Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence and Loathe Anne Hathaway
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Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence and Loathe Anne Hathaway

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | February 27, 2013 | Comments ()


Will there ever be a Jennifer Lawrence backlash? (No). Will we ever tire of her? (No) Is she the most refreshing thing in Hollywood at the moment? (Yes). Is she perfect? (Yes) But why do we love Jennifer Lawrence? (Popwatch)

Meanwhile, why doesn't anyone like the supremely talented Anne Hathaway (except for myself, apparently. Salon writes a very astute piece on our collective disdain for Ms. Hathaway and surmises that, perhaps like Paltorw, it's all in the angles of her face. (Salon)

You like TV Theme songs? I ranked the 12 best theme songs written or performed by the creator or star of the television show in question. Too esoteric? But you're damn straight the "Felicity" theme made the list (the Abrams one, not the Amy Jo Johnson one). (WG)

The "Game of Thrones" marketing department is KILLING it, turning both their building and the New York Times into a advertising vessel. (Uproxx)

There is no reason on Earth to be happy about this, but Honey Boo Boo is suddenly a huge hit overseas, which basically means that Europeans and South Americans have something else with which to mock America. (NYPost)

Quick shout out to our friend Laremy Legal, who has written a book -- Film Critic: A Decade Behind the Scenes of the Movie Industry -- about his experience as a movie critic and pop-culture writer, including a scurrilous chapter about Pajiba. (We are not referred to by name, so if you pick up the book, you'll just have to figure it out). My copy arrives today, but you can also get it on Kindle. (Amazon)

I'd be remiss, too, if I didn't plug fellow Station Agent's picture post of his tour of Albuquerque and all things "Breaking Bad." It's just great. (WG)

If you're hoping that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will wash the MacFarlane out of our mouth in next year's Oscar telecast, one the web's best movie writers, Mike Ryan, asked Tina Fey about that. (HuffPo)

Hey, y'all: Our own Dan Carlson's lovely wife, who is an amazing photographer, has put together an IndieGoGo campaign to support a very cool desert road trip for a photo series. Check it out, and kick in a buck or three in support of great art. (IndieGoGo)

You may not have realized it, but Quentin Tarantino showed up to the Oscars with a new girlfriend, who made that slouchy looking suit look every slouchier. (Zimbio)

After a six month hiatus, one of the best podcasts on the planet -- Stephen Tobolowsky and Dave Chen's "The Tobolowsky Files" -- returns this week. If you haven't yet, do check it out. (Slashfilm)

I'm not sure exactly what the deal is with Megan Fox and Michael Bay's reconciliation, but it apparently involved groveling. (Celebitchy)

There's a lot of debate this week on the merits of working from home, and as someone who has worked from home for the last decade, it's great if you don't have kids. If you do have kids, it's kind of the worst because you will be put in charge of all the domestic duties, as well as your day job. Despite juggling household errands in addition to regular work, people will automatically assume you're lazy, you sleep in, and you lounge around in pajamas because you work from home. Slate also weighs in. (Slate)

I don't know how many of you are nerdy about fat science, but here's the lowdown on the current state of fat. (Weighty Matters)

For those of you who keep seeing Vine vids in your Twitter and Facebook feeds and wonder what the hell it is, here's your answer. (Persephone)

The Ups and Downs of "Downton Abbey" explores are love/hate relationship with the show. (Unreality)

All your dreams HAVE come true: Check out the "Parks and Rec" wedding board on Pinterest and awwww your little hearts out. (Pinterest)

Speaking of awwwwing, our own Courtney Enlow -- who spoke adoringly of great rom-coms yesterday -- is celebrating a birthday. In her honor, please direct all your annoyances toward Lea Michele and Taylor Swift today. It was probably Swift who junk'd Harry Styles with a shoe last night. So bitter. (Vulture)

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Rabble rabble rabble; J-Law love versus A-Hat hate. Why are we ignoring the real issue which is that Dustin spent ten years being Laremy Legel's film critic nemesis? Bad mouthing him to Spike Lee and the whole Coppola family was a douche move.

  • Cece

    How DARE you! The Amy Jo Johnson theme to "Felicity" is the best, non-descript, mostly mumbling theme ever written! Plus it makes a great ringtone for a college roommate.

