Would You Give Up Meat For A Crack At One Of These Delectable Hollywood Vegans?

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Would You Give Up Meat For A Crack At One Of These Delectable Hollywood Vegans?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 3, 2012 | Comments ()


We're going to start today's link round-up with some of the most impressive pop-culture posters I've seen in awhile. They're a) totally affordable b) on a 2 for 1 sale and c) gorgeous. Cheers, Katsings, I'm currently deciding on which will be my fourth. WHAT? They're on sale! (Etsy)

Speaking of gorgeous, colorful things, check out these lush snaps from the 2012 Holi Festival of Colors. (Colossal)

These intricate, nerdy cakes would be a lot more appealing if fondant didn't taste like gushy cotton. Still they're purty to look at. Particularly the dino one. (The Mary Sue)

io9 has compiled some of the greatest unintentionally hilarious lines from sci-fi/fantasty. #8? That's my all-time favorite. All hail Mark Hamill's delivery. (io9)

In a follow-up to Dustin's fabulous Think Piece on why it's wrong to bully Chick-Fil-A employees because of their employer's beliefs, here's news that a particular store will be sponsoring Nashua's Gay Pride Festival. Individual CFAs, being franchises, can make up their own damn mind. Ain't that nice? (Boing Boing)

If we're going to celebrate any brand of fried chicken, oughtn't it be Los Pollos Hermanos? (Hobo Trashcan)

While we're on the subject of food, I have to ask: If I partake not of the meat, nor the breastmilk, nor the ovum, of any creature with a face, will that make me better than you? It seems to be working for these peeps. (Socialite Life)

Is this old news? That Ghostbusters III is officially proceeding without Bill Murray? In his statement Dan Aykroyd declares "It's time to make the third one." Is it, Dan? IS IT? (Nerd Approved)

These Tequila-based popsicles are not only tastiest-looking way to endure a heat wave, but they also remind me of my favorite scene from "Black Books." Riddle me this, though. Wouldn't the alcohol have trouble freezing? Or am I forgetting my science again? (Stylist)

Speaking of intoxicating science, an intriguing paper has been released detailing the myriad, concret scientific breakthroughs that were achieved in the 60s because of LSD. You "Fringe" fans already knew that, didn't you? (Boing Boing)

The BFI's publication "Sight and Sound" has released their annual "50 Greatest Films List." This list (just one in an ocean of lists we see daily) is significant for two reasons. 1) The caliber of voters (filmmakers and critics alike) and 2) the fact that Citizen Kane was ousted from its #1 spot for the first time in the list's history. Find out which flick took its place. SAN FRANCISCO, BABY! (BFI)

Leaving the highbrow for a minute, Vulture runs through the advantages and disadvantages of a few of pop-culture's most famous appendages including Count Rugan's 6th finger and (topically) that third breast from Total Recall. (Vulture)

Rumor has it TPTB have already selected next year's Oscar host. I'm for it! (CB)

Now, I like a few more Shyamalan movies than most. Signs for one. (Cracked-out but compellingSigns theory here.) But even I have to admit that his involvement in any project at this point is a recipe for disaster. This time he's taking on TV and dragging "Buffy"'s Marti Noxon down with him. (WG)

Finally, in the funniest thing he's done in years, Will Ferrell goes full Twi-hard over the break-up of K-Stew and R. Patz. It's a delight.

'Total Recall' Review: It's Just Like the Original, Except That It's No Damn Good | Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Review: Lies, Damn Lies

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  • alwaysanswerb

    Nitpick time -- Knightley is just the first picture in the next slideshow about British movie stars. She's not a part of the vegan collective.

  • Lbeees

    Will Ferrell looks like a tomato.

  • AlabasterSalamander

    Times I've spontaneously mocked or criticized someone for eating meat: 0
    Times I've been mocked or criticized for being a vegetarian: well, about how many weeks have I been alive? That many, roughly.
    Now, tell me again, per capita, who are the smug condescending assholes in this population?

  • chanohack

    Same here! I don't say a word about my friends and family eating meat-- I don't give a shit! But many of them are like OFFENDED that I don't eat it, and proceed to tell me how stupid/wrong I am. It's practically religious with some people. CHILL.

  • Jezzer


  • AlabasterSalamander

    Missing the point.

  • Jezzer


  • Quatermain

    To answer your header's question, I'm going to throw in with the 'No' people. I can find a chick that's just as good looking and still be able to enjoy a porterhouse or some ribs. And if I play my cards right(and promise to do the dishes afterwards) I might even get her to cook it for me, too.

  • googergieger

    I wouldn't give up meat for a kidney.

