'SNL' Perfectly Illustrates That Nice-Guy Feminists Really Are the Worst

By Dustin Rowles | Saturday Night Live | March 5, 2017 |


I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman in a bar, but I imagine it must be very difficult. The amount of bullshit women have to put up is insane, especially from so-called feminist allies who pretend to care about the same causes, like the same people, and advocate for the same issues all in an effort to get laid. Those guys are the worst. You just know that guy wearing the “Nevertheless, she persisted” T-shirt is a skeevy, gross asshole.

Fuck those two-faced feminists guys. Come hang out with me, instead. We can listen to some Tracy Chapman records and read Elizabeth Warren tweets together. It’ll be great!

No? You’d rather not come back to my place and read dog-eared passages from my copy of Our Bodies Ourselves?

Fine, bitch.

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