  • apsutter

    Hope Anne enjoys it because I predict she'll be the next Hillary Swank.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Happy birthday yesterday Courtney!

  • Janey

    The only reason I find Anne Hatathway intensely annoying is the acceptance speeches. Each one a carefully choreographed collection of of breathlessness and shock of trying desperately to come across off the cuff as though each word, comma, blink, pause and emotion has not been practiced for hours on end in front of her bathroom mirror or in front of her husband (poor bastard) If she would just accept the award and not feel like everything has to be an overly dramatic performance. Its not cool to hate anyone but its a normal human response to feel uneasy when someone is making you feel very uncomfortable because they are trying to sell you fake practiced emotion in the real world. Maybe she still thinks shes in a movie.

  • ,

    "you lounge around in pajamas because you work from home"

    Actually, Mrs. , works from home, and she works bare-ass more often than not. Take THAT.

    Also, I don't much like looking at Anne Hathaway because I don't think the pixie haircut fits the face.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t know either actress, but they both look great on the screen, and have done fine acting jobs in the movies I’ve seen them in. I’ve been finding myself to be so busy with school and work at DISH that I haven’t seen either of their new films. I’m definitely going to watch both, Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook, because both women must be great if they were both recognized by the academy. I’ve added both films to my Blockbuster @Home queue that I have through DISH since they deliver the movies I choose straight to my mailbox. Despite my busy life, I’ll still get to enjoy the likes of both Hathaway and Lawrence!

  • John W

    Man I miss MST3K. LaLaLa.

  • John W

    So that's what pinterest is all about.

  • Lyn

    People are as over-invested in the Lawrence love as they are in the Hathaway hate. So when Lawrence finally does something her fans don't find completely unaffected and adorable, the backlash will be epic. I predict it will hit around the third Hunger Games movie.

  • Slash

    Don't you people know by now that the internet LOVES to hate? People can't wait to share how much they want somebody to die in a fire, just because. Basically, the internet is a bitchy teenager that hates everything and you wish it would just stay in its room and keep its whiny opinions to itself.

    And I hate lots of shit, too, but I usually don't go on about it (usually). But hate for celebrities who aren't Donald Trump is wasted energy. I don't even hate the Kardashians all that much. They're not worth the effort.

    Now, I could go on for awhile about my hate for cilantro. I won't. But I could. Because cilantro is shit.

  • melissa82

    You take that back! Cilantro is fantastic.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    People, people, please - it's all in how your tastebuds are wired. Let us not veer into herbal enmity.

  • Tinkerville

    Why is no one talking about the most important news here, which is that Quentin Tarantino's girlfriend's last name is Spiderbaby! Spiderbaby. Her last name is Spiderbaby.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Only her last name? For some reason i thought that was her only name. I'm not sure which is better.

  • Bandit

    There are a number of actors I've disliked from day one. Anne
    Hathaway is one of those. There's no reason or rhyme to my dislike; they
    just rub me up the wrong way. I never liked Hathaway right off the bat.
    I can distinctly remember watching 'Brokeback Mountain' and becoming
    increasingly annoyed at her presence. I'm fully aware of how stupid that
    sounds, but I can't help it. Although, I wouldn't say I hate her, just that I'd prefer not to watch her.

    Jennifer Lawrence, however, is the stuff of wondrous, fluffy dreams.

  • A. Smith

    I loathed Hathaway's Agent 99, but that's about it. I don't get the Internet's beef with her.

  • OK, and just one last thing (apparently I have a lot of feelings about this):

    I'd much rather have someone show enthusiasm and that they really want something than, to have someone go up there looking like they don't give a shit. I'll take enthusiasm over apathy any goddamn day.

  • chanohack

    Do you even go to this school? No, I just have a lot of feelings. :)

  • dizzylucy

    I think both women are very talented actresses, and both turned in great performances in the respective films. The difference, for me at least, is that Anne seemed to take it SO deathly seriously, and it came off as desperate and strangely fake and pretentious whenever she'd accept an award. Jennifer, and the other nominees, seemed to just be honored and enjoy themselves.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Does it strike anyone else as unfair that Anne Hathaway is being seen as obnoxious in her ubiquity when she might not seem so were we not the kind of people who spend our lives buried in the minutia of popular culture?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I have been thinking "she's only ubiquitous if you watch every interview and awards show and read pop culture blogs/pages."

    also, people seem not to get that "humility" and "wanting an award" do go hand in hand - she's been WANTING it, but she's not be convinced that she DESERVED it. I think that's pretty common. That's also why it mattered so much to her - she needed the validation, however bizarre it seems to the hoi polloi.