  • Jezzer

    I just upvoted googer. GOOGER.


  • ,

    If she doesn't eat meat and swallow cream, we're going to have a problem.

  • Rocabarra

    Thank you for the Etsy link! Those are all sorts of awesome, and I immediately ordered a Ravenclaw poster along with the ones for Houses Stark, Targaryen and Lannister. I'm super duper excited to get them now!

  • Green Lantern

    I on the other hand "boo" that Etsy link...like I need MORE things to spend money on. Phooey!

    (but they *are* cool)

  • BarbadoSlim

    I still can't figure out how Hayden Pantyhose ever fit that huge russian douche inside her box. Right? You all know? You know. And I've yet to have anyone prove to me that Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom aren't the same dude.

  • Jenne Frisby

    As bizarre as that pairing was (extremely), I feel the need to stand up for Wladimir who is, along with his brother Vitali, otherwise extremely awesome in a myriad of ways.

  • BarbadoSlim

    Oh don't misunderstand, I just called him a douche in the general sense. I was really saying the guy must be HUUUGE.

    Not as big as me though.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    So can you still have booze if you are vegan?

  • Puddin

    Yes, you just can't have chunks of steak floating in it.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Okay then I think I could do it! But I would still miss bacon... And brisket tacos.

  • poon

    "Would You Give Up Meat For A Crack At One Of These Delectable Hollywood Vegans?" After seeing the list contains russell brand and jenny mccarthy the answer is no.

  • Jezzer

    With Jenny McCarthy, you could also give up vaccinations and "not dying from childhood diseases."

  • no one


  • special snowflake

    Absolute Proof that a provocative article headline, coupled with the opportunity to instantaneously respond without having read another word or even perusing the accompanying pictures that flew rapidly by my mind's eye in the panic rush to scroll to this here place to express an opinion that no one else could or should give a s**t about:
    No, Joanna and the rest of earth's population - I would not give up meat. Not voluntarily. Not for a "crack" at any female vegan, no matter how desirable, or for literal 'Crack', as in the actual, real drug, in unlimited amounts that I could sell for millions while shriveling to a crack-indulged walking skeleton and having crack whores at my feet and my lustful wants at any moment of my choosing.
    No give up meat. No give up meat. No, NO give up meat.

  • Pookie

    It could be worse, she could be a vegan, and celibate.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    The comments on the vegan gallery don't all make sense, but vegans usually give up white sugar, because it's processed using bone char.

    As for the oral sex...I suppose if you were going vegan to avoid eating animal products, you might not swallow. But if you're going vegan from an ethical standpoint, and the person whose spunk you're swallowing consents (and I'm guessing he does) then I don't see the conflict.

    Eggs, milk, honey, etc are harvested without the consent of animals - taking their labor away from them, and that's the case against them. Ditto silk - it goes that deep.

    Not a vegan, but know a few.

    Sidebar: can I mention how fucking tired I am of hearing about Chick-fil-a? I'm pro gay marriage, and I don't like its president's statements, which are stupid and pretty hateful, but he is not the entire company, and pretty much every company does something I detest.

  • Siege

    Dear Dan Ackroyd: No, it isn't. Just because *you're* getting low on money and opportunity doesn't mean you need to reanimate the corpse of the Ghostbusters franchise. Didn't you ever see 'Pet Sematary'? Sometimes dead *is* better.

  • Kenny G.

    Dear Dan Ackroyd...Did you ever see BLUES BROTHERS 2000? Oh wait, you were in that. There...my point is made!

  • the new transported man

    I enjoy a veggie & vegan diet. And really, if you don't, go fuck yourself.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Sorry, one more snarky comment - could it be that Kristen Bell's switch to veganism is the reason none of her recent roles have had any meat to them?
    /collective groan
    Welp, back to my daydreams about delicious Schwartz's...

  • Bert_McGurt

    Half of the captions in the vegan link make no bloody sense. So Alanis switched to veganism, and lost 20 pounds by giving up grains, rice, and salt? And Alec Baldwin went vegan, and then lost weight by giving up sugar?

    Those are all things vegans can STILL EAT.

    And listen, Carrie Underwood. Just because you want to call yourself "95% vegan" doesn't make a goddamn difference. The rest of the world has a term for that - it's "still just a vegetarian".

    Not to mention that, unless they're talking about how dairy or egg farms treat their animals (which is a different, ahem, animal altogether), I don't see how being milked or laying eggs inherently qualifies as "animal cruelty".

