Yup, A Jennifer Lawrence Friendship Is Exactly What You Imagine It to Be

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | May 10, 2016 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | May 10, 2016 |


It wouldn’t be a day of the week without Jennifer Lawrence tripping on a dress. (DListed)

Plus, Sophie Turner talked about what it’s like to be friends with JLaw. It involves being punched in the vagina. (PopSugar)

I never, ever want to know how much things cost. How much would you guess this dress on Maisie Williams cost? Did you guess $17,000? OF COURSE YOU DIDN’T. (Go Fug Yourself)

Brie Larson is having the best year. (Celebitchy)

I saw this literally 30 seconds after publishing yesterday’s roundup and it was my favorite thing of the whole day.

Orange Is the New Black has a season 4 trailer and it’s A LITTLE TENSE.

Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick are in Berlin to promote a movie that doesn’t come out until November? Or maybe his new music video? Here’s the corner piece that makes this make sense. (Lainey)

Robert Kirkman has a new series on Cinemax that has nothing to do with zombies. Probably. (Uproxx)

We’re going to get to see Lupita Nyong’o’s non-CGI’d face onscreen again! (Vanity Fair)

Wow, Prince really hated the Kardashians. (Jezebel)

Cannonballer Alix used to think of herself as someone who would trade a decent plot for beautiful prose, but now she’s found her limit - her page limit. Sadly, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt exceeded that amount by over 400 pages. "I don’t think I’m treading new ground to say I thought The Goldfinch would never end. There is such a thing as too much perfection. " What say you, is there such a thing? (Cannonball Read 8)

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