  • $27019454

    I only read this blog. I look at CNN.com and Realclearpolitics. Other than that I don't watch TV and I surf the net for work-related stuff at work during the day and I STILL HATE her and want her to take her huge bobble head and go away. She's not ubiquitous to me. She's just annnoyyyinnnnggg.

  • chanohack

    Maybe that's what is unconsciously annoying to people? That she needed the validation?

  • I still love Anne Hathaway. I think the backlash was stupid, but in a sense even I got a little tired of her. But she deserved the hell out of every award she got this season, and whoever disagrees is wrong, and possibly a fucking idiot who's got a grudge for no goddamn reason.

    As to no backlash against JLaw? Yes, there will be. Because people are fucking fickle, and though everyone's forgotten, everyone loved the shit out of Anne Hathaway up until Les Mis came out. So there will always be backlash against anyone who's loved that much. And Jennifer Lawrence is a darling right now, but let her do one wrong damn thing and the world will turn against her-- because people are fucking dumb and fickle. And a lot of people here on Pajiba are no exception.

    It's bullshit, but it'll happen. People hate to see people show that they like their success.

  • $27019454

    Wait! I hate Hathaway but I always did. I always always did way way back before she played Jane Austen (I hate typing that) and ...you know what? I just hate her and I always have and there are lots of people in this world who think I am not even possibly a fucking idiot of jealous or anything. I just hate. I do. I never loved her. I have many redeeming qualities. But I hate Anne Hathawy and her jazz hands. I'm allowed. There is no law against this. Other people here have huge hatreds and they are allowed.

    I will allow that it might have something just a little something to do with her adenoidal Jan Brady voice.

    Nope. I pretty much hate the whole Hathaway. Always have. Always will. But I respect the right for each of us to have his or her own hatreds.

  • JJ

    My issue is more with everyone claiming "hatreds". Do you really loathe her? You abhor her? Detest? For me, it's the usage of language dripping with venom (for anyone, let alone you in this instance) to convey what is likely feelings of "Anne Hathaway irks me in that 'drama kid that has to be universally liked' kinda way."

    Or I may be wrong, and when you dislike something (which you are free to do, obviously) you absolutely hate with the fire of a thousand supernova suns because that's how your internet opinions make you feel. Either way.

  • $27019454

    Well, obviously, no one here can be accused of being laid back or understated. I don't actually hate anyone in the real world, not even former bosses or , well, anyone. Too much energy, man. So, yeah. I speak hyberbole. So what? So does everyone here. It's practically a defining characteristic here at Pajiba.

    But I do loathe Hathaway/Liza Minelli with the white hot heat of a thousand suns. But a couple of bong loads later I could not give a fat rats ass. Sue me.

  • JJ

    Because that's exactly my point. I'm not meaning to pick on you specifically, but all of this "hatred" is internet-based and people think it actually translates to the real world whereas more likely it's this brand of reductio ad everyone's doing it.

  • Mel C.

    I definitely don't think people generally loved the shit out of Anne Hathaway before Les Mis. There's been internet hatred bubbling up for quite some time.

  • Lee

    NOBODY is saying she didn't deserve the award. The dislike has nothing to do with that. It's her personality that rubs people up the wrong way, and only that. Why do you assume that Lawrence will cop the same? Did Meryl Streep become hated, or Cate Blanchette, or Kate Winslet? If someone is down-to-earth and genuinely humble, the audience can perceive that. Anne is her own worst enemy with her theatre kid, desperate, faux humility act. People are sick of her. I think people will like her more if she disappears for a while.

  • apsutter

    Yes, I have absolutely no time for someone who exhibits as much faux humility as she does. Plus I don't like grown women who act like breathy little girls(Taylor Swift, anyone?)

  • Mel C.

    YOU NAILED IT. It's a classic case of "theatre kid" vs "actress" - there is a huge difference.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    'But she deserved the hell out of every award she got this season,
    and whoever disagrees is wrong, and possibly a fucking idiot who's got a
    grudge for no goddamn reason.'