  • Snath

    PETA has now started a new offshoot, PETABA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals By Animals. They've started protests at bird nests, wolf dens, spawning grounds, and anywhere that animals are giving birth, feeding their young, or fertalizing eggs. It's pure cruelty, and these tiny offenders need to be stopped.

  • tamatha_uhmelmahaye

    Mmm. Boozy popsicles. I had some leftover punch after Memorial Day and came up with the brilliant idea to freeze it into popsicles. They were damn tasty. And as fracas pointed out, you need the right mixture of alcohol to non-alcohol.

  • Personally, I just like a woman that eats meat.
    Oh, and also, the writer/compiler of that gallery seems to be a bit confused. Alannis became vegan when she gave up grains, salt, and sugar? Umm....none of those are animal products.

  • Shonda aka fpkillkill

    I was in Portland, OR, last year and went to a vegan nudie bar because how could you not? Vegan. Totally nude. Bar. These are words you don't normally see together.

    Anywho, during the course of the experience, I started to wonder about veganism and sex because how could you not? My question is: Wouldn't, and please pardon me because I'm going to talk about some adult things, giving and receiving oral sex be NOT vegan if you are not using a prophylactic? And kissing too, for that matter? If breast milk would count as non-vegan...

    Also, as much as I appreciate the Nashua CFA for sponsoring the gay pride festival, don't franchisees still have to pay a fee/fees to corporate for their license and therefore are still helping to support asshattery?

  • pumpkin

    Some people don't eat animal products like honey and eggs because they aren't comfortable with the "exploitation" aspect of it. I'm a vegetarian, not vegan, who eats those things, so I don't fall into that category. My children are vegetarian from birth and I breast fed them. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have vegan children because it's very difficult to give them all the nutrients they need on a non-dairy diet. Regardless, I would question anyone who would keep a vegan baby away from breast milk.

    My husband is vegan. We kiss all the time and our dietary choices do not affect our sex life.

    I've never been to Portland, but I understand they have an excellent vegan pizza place.

  • Jezzer

    Someone needs to be slapped for using "excellent," "vegan," and "pizza" in the same sentence.

  • Casa Diablo is the venue, and yes, how can you no go if you are there?

  • bleujayone

    "Would You Give Up Meat For A Crack At One Of These Delectable Hollywood Vegans?"

    -Nope. I'm perfectly happy with the love of my life who is VERY glad to eat bacon in all it's forms, be on a first name basis with our local butcher and has helped plan weekend roadtrips centered around BBQ ribfests.

    I really did hit the spousal lottery with this one.

  • Kiddo

    Hooray for my home town of Nashua, NH!

  • Jezzer

    "Would You Give Up Meat For A Crack At One Of These Delectable Hollywood Vegans?"

    Let's see. Delicious bacon, or the chance to be lectured and smugged at with every meal? Hmmmmm...

    Gosh, that's tough.

  • Scully

    Smug you say, hmm?

  • Jezzer

    Yes. And defensive.

  • Three_nineteen

    And speaking of Fringe, has anyone checked out the Google Doodle today? Do Observers like shotput or something?

  • Snath

    I was wondering the same thing! British Cold War secret agents like large men in tiny shorts.

  • Three_nineteen

    A life without cheese is not a life worth living.

  • Wicked

    I agree. I can actually live without meat, but dairy, cheese and eggs? NEVER.

  • Wicked

    Its very easy for these stars to switch to vegan but the reality is that going vegan is expensive. Organic produce is more expensive and highly perishable, that's reality. In today's society the working mother/father or young adult who work 50-70 hours a week doesn't have enough choices to go completely vegan. I'm not saying its not good for them, hey if it makes them happy...good, but at the end of the day you need your protein and your b-vitamins and a lettuce is not going to give you that... then you have to ingest chemically enhanced vitamins to sustain what your body needs. Tofu is not so great either. Funny thing is lots of these vegan foods are masked to look like meat eating recipes, like tofu-dog, or vegan-burger. Eating fish or meat from small local farms is your best bet to get a healthy dose of protein.

  • chanohack

    Actually, no... at first I was afraid I'd only be eating veggie burgers and tofurky dogs, but in reality, I almost never do. I think that's the way a meat-eating person thinks about a non-meat diet, that it's a lot of pretend meat, but I only eat veggie burgers when I go out to a burger place with friends and there's not an option I want more. And I only buy a few things organic. As for tofu, I only eat it when my boyfriend wants it, in soup or whatever. He's mad for tofu. Weirdo.

  • space_oddity

    Being vegan (or vegetarian) doesn't mean you have to eat only organic foods.

  • John G.

