You Know Who Else Is Awesome? Brad Pitt. Plus, Skyler White Haters Step to the Left. No, Wait! Come Back
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You Know Who Else Is Awesome? Brad Pitt. Plus, Skyler White Haters Step to the Left. No, Wait! Come Back

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 14, 2013 | Comments ()


Here's what I think is a fun post on many of the Easter Eggs, callbacks, inside jokes, and one massive theory on the ending "Mad Men," but then I'm biased since I spent most of my Saturday composing it. (Uproxx)

Speaking of "Mad Men," do you remember last year when Adam Scott and Jon Hamm hilariously recreated the opening to "Simon and Simon"? Now, Adam Scott and Amy Poehler will recreate the opening to "Hart to Hart." I cannot wait. (Vulture)

James Spader is one fly motherf**king pimp, y'all. (GoFugYourself)

Brad Pitt comments on Angelina Jolie's decision to get a double masectomy, rightfully calling her "heroic." Damn straight, she is. (Celebitchy)

If the Internet didn't exist, would be still do awesome things like have a Batgirl/Nightwing themed wedding? I like to think so. (Unreality)

"Breaking Bad's" Vince Gilligan is calling out Skyler White haters as "misogynists," and while the language that many people use to call out Skyer is misogynistic, I take issue with the assessment that simply disliking her character is tantamount to misogyny. (WG)

This is the exact opposite of misogyny. In fact, it is wonderful, as a photographer re-imagines her daughter as great female figures from history. (MarySue)

They're rebooting the fantastic 1984 flick, The Toxic Avenger, which is bad enough in itself. It gets worse when you find out who will be starring in the film. (Grantland)

You know who thinks that Courtney Stodden's mom is a great manager? Courtney Stodden's mom. (Videogum)

JoJo talks this week's "Game of Thrones" on her Cast of Kings podcast, and I'm sure that regular listeners were already predicting what she'd say about the obscene amounts of nudity in this week's George R.R. Martin scripted episode. (Slashfilm)

Rob Hunter, bless him, comes out in defense of Cloud Atlas as it arrives on DVD, as he should. (FSR)

Here's 10 things you might want to know about the actress who plays the mother on "HIMYM." (Buzzfeed)

Here's ten secrets about staying in a hotel from someone who has worked the front desk of a hotel for a decade. It is insightful, to say the least. (MentalFloss)

Finally, if you haven't seen it yet, a woman was booted from a plane for refusing to stop singing Whitney Houston. Over and over. And over.

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  • googergieger

    A mass murderer from Australia is taking legal action for not being allowed to have a Playstation in his cell. The argument against him having one? He's a mass murderer.

  • Tinkerville

    Sorry to be this person, but speaking as someone with a diabetic relative, it's important to point out that the woman singing Whitney Houston is a diabetic, which sometimes leads to weird or "drunken" behavior in cases of low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, and the like. I don't know for sure if that's the case here, but if it was then it wasn't exactly her fault and the stewardesses should've been getting her some juice instead.

  • Don Juan de Markup

    It's interesting to note that with the coverage and comment about Jolie's surgery the c-word wasn't used, castration. Her mother died of ovarian cancer so the logical thing for her to do would have been an oophorectomy or ovarian removal and then take replacement hormones for their protective effects. Women don't have castrations done lightly just like men don't have them even in the face of prostate cancer so it would have been interesting to hear her thoughts just for support even if she is postponing it possibly after another pregnancy or even if she went through a series of egg harvestings and plans a surrogate pregnancy.

  • Artemis

    Her op-ed said that she decided to start with the mastectomy because she had a higher risk of breast cancer than ovarian cancer and the surgeries were more complicated. I wouldn't be surprised if she did the oophorectomy after she's had a chance to recover.

  • Mitchell Hundred

    Actually, I've never really rooted for Walter. Even in the early seasons, his insistence on shutting out as many people from his life as possible came across as terminally stupid to me. I can't sympathize with someone who acts like that. And since he just kept having success, there was no prospect that that part of his character would ever improve. Even when he wasn't doing anything outright bad, he was still kind of a self-absorbed dick.

