • Sara Ramirez, all day, every day. Panty dance FTW.

    Allow me to recommend the delicious Katy Mixon, who plays Melissa McCarthy's stoner sister, Victoria. No stick figure, her.


  • She was the main reason I even watched Eastbound and Down. Apparently there was some baseball stuff?

  • Wait - she was on that? [leaves Meander-shaped puff of dust.]

  • RilesSD

    I think the water park episode from the final season might blow your mind.

  • Probably. I'll check it out.

  • Oh yeah, she played the high school sweetheart turned total MILF. At least in the first season.

  • Strand

    Broad generalisation: Women care about size way more than they should, and way more than the straight men they're ostensibly trying to impress. Like... I hadn't even heard of 'thigh gap' until some girlfriends brought it up. Unless you're courting a vapid roidmonkey, the overwhelming majority of men have a much broader taste than you give us credit for.

  • IngridToday

    Most of the women in the above list tend to have flat(ish) stomachs, which is not exactly the norm. I feel like switching from stick figures to women with a perfect hour glass figure is another unrealistic image of women.

  • foca9

    This is very true.

  • Nat

    I don't think men even fall into the equation. I suspect the media's obsession with size (which trickles down to normal women;s obsession with size) is more to do with a means of controlling a population that was getting damn close to equality, which would mean certain specific men would lose their overwhelming power. It isn't about what's sexy at all. It's true that that's how many women interpret it though, which is very sad (and unfair since these women tend to be the same ones that insist their dates have six-packs).

  • cruzzercruz

    Dat gap.

  • Dominic

    THIGH gap ??
    go a little higher ....

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I remember Carrie Bradshaw calling Mr Big's new girlfriend a stick figure with no soul way back when and laughing.

  • AvaLehra

    Idiot stick figure with no soul.

  • foca9

    I thought of Anna Camp at “Hannah camp”.

    I also wanna say I didn't really like Sara Ramirez’s character on Grey’s, but her? Me gusta.

  • Guest
  • Sarah Weissman

    Didn't see this was already shared! Did you hear that an ABC exec saw her in this and offered her a role in any ABC show?! Sexy, funny, and CAN SING. I'd love to see her in a movie musical as her name is gaining clout.

  • llp

    Amber Tamblyn WAS the best Emily Quartermaine. It is known.

  • PerpetualIntern

    I love any post with a GH shout-out. Especially the glory days of Emily and the original, one and only, Lucky.

  • JoannaRobinson


  • Sara Habein


    To this day, there are certain actors that I know only as their GH character names.

    "Lois, what are you doing in another shitty sitcom?" etc.

  • Chris Adams

    It's the gay, male bloggers who are repulsed by breasts, hips, etc., who have promoted and projected those rail thin women. Real men have never stopped loving Kate Upton, for example.

  • loo shag brolley
  • Danar the Barbarian

    I don't read too many celeb blogs, but the King of them all, in my mind, is Michael K at Dlisted. He's as gay as they get (in his own words) and he LOOOOOVES boobies. So - anecdotal, but there it is.

  • Ian Fay

    I'd always assumed it was driven by the fashion industry, which needs those models to look just like the hangars the dresses/etc were built for.

  • Bryan

    For the life of me, I will never understand that mentality in the fashion industry. Clothes are meant to go on people. That's the sole reason for their existence. The hangars are temporary storage until the outfit can go on to fulfill its purpose.
    Making clothes that only look good on hangars is like making a car that looks good in the driveway but can't actually be driven.

  • Dominic

    selling the dream , basically . Women WISH they could fit into a size four . but their LittleBlackDress , ain't so little ...... Comparable with guys in the reverse ,as a skinny guy would look at a picture of a big buffed guy , and dream .....

  • sanity fair

    This kind of shit just perpetuates that particular myth. Not all women wish to be a size 4. I aspire to look like Christina Hendricks or Sara Ramirez, both on this list, neither a size 4.

  • Dominic

    the point I was making , is that it's an ideal . I don't want to be a muscle-bound jock but I know guys look up to that IMAGE . and Image sells and sells well , for the Fashion Industry , which was bryan's lament
    Maybe you and all u know don't care about being thin . But it obviously sells to SOMEBODY . some women and men ,...so it's all about money .they think will hit their registers

  • sanity fair

    You make a fair point. There's plenty of criticism out there about all body types, especially for women. Falling into the obese category myself, I can get a little touchy about it sometimes, but I do love my curves.

  • Dominic

    ;o)) Thanks ...
    don't worry I'm sure there's people out there that love / would love your curves too . Like a guy a work with lol ... The new GF is bgger not thinner ...

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I'm not a real man because I find Upton boring?

  • Chris Adams


  • Berry

    We'll let that slide for now, but you better drink beer, scratch your balls and pee your name on something at your earliest convenience. Or at least burp or fart, or something, for God's sake.

  • opiejuankenopie

    One time I farted my name.

  • Behemoth

    I'm proud of you.

  • Davis

    'real men' go away you fool

  • For what it's worth, in the future you might want to step warily around phrases like 'real men' or 'real women' especially as compared to gay men or women. It tends to rile people hereabouts.

  • Chris Adams

    I meant to type "straight men." Freudian typing slip, I guess.

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    It's early in the day, but you're already well on your way to winning the "most obnoxiously ignorant comment" award. Bravo for getting a head start.

  • Chris Adams

    Oh, okay, God of Bal-Sagoth.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I dont think im out of line when i say, boobs are pretty awesome, and variety is important.

  • I don't think you're out of line at all. Small, big, pointy, round - all good.

    Willingness to show them off counts for a LOT more.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Rhetta is the fucking boss.
    That is all.

  • Arran

    I saw her in an airport!

    That's my story. Compelling and rich.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Indeed, pig, but she doesn't get enough screen time, n'est-ce-pas?

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