Who Has The Healthiest Relationship On TV?
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Who Has The Healthiest Relationship On TV?

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | November 21, 2013 | Comments ()


“This girl is Kosher. That means I have to put my meat in one hole, and my milk in the other.” Rafi was on the season finale of The League last night, and before he converted to Judaism so he could have sex with Lizzy Caplan, he cut the tip of his penis off with a paper cutter. Why aren’t you watching this show? (Uproxx)

I used to make it a point to read all the National Book Award winners for fiction every year, and then I had kids. Now I read grocery labels to ferret out food with high fructose corn syrup, but those of you who still have a life — and by that, I mean, you spend it reading — should check out this year’s “predictable” winners. (Vulture)

POINT: Here’s why Glenn and Maggie have the best relationship on TV. (OMG)

COUNTERPOINT: That title actually belongs to Burt and Virginia on Raising Hope — Me

I read in a comment somewhere on the site in a Catching Fire premiere post that Jennifer Lawrence should take more fashion tips from Elizabeth Banks. Uh, not so fast. (GFY)

“I’m making him sound like a rapist,” is probably not a line in a story about Harrison Ford that you’d expect to read. (Celebitchy)

Some guy from some boy band that people in their late 20s were probably obsessed with at some point is filing for bankruptcy because those people in their late 20s are no longer teenagers. I guess. Honestly, I have no idea who this guy is, not because I’m cool, but because I listened to a lot of Toad the Wet Sprocket. (And still do!) (Dlisted)

In high school, as a prank, I told my best friend at the time that I’d broken up with my girlfriend, not expecting that his reaction would be to clap, celebrate, and cheer, which my then girlfriend saw and cried about for days. Pretty bad, huh? Well, it’s not as bad as pranking your girlfriend by telling her on your anniversary that you cheated on her, only to elicit from her a confession that she cheated. The prankster gets pranked! (Videogum)

“Don’t Confuse NBC’s Sound of Music With the Julie Andrews Classic.” Whew. Thanks, because otherwise … (Slate)

Saturday Night Live has announced that Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd, and John Goodman have been scheduled to host in December, which is a pretty remarkable slate. (Variety)

Yes. Yes! Why do all these karaoke tracks end up on my Spotify searches? (The Atlantic)

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Rashida Jones in a slinky black dress sing about getting her bird stuffed for Thanksgiving. (WG)

Do fetuses poop in the womb? (Mental Floss)

None of you can keep a damn secret. IT’S SCIENCE. (Salon)

And the deep dish wars continue, after Jon Stewart delivered a mea culpa to Chicago last night on The Daily Show. (Showrenity)

Nice job with this, guys: 30 Gloriously Defaced Movie Posters. (Film.com)

The 40 Best TV Series of All Time, According to IMDB Users | Sarah Silverman Made a Bad Career Move by Attempting to be Funny While in Possession of a Vagina

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  • Gord Reid

    What hopped-up-on-krokodil NBC exec greenlighted the Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood? Ugh. (Probably the same one who okayed her taking over the SNF theme song from Faith Hill. Double ugh.)

    The whole premise of the character of Fraulein Maria is that through the sheer force of whimsy, exuberance and music, she can make a curmudgeonly Austrian nobleman forget about his dead wife and reconnect with his Nazi-dating brood.

    In the film, Julie Andrews is all about whimsy, exuberance and music. When I think about Carrie Underwood, I am not overcome by whimsy or exuberance. I see a gorgeous, yet very awkward woman whose attempts at being sultry are comprised by semi-assertively stamping her stiletto boots and stiffly rocking her torso. I see no joy (or fear, or sexiness, or anger) when she sings, just the mechanical approximation of emotion. But she can do music. So that's a small victory. (Coming soon: Kendall Jenner is Eliza Doolittle!)

    On the other hand, I'm curious which comically bad Maria accent will win: Austrian Alps by way of London, or by way of central Oklahoma.

  • Siege

    I HATE the new SNF theme. Mr. Siege is getting really tired of me saying "I miss Faith Hill" every Sunday.

  • Arran

    Ben and Leslie obviously have the healthiest relationship on TV and I won't hear any counterpoint to that because it will be wrong.

  • Bedewcrock

    And then everyone who knows someone who is pregnant IMMEDIATELY sent that Mental Floss article to them.

  • John W

    ...also do not confuse NBC with a normal Television network...

  • lowercase_ryan

    What kind of sadistic fuck thinks it's funny to fake confess to cheating on your anniversary?

  • Happycats

    I thought the same thing! That's not a prank, that's just being an asshole. The person being pranked is supposed to laugh after finding out they've been punked; why would you want to rip someone's heart out and try to get them to laugh about it after, just for funsies? He sucks.

  • Relax; they're both so obviously working from a script.

  • If I wasn't already cut I'd do so for Lizzy Caplan. I don't know how The League constantly makes what should be offensive jokes funny, but thank the Sheva (probably mangled that spelling) it does.

  • Toad released a new album last month (the same day as Pearl Jam actually). It's good. Not groundbreaking by any stretch, but true to form which is impressive for a band that hasn't been in the studio since like 1997. I'm old and lame and don't give a shit. I love Toad the Wet Sprocket.

  • pajiba

    Oh, I have listened to the crap out of the new album. (I also own all of Glen Phillips' solo albums, because I am that lame).

  • What about Mutual Admiration Society? Lame Gauntlet: Thrown

  • pajiba

    Damn right, I do! I even own a Nickel Creek album because of them.

  • jennp421

    Aaron Carter was not in a boy band - his big brother Nick was in the Backstreet Boys, and Aaron tried to ride on his coat tails with a solo career and some really bad music. Backstreet Boys were actually good - what, I was 13.

  • I've eaten pizza in Chicago and I've eaten pizza in New York and I'm going to have to give the edge to Chicago. Chicago deep-dish is better.

  • Guest

    Same here, and New York pizza is better.

    *But the best pizza I've had was in Portland @ Apizza Scholls.

  • There is no way that Oregon (or anywhere on the West Coast) has better pizza than both Chicago and New York. That's just science.

  • Guest

    I would have said the same but Portland does win.

  • BTW, Maggie and Glenn's relationship is an interracial one. And yet, that's never brought up as a point of contention. He's good for her. She's good for him. That's that.

    And no one bats an eyelash because they're cool.

  • Guest

    Maggie and Glenn's relationship is an interracial And yet, that's never brought up... Until now... ;).

    Why would it be contention-ish anyways?

  • It shouldn't be, but people sometimes make a big deal of interracial relationships -- particularly black/white or where the white aspect is the woman. Remember the big deal over the McDonald's ad with the interracial couple?

  • Ted Zancha

    How about this one? Youtube had to shut down the comments for this one.


  • Guest

    No, but then I live in Canada where every ad with a interracial couple seems to feature a white dude with an asian girl.

  • Guest

    To Walking Dead Producers: Get Maggie wearing those glasses STAT...

    *RE:POINT: Here’s why Glenn and Maggie have the best relationship on TV. The Counterpoint: is valid but the title should go to Linda and Bob Belcher.

  • Or Tina and butts.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Also worth linking to today - new HISHE - with The Doctor


  • BlackRabbit

    Yay, they made the "fixed point in time" joke so I didn't have to!

  • Guest

    Animated Jenna Coleman is giving me feelings I would only normally associate with Real Jenna Coleman.

  • Agreed. I'm kind of creeped out at myself by how attractive I found that.

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