  • Wif

    Not trying to be a h8ter here, but why is Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy heroic? She's in an industry where people undergo elective procedures all the time, and she's regarded as being heroic for one that could save her life? I'd call that sensible, oroactive, and foreward thinking. Not heroic. (A friend of mine did the exact same thing, nobody called her 'heroic', just smart with great new boobs.)

  • pumpkin

    Well, she says she's doing it so her kids will have her around for a long time, so that might be considered "heroic."

    Even if she's not heroic, she is courageous for doing the surgery and talking about it, especially considering she's an actress known for her body.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Her husband called her "heroic" and one assumes to him it was.

    It was very brave of her to both have it done and to go public about it. Brave in the way all women are who do so, but brave nonetheless.

  • Arran

    It's more the being so public and open about it rather than simply having it done.

    (I do think "heroic" is maybe a bit too strong a term, but I definitely give her kudes. Solid kudes.)

  • Artemis

    I don't buy that people dislike Skylar just because she's an obstacle to our anti-hero. Hank, Gus, and Mike have all been much greater obstacles, and they are all beloved characters. People may have reasons for disliking Skylar that are not overtly misogynist -- she's just not as fun a character as those I listed above, because she's not blowing things up or killing people or getting the bad-ass catch phrases -- but I absolutely agree with Gilligan that the strength of people's dislike is driven by misogyny.

    Walt Jr. is easily less interesting and more whiny than Skylar, but he gets joke memes online instead of vitriol. Hank spent a solid season lying on his ass looking at ROCKS and being depressed about his injury (perhaps realistic and understandable for a person living through that, but as a character it made him pretty inert and whiny for a while), and he never got real hate. There are lots of people who HATE Skylar for cheating on Walt, but don't seem to remember/care all that much about Walt doing things like sexually assaulting her in their kitchen, or not answering his phone when she went into labor because he was trying to set up a deal with Gus, or COOKING METH FOR A LIVING AND ENDANGERING THEIR FAMILY. The depth of negative feeling about Skylar -- who of all the characters on the show, is one of the more moral and has gone through a lot of interesting character development herself -- is out of control, and it's not a coincidence that this kind of thing tends to fall on female characters far more than male ones.

  • googergieger

    No. The problem is her and her supporters think they are above Walt and company and totally innocent. Everyone on the show is more or less a horrible person, save maybe Hank and the kids. Everyone else is totally selfish, destructive, and Walt AND Skylar are probably the worst. As both are constantly having petty little fights surrounded by bigger things, just because both have to be the "winner".

    I hate this, she is a woman therefore you can't hate her bull shit. I don't like her because she is a bad person. Same reason I don't like Walt. Same reason I didn't like Jesse and one of the main reasons I still don't like him. For some reason everyone has forgotten everything he did before Gus decided to build him up. Sometimes I may root for Walt and I wouldn't say admire, but often times Walt is upfront about who he is and what he wants. Which if anything is at least honest.

  • Artemis

    This, right here, is exactly what I mean. No one is saying that she is "totally innocent" or that you can't dislike characters that happen to be female. But I seriously fail to understand how anyone can think that Skylar is as bad as Walt, Gus, Jesse, Mike, or countless other characters on the show, and that's exactly the kind of vitriol that is way out of proportion to Skylar's actions. Has she murdered someone? No -- and aside from the Ted thing, which was a complete accident, she's never even physically hurt someone or tried to do so. That right there puts her ahead of all four of the men I just listed.

    The most serious wrong she's done is being complicit in Walt's criminal empire by laundering his money and not turning him in. But she did so against the backdrop of him having become an abusive husband and a major criminal player who she is obviously afraid of -- and knowing that exposing him would mean destroying her children's lives as well. That doesn't make her a good character, but I can't even comprehend how you think it puts her on the same level as someone who poisons a child, or authorizes a hit on a DEA agent, or kills people for a living. Gus slit someone's throat with a box cutter, but Skylar has "petty little fights"? Gee, she sounds like the worst. Good point.

