Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Returns with an Unintentionally Sobering 'SNL' Cold Open

By Dustin Rowles | Saturday Night Live | November 20, 2016 |


I don’t know that I would call the cold open — which sees Donald Trump grapple with the reality of the Presidency while Kellyanne Conway amusingly expresses regret for getting Trump elected — is that funny, but it certainly feels sobering!

They call Trump out for breaking campaign promises, but they’re campaign promises we prefer he break (like repealing Obamacare, backing away from the wall, and locking up Hillary) and while I think it’s good to stand up to Trump, man, I don’t want to compel him to keep some of those campaign promises out of spiteful pride.

But this is just an SNL sketch, you say! Surely, that wouldn’t register for the President-Elect of the United States!

Well, if you think that, then clearly you’ve never seen the man’s Twitter account, or even the last 24 hours when he obsessed over the Hamilton cast booing Mike Pence. Either way, it was good to see Sudeikis return as Mitt Romney.

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