    I don't hate female ambition but I can't go there with you. I'm only going to say (as a person who didn't see the film so is not speaking out of personally hurt feelings) that a twisted and hateful pathology doesn't have to be behind her not being someone's pick and no one needs to be called a 'fucking idiot' for any of it.

  • Lyn

    But if you didn't even see the movie (don't, she's the only good thing in it) why do you have an opinion on whether or not she deserves it?Do you think Oscars should be awarded based on acceptance speeches and Letterman interviews?

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    Not at all. I thought I was ridiculous that a conversation about Jennifer Lawrence's SNL monologue endangering her Oscar chances could even exist. Again, this was in principle because I didn't see that film, either.

    The winner is always Harvey Weinstein, the players are just dressing. I suppose to a lesser extent Georgiana Chapmans wins, too.

  • Kailan_Sunshine

    Jo 'Mamma' Besser doesn't give her opinion on whether Hathaway deserves the oscar or not, she's of the opinion that it's not cool to call people "fucking idiots" for not wanting Hathaway to win, or for thinking someone else was more deserving of the award.

  • And I think one of the main reasons we love Jennifer Lawrence is because she's basically very new to the business and her schtick (if it is, and I don't think it is, at least not most of it) is really refreshing right now.

    But mark my words: It'll get old very fast to some people. You can't stray outside the Ice Queen Movie Star image for very long before people start getting angry at you for it. The public likes its female celebrities a certain way, and they'll like you for a minute if you do something different, but they'll expect you to fit into the mold pretty quickly once that minute is done.

  • disqus_N4EigheiZo

    God forbid a woman be ambitious. She has to be humble and demure, obviously. Anne is just playing the Hollywood game the way most men are.

  • Exactly. I hate the fact that it's apparently so goddamn wrong for a woman to show that they want something.

  • Milly

    It's more the insincere image she puts across and the false modesty, rather than ambition.

  • John W

    Happy Birthday!

  • John W

    What she's saying to Jen:

    "I must break you!"

  • Sara_Tonin00

    no, they're asking each other who came up with the "I'm gonna wear my necklace backwards" thing first. (me! it was me, I tell you!)

  • Eva

    I have never liked Anne Hathaway. I saw an interview with her years and years ago where she was whining about how she was the "third girl in line" after Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannson that movie directors go to cast their female roles. If those two said no to a script first then they would finally call her. Most people would consider that an amazingly successful place to be, yet she actually seemed to be whining about it. And I personally didn't consider her to be anywhere near that level back then but she obviously thought not only that, but that she was entitled to more. That level of petulance deeply annoyed me and I haven't been able to stand her since.

    Also she always seems too self aware in her acting. Like you can see her posing and trying really hard instead of just naturally inhabiting the character. Never liked her personally, never liked her as an actress and her obnoxious awards speeches have done nothing to improve my opinion.

  • Lee

    I think she's an ok actress, but now that her pervasive Oscar begging and faux humility have become so omnipresent in pop culture, I can only see that when I see her films now.

  • Quorren

    I'd be pissed if my boss repeatedly came up to me and said, "Can you do this project? Co-Worker A and Co-Worker B were my first choices, but they don't want to do it." It sucks to not be someone's first choice.

  • Eva

    If she said something like that today it would be understandable. But at the point years ago which she did (I believe it was hot off the Princess Diaries series) it just sounded ungrateful and arrogant.

    If your boss repeatedly went up to higher ranking coworkers who had years more experience than you did for important projects before he came to you, he'd just be being a decent boss.

  • Brown

    Shouldn't it be Mrs. Hathaway since she's married now?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    mrr, no, since her husband's name isn't Hathaway and "Ms." is not related to marital status.

  • diane

    I think Joan Rivers summed it up best on Fashion Police when she referenced Anne's "pig out" after starving herself for Les Mis.

    "I had a baked potato and a lovely tomato."

  • Lindsey Gregory

    I don't hate Anne, but she has become both ubiquitous and obnoxious.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Good, let her work at a Brazilian Walmart after her 15 minutes is up.

  • Kate at June

    I like them both. Jennifer is goofy and unafraid to be herself, which is kind of commendable for her age. I think Anne can get a bit annoying at times, but she speaks up for what she believes in and speaks out on what she is against. Rock on.

