Ann Coulter Says Desperate Singles Shouldn't Fund Happy Families And Twitter Responds

By Jodi Smith | Politics | December 15, 2017 | Comments ()

By Jodi Smith | Politics | December 15, 2017 |


Earlier today, Ann Coulter, Republican xenomorph, was talking smack about Senator Marco Rubio promising a yes on the Republican Tax Scam Bill if the childcare tax credit was increased. It was upped to $1,400 and Rubio asked someone to help him give a thumbs up, as the lack of a spine really messes up your ability to move independently.

Possibly in response, Coulter tweeted out the following:

Uh, interesting take on being single and how taxes work, Coulter. Predictably, Twitter was there for it.

This one made me full-on cackle like the heartless monster that I am:

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