  • Steph

    I think the hatred is generally a reaction to her personality rather than her actions. It doesn't matter that Walt, Jesse, Gus, etc. are guilty of serious crimes, this is fiction and they're compelling, charismatic characters so we enjoy watching them. I don't hate Skyler but her passive aggressive attitude can be off putting at times and I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.

  • googergieger

    Well I won't go Godwin's Law here, but she hasn't done anything to stop the murder and drugs either, has she? In fact she's enabled. I mean she know's Walt has killed. She knows he makes drugs. Essentially a king pin for most of last season. Yet what does she do? She says she is scared for herself and the kids, yet does nothing about it? Well she knows she'll get in trouble for one. Not to mention her and Walt have weird pride and rules when it comes to who wins and losses in that relationship. Notice how broken and scared she is with Marie but the second Marie lets it drop Walt told her about the affair she is pissed all of a sudden and not one ounce of fear is left. Heck scared?! She threatens Walt every time he shoots down her threats and then basically says, she is waiting for him to die! That is fear?! Come on already. Just because she says she is scared doesn't mean she is. Especially when her behavior shows she is anything but scared! Mother is scared for her kids? She protects them no matter what. That is one thing that should be cut and dry. Black and white. Easy. See people that watch and live in as black and white a universe as possible might look at Walt and Skylar and go, "One is a killer and a king pin and the other is a scared wife". But it is not that simple. I don't want to sound insulting here, but you are watching the show in as superficial a way as possible.

  • Artemis

    I'm pretty comfortable with how I'm watching and interpreting the show, thanks.

    I'd encourage you to check out some domestic violence resources. The idea that a woman can't really be scared of her husband because she didn't leave him (or because at one of her most helpless-feeling and desperate times, after he literally backed her into a corner, she blurted out that she was waiting for him to die), is just... not remotely accurate.

    It's obvious at this point that Skylar couldn't leave Walt if she tried. She already kicked Walt out of the house, and he forced his way back in. She resorted to trying to drown herself in front of Hank and Marie to get the kids out of the house, but Walt tells her that if she tries to keep them away with more stunts like that he'll have her committed. She threatens to turn him in, and he says he'll have her arrested for tax evasion. And all the while, he keeps reminding her that he's dangerous, that he kills people. She calls herself his hostage, and it's pretty clear that's how she feels.

    Absolutely, she's enabled him. But it's not like she went into this with all the same choices Walt had. By the time she found out what was going on, turning him in would have meant losing everything they had and his children seeing their father for exactly what he was as he died in prison. So yes, at one point she had a choice, but it was one that would have left her destitute and her children devastated. And by this past season even that option was closed to her. She knows Walt would kill her before he would let her leave with the kids. She knows if she brought Walt down, he would take her with him and leave their children with no parents.

    Skylar's whole character arc has been about becoming powerless and trapped. It's a neat mirror to Walt, who has had the same thing happen -- except that his noose is less obvious and much more of his own making.

  • googergieger

    And you could do with learning the difference between what someone does and what someone is.

    Walt called her bluff. He didn't really back her into a corner. There is a difference. Walt forced his way back in? Again there is a difference between calling a bluff and what you are saying.

    She pulled a stunt and Walt did what Walt does. Use his scary logic against her. For the first time actually. He used to give in right away. He poked holes into her threats. Walt has never once said he is a danger to her and the kids. Heck when asked if she is scared Walt will hurt her or the kids(when he "forced" his way back into the house) she immediately says he won't/wouldn't. You are really painting things completely different than what the show has shown us. This is the back and forth between them.

    Quit or else. Or else what. I'll do it again. I'll have you committed. I'll say you beat me. And make your son believe I beat you? Go to the cops? Get Ted and yourself involved? I'll wait for the cancer.

    Then after that what happens?! She openly smokes in front of him all the time. After she has had a chance to cool down none the less!