  • neonseattle

    They're both insufferable. Jennifer has said some pretty dumb and offensive things. I guess the world is willing to ignore that since she's Hollywood's darling at the moment.

    Anne seemed pleasant enough in the past but her act during this awards season has been so grating. She is the real life actor version of Lea Michele's character in Glee. So much tryhardness.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    out of curiosity, what offensive things has Lawrence said?

  • neonseattle

    For a roundup, google: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Tagging Jennifer Lawrence as Flawless.

  • That was a bunch of "who cares". I like that she is off the cuff and talks like a normal person without a pack of PR vampires forming her every thought and word. I can absolutely see her retiring from the business in 10 years just to get away from the total inanity of the press and bloggers.

  • Steph

    Nah. None of that stuff matters. She still comes off as way more likeable than whoever wrote that list.

  • Kate at June

    I feel like if she's still saying stuff like that in another few years, then I'll have a problem. She's still quite young; I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and chalk a lot of it up to her immaturity. (and hope she doesn't say dykey ever again....)

  • neonseattle

    i hope you're right! she has so much charm and talent (and a TON more compared to other actors in her generation). i hope she stays out of the spotlight for awhile now that award season is done and goes back to focusing on interesting roles

  • Sara_Tonin00

    She's been on and off filming this whole awards season (next Hunger Games).

  • Donna SHerman

    I would just like to throw my hat into the Anne Hathaway love. She is awesome.

  • BWeaves

    I've worked from home for 5 years or more. I actually get more work done, because I'll work overtime during the time I would have been stuck in traffic. I'm more relaxed. I can sit in a recliner while I work. I have a clean bathroom and kitchen to myself.

    And yet, an acquaintance will ask me if I can do something during the week. "I'm sorry, I can't. I'm working." BUT I THOUGHT YOU WORKED FROM HOME. "Yes, I WORK. That doesn't mean I work whenever I want to. It means I work normal business hours or more doing a real job (computer tech support, believe it or not)."

  • Mrs. Julien

    I have no problem with Anne Hathaway. She's beautiful and talented. Of late, even if she has seemed a little stereotypically needy actress-y, I still don't find her insufferable, and, you know, she's still a person. I do find it interesting that in her public life, she seems to get a major smack down every 5 years or so. I actually feel sorry her for this latest debacle,as I did in the last one. She has worked hard, she got good reviews, she received once in a lifetime dream of a prize, and now that prize is going to be tied to said debacle in her mind.

    I realise that sounds melodramatic, but I did not enjoy my wedding planning process, or really the wedding, but everything seemed to go really well on the big day, I felt I had accomplished the task I needed to, and it was a HUGE relief. Until my two best friends in the world chose to let me know that they felt left out and like I had handled things badly. Now those opinions are inextricably linked to my perception of the day. So, Projecting! Table for One!

  • Phaedre

    WTF. I would like to retroactively punch them for you.

    How did they ever get the idea that YOUR Wedding was in any way about them?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    How did you not punch those friends? Some people.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I always assume people are correct and justified when they tell me I'm awful. It confirms my suspicions.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    See everybody? Mrs. Julien just obliquely petitioned us for validation, which we happily and rightfully provided, and we don't hate her. ;)

  • Mrs. Julien


  • $27019454

    It confirms my suspicions that you need new friends and they are fucking idiots. In fact, I think your friends are Anne Hathaway. I hate them for you.

  • mswas


  • Mrs. Julien

    This is where I point out that you've never actually met me.

  • mswas


  • $27019454

    Me neither. Meeting people is overrated.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Anne Hathaway tried too hard. Bully for everyone who likes hating. I refuse to let you make me hate Anne Hathaway. I already lost Kate Winslet to this Oscars bullshit.

  • Samantha Klein

    I personally think that Lawrence and Hathaway suffer from the same problem: they try too damn hard.

  • Kballs

    That's funny because it seems like Jennifer is barely trying at all. She rolls with the punches better than most famous people I've seen. Anne, on the other hand, is a carefully crafted contrivance.

