We Need To Talk About Brad Pitt's Spirit Awards Hair

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We Need To Talk About Brad Pitt's Spirit Awards Hair

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | March 3, 2014 | Comments ()


It is definitely an Oscar hangover day. Solomon Northup’s descendants have gathered for a portrait session and to discuss the success of 12 Years a Slave. (Hollywood Reporter)

If anyone ever had reason to doubt the continued existence of Harvey Weinstein’s girls, there was a new one in the front row last night. Her name is Suki Waterhouse, and she was wearing a Marchesa dress designed by Harvey’s wife. She’s also *cough* dating Bradley Cooper. (HuffPo)

We haven’t yet talked about the Jared Leto/Buddy Christ comparisons from last night, right? (Uproxx)

Jennifer Lawrence was both stunning and understated in her red Dior. She also had a grand plan by wearing this dress. (Celebitchy)

Jonah Hill had the best night ever. He may never win an Oscar, but he has the coolest friends a guy could hope for. I guess. (Lainey)

There will always be people who argue that the Oscars are irrelevant. Come on guys, let us have a little fun. (Film School Rejects)

Here’s a college picture of John College and his now famous friends. (WG)

Anne Hathaway’s new wax figure is disturbingly lifelike. Can I say that this success says more about Anne than it does about the sculptors? Yell at me. (GFY)

At the Essence Awards, Lupita Nyong’o gave a speech about beauty standards and how she once prayed to God that she’d wake up with lighter skin. It’s worth reading more about her speech. (The Mary Sue)

A new film about viking Santa is in the works. It’s an origin story. (Slashfilm)

Brad Pitt’s new hair looks so much like a greasy Robin Thicke that it’s not even funny. He looked like this at the Spirit Awards on Saturday evening. Is he trying to skew young, or was this an accident? (DListed)

We’re all tired of bromances, but they make Hollywood go ‘round. (Unreality)

It may surprise you how many people have won Oscars for their 1st movie. (MF)

A prominