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10 Least Walter White-Like Roles in Bryan Cranston's Career

By Josh Kurp | Seriously Random Lists | June 8, 2012 |

Anyway, if you're dragged to the theaters to see it, here's a small comfort: Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston, is in it, as a Russian tiger. So, yeah, not very Walter White-y. Here are 10 other roles in Cranston's career that might make you briefly forget Walt is a MONSTER.

#10. Troll Lawyer on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"

troll lawyer.jpg

You gotta pay the troll lawyer to get into this boy's foyer...not much rhymes with "lawyer."

#9. Jesus on "Chicago Hope"

jesus heisenberg.jpg

I couldn't find a still or clip, so here's a crude picture of Jesus with a HEISENBERG hat.

#8. Buzz Aldrin in From the Earth to the Moon

cranston aldrin.jpg

#7. Dr. Harding Fletcher on "Matlock"

matlock harding.jpg

Doesn't The Cran-Man just scream HALLMARK?

#6. Hal on "Malcolm in the Middle"


The second best episode of "Malcolm in the Middle." The best being, of course, "Bowling."

#5. Dr. Shepherd in The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar-Man & the Bionic Woman

The Return Of The Six-Million-Dollar-Man & The Bionic Woman .jpg

Pictured: Bryan Cranston after being told by a time traveler that in the future, he would be on the greatest TV show of all-time, non-"Simpsons" division, and not have to play doctors in crappy made-for-TV movies anymore.

#4. Santa Claus in The Santa Claus Brothers

santa claus brothers.jpg

#3. Neil Diamond Impersonator on "3rd Rock from the Sun"

3rd rock from the sun.jpg

#2. Woodrow Snider in National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion

holiday reunion.jpg

Contrary to a popular rumor, Bryan Cranston did NOT lose a bet and have to switch identities with the guy from the Spin Doctors for one movie.

#1. Snizard on "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers"


Voice only, but still.

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