    In truth, you need very very little protein after you're fully grown. Even the government's compromise between food lobbyists and health science, the stupid "plate" model, had to admit that we need little protein and no milk. The meat industry lobbyists used to claim we needed something absurd, like 50 grams per day, and these ridiculous arguments against veganism and vegetarianism used to go unchallenged.

    Those GM soy fake meats are not healthy, and every vegan I know understands that. They are more like a treat. A healthy vegan eats vegetables and grains and fruit, mostly vegetables, which are still relatively cheap, even when organic and locally grown. If you become a vegan for health reasons, and you just substitute your unhealthy meaty pre-packaged food for unhealthy vegan pre-packaged food, then you're doing it wrong.

    Full disclosure, I'm not a vegan. I'm not even vegetarian. It's just that I don't pretend I'm making the healthy choice.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    What exactly do you eat if you are vegan? I mean I know what they don't eat... wth DO they eat? I am just curious, I would total do it if I didn't like bacon so much.

    Wait... so does that also mean they don't swallow??? I mean wouldn't that be counterproductive in their whole vegan lifestyle?

  • Shonda aka fpkillkill

    Oh, sorry there, I didn't see your last question when I posted mine.

  • John G.

    vegetables, fruit and grains are what vegans eat.

  • Jezzer

    But really, they live off of smug condescension.

  • pumpkin

    Meh, my husband is vegan and he doesn't talk about it to anyone unless absolutely necessary. He'd rather not draw attention to himself, especially when it comes to food. Of course, he's not a celebrity (who by definitions, love to be the center of attention and have their ego stroked).

  • Jezzer

    There are different types of vegans, though. In my experience, people who become vegan for personal health are a lot less likely to be assholes about it. Unfortunately, when a lot people think of vegans, they think about the woman who tries to get office functions canceled because HR won't go full vegan on the menu.

  • pumpkin

    Well, that woman is an asshole and not because she's vegan. I would also guess that within two years, she was no long vegan, but on to some other dietary whim and loudly proclaiming why veganism is WRONG. :)

  • John G.

    This has been my experience also. Vegans usually go out of the way to avoid the subject, but when asked will explain that they are vegan. Sometimes they have to out themselves by asking what is in a prepared dish, and at this point, it's usually the non-vegan who gets defensive and accusatory.

  • Scully

    Thank you John. In my experience, and as evidenced in this comments section, the hostility, for the most part, comes form those who are meat eaters. Are there annoying, vocal and smug vegans and vegetarians? Oh, absolutely. But I find that they are the minority when it comes to food discussions. Most vegans and vegetarians actually go out of their way to not discuss their diet, unless asked, and to provide their own meals at social gatherings. But, of course, you're only going to remember the one loud asshole vegan. Still. Meat eating assholes far outweigh the vegan assholes.

    As a vegetarian, I wish I could apologize for those other asshole vegetarians/vegans. They give me a bad reputation. But I can't. So why don't you enjoy your bacon and let me enjoy my kale, and we can both just shut the fuck up about it? Deal?

  • TheOriginalMRod

    I was just joking, my little sister is a vegetarian and I have several friends who are as well. And I have thought about it because preparing raw meat actually grosses me out quite a bit, so I can totally understand.

  • Scully

    No worries! Your comment actually made me laugh. I must admit, I never considered your, em, issue.

  • TheOtherGreg

    So, I live in a universe where Russell Brand is 'hot'?

  • fracas

    Alcohol freezes (and evaporates) at a lower temperature than water, so it won't freeze in your freezer. But that's pure alcohol. A mixture of water and alcohol will freeze in the freezer if there isn't too much alcohol. This is why you can keep vodka in the freezer, but not beer. The ratios have to be right. So follow the popsicle recipes closely, at least for the quantity and proof of the alcohol you put in.

    (Maybe if Kirsten Bell ate meat in her formative years she wouldn't be so little. Maybe.)

  • fracas

    This is also why, when you cook with alcohol, the food doesn't keep the alcohol in it. The alcohol is the first thing to evaporate because it does so at a lower temperature.

  • NateMan

    True, but a bit off; not all the alcohol evaporates. Not much stays in, but it never all goes away. Meaning that kiddies, alcoholics, and people with dietary restrictions, should stay away from even reductions.

  • Snath

    Keira Knightley needs a rare steak. Smothered in bacon and bleu cheese.

  • Scully

    Done and done, call me Olivia!

  • ,



    Now what?*

    *--This is why commas are vitally, crucially, exTREMEly important.

  • NateMan

    To answer the headline question: Not a chance in hell. Also, how is Jessica Chastain on that list? She looks like a particularly unhealthy ghost.

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