    Really now?! Where did you pull that one out of? What would make her or anyone think Walt would kill her? I mean we the audience have seen Walt turn into someone that doesn't have problem killing. Though he did show remorse with Mike. Still, what would make her the character believe Walt would kill her? If she is afraid for her own life and that of the kids, it isn't like Hank and Marie wouldn't take care of the kids in a second. It isn't like her and the kids would be dead broke with nothing to look forward to. Most of the money was for Walt's cancer.

    Seriously, where are you getting these things? When she acts totally contradictory to what she and others say about her. When Walt has not once done anything in front of her to ever show he'd hurt her or the kids. Once he forced himself on her but it was before she knew about the drugs and when she believed he was just over emotional because of the cancer. Which he was among other things. The one time she was scared was when someone else threatened Walt and the family. Again Marie mentions Ted and she stops crying right there. Passive aggressives it right up in front of Jesse and Walt.

    Walt and Skylar are both petty people. They both settled for each other and believed it was love. He used to be rather obedient. She used to call the shots. Even the chemo wasn't what he wanted to do. Ever since he got involved in the drug world, he's becoming the man he thought he was. So not only does he believe he is better than everyone, now he thinks it's fact. Meanwhile she still wants to be the boss in the marriage. In that relationship. Hence waiting for the cancer to come back. She waits him out. She wins. Same reason she had to handle the Ted thing on her own. Same reason she had to launder the money for Walt. Same reason she had to cheat with Ted and let Walt know about it. Same reason she never outright just asked Walt what was up with everything and to let her know or else she is leaving him. Which way back when, when left with that ultimatum. Probably would have confessed everything on the spot.

    Again, one might be a killer and the other might be an adulterer, but both do what they do the for the same reason. They are bad people. One might do worse things while the other just does bad things, but again. Both are bad people.

  • googergieger

    Oh and that is not what you mean. You said people hate her because she is whiny and gets in the way. I have no problem with that. I have a problem with her and "fans" of the show thinking she is scared because she says it and yet threatens Walt and says I'm waiting for you to die. She says she is scared and yet goes from crying and breaking down in front of her sister, to ready to confront and curse out Walt when Marie lets it drop she was told about the affair. She goes from martyr protecting her kids from evil Walt, to why doesn't she go to the cops? Why did she not talk to Walt about the Ted problem? Why is Walt saying he is going to stop making drugs better than him making drugs, when either way him "retiring" shouldn't be that simple? He is in that world. People know him. Is he and the family ever going to be safe? No him saying he is done is what is going to make it all okay? Dog won't hunt, mon senior.

  • Candee

    This is essentially what I have always thought of her. I never totally understood the disdain for her...

  • JJ

    I'm not being facetious when I say that I'd love to know your take on Betty Francis (formerly Draper). The two seem to share much situation and plot-wise.

  • Arran

    For the most part, I find Skylar to be a fairly sensible person. Her reactions to what Walt has done have been the reactions that many reasonable people would have. I understand that many people might see her as some kind of killjoy, but try and remember that WALT IS AN AWFUL PERSON.

    A comparison that comes to mind is Winona in Justified, who also played the killjoy for our protagonist. Difference being there that Raylan is ultimately on the side of good, and we SHOULD want him to ultimately succeed in doing what he does. Many of Winona's reactions are also pretty reasonable if you think of the characters as real people (forgetting the stupid money-stealing subplot), but in the context of a more fun show where the lead character is actually a good guy, she just seemed to get in the way. She felt like an unnecessary impediment, whereas Skylar feels like a necessary one.

  • katy

    In your Mad Men article, the still picture in Lane's office of the coat and hat "hanging" on the rack seriously creeped me out. Like a good horror movie still. What a truly gruesome story line.

  • BWeaves

    Yes, I had the same thought when I viewed that photo!

  • Mrs. Julien

    Adam Scott can't do another credits sequence with Jon Hamm because, as we all know, Hamm died during filming. I hope the same fate does not befall Amy Poehler.

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