John Oliver Hates Boris Johnson So, So Much

By Emily Chambers | Politics | July 25, 2016 | Comments ()

By Emily Chambers | Politics | July 25, 2016 |


Listen, it’s been a long week month election cycle oh my god how is this not over yet? week. And that might be part of the reason that I didn’t actually love Oliver’s two main segments last night. They were good, but the coverage of the RNC has been exhausted and the song they put together fell a little flat. (Except for Usher. We might have vastly underestimated this guy’s comedic potential.)

But Oliver’s hatred and mockery of the former London mayor is a glorious, unending font. Because, guys, he hates Johnson so much.

Oh god, that’s good stuff. I initially thought I loved this because it rightfully restores the order of comedians mocking politicians as opposed to the current wannabe-politicians mocking everyone. But that’s not is. It’s that I’ve desperately missed watching someone mock people effectively. Every time Trump calls another person a loser, George Carlin has a ragespasm at the lack of originality. Every time Trump tweets an insult including the word schlonged, Oscar Wilde weeps. And every time Trump takes a swipe at Hillary or Cruz or some other “loser,” Clare Boothe and Dorothy Parker sneer, “You think that’s a fucking feud?”

With all of the insults and cruelty this campaign has put out, I’d forgotten an incredibly important fact: when done correctly, mocking someone is the goddamn best.

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