    *flourishing hand gesture*


  • Lee


  • Sherry

    From the Salon article: "Karren says: “I have started to hear about Jennifer Lawrence the same things they used to say about Renée Zellweger. Is she that pretty? Is she that great an actress?”" Okay, whoever "they" is had best step off my girl...I will cut you. Joking aside [we think], I think the main difference between the two is that Lawrence is naturally spontaneous while Hathaway probably does better at scripted speaking. No, I'm not a professional psychologist, but I tend to fall into the latter category. So I kinda get why she packages herself. I'm just glad I don't have a public persona beyond my occasional Pajiba comments. [agonizes, deletes, despairs]

  • Sherry

    And I just realized that "naturally spontaneous" is redundant. Should have agonized, deleted, and despaired more.

  • JJ

    Or Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston or Beyonce or take your pick because it's THE INTERNET and feelings need to be EXTREME HATE/LOATHING and HOW I LOVE BACON and it was simultaneously the BEST AND WORST OSCARS EVER ALL AT THE SAME TIME versus using normal language like "I think Jennifer Lawrence appears sweet and affable, and I enjoyed her in Silver Linings Playbook. To me, Anne Hathaway is a great actress as well who comes off as trying too hard sometimes, but that may just be my perception as I've never actually met and had a conversation with either woman."

    Basically, go home, Internet. You're off your bipolar meds again.

  • Harold

    That is very fair, although when it comes to Anne Hathaway I wouldn't be surprised if she woke up 20 years from now in a drug addled stupor, wearing a paper bag. She seems every so often to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Let's hope that never happens.

  • Mrs. Julien

    You are a gentleperson and a scholar.

  • Kballs

    The Honey Boo Boo news reminds me of times my wife calls me an idiot and I come back with, "Yeah, well, you married the idiot," as I give myself a mental high-five. So yeah, good job foreigners, you're marrying the idiot.

    Also, Swift should thank that marksman for writing her next song. "Left me after six weeks/went on tour with your mates/hope next time the shoe's a brick/that decimates your Limey face".

  • Mrs. Julien

    Does the mental high-five involve smacking your forehead against a mirror?

  • Kballs

    No, I just concentrate really hard and have my hemispheres chest-bump one another. I'm catatonic for about 27 minutes after but it's totally worth it.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Hemisphere Chest-Bump will either be the name of my autobiography, or my cookbook, I can't decide.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    race horse...

  • e jerry powell

    Why can't it be both?

  • Phaedre

    I don't mind that Anne Hathaway is ambitious. It's just that I'm not stupid and when she tries to sell us her humility it rings false.

    Be ambitious and fucking own it. I may still not like you but at least I'll respect you.

  • Bullshit. You'd hate her just as much if she actually admitted "Yeah, I fucking wanted the Oscar". Because who wouldn't want that thing?

    But it's utter bullshit. People just decided to hate her, and nothing she would've done would've changed that. So she chose to show herself as humble. If she had chosen anything else you would still hate her.

  • Phaedre

    Like I said: I'll maybe still not LIKE her but I could at least respect honesty.

    She wanted it badly, we all knew she wanted it badly and she still tried to sell us on the girly humility thing.

  • e jerry powell

    I don't hate her. I will admit to finding her supremely annoying from early December until this past Sunday.

  • lillie

    Exactly. Whispering "It came true" at the beginning of her speech like she didn't TOTALLY know she was going to win was completely over the top. I don't mind her ambition either and I don't really get the hate for her, but false humility would probably be my first guess.

  • AHodges

    Yeah, I found that cringe-worthy.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    She didn't know. In a situation like that, it's worse if everyone's saying you're going to win, and you don't. Everyone thought Tommy Lee Jones would take supporting actor, after all.

  • kirbyjay

    I know. Remember Kate Hudson's " it's in the bag" win for Almost Famous and then we see Marcia Gay Hardin accepting the little gold man. That has got to be embarrassing. Though it is possible
    the Academy saw her dress, cape, granny hair-do and stampeded back stage to the envelope dude and changed their vote. No one wanted to see that ensemble on stage.

    Same with Lauren Bacall being the front runner and Juliette Binoche streaks into the finish line. With the egos on these people, that must of killed. Bacall knew she would never be in that room again, but she should have won an Emmy from the shot she took from Christopher in the Sopranos.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I think you mean Lorraine Bracco, but I know what you mean. And yes, that Kate Hudson ensemble goes down as some of the greatest missed potential evuh. Since then she usually does good (I covet every slinky gold dress she wears, and they would so not work for my body)

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    Bo-Peep Couture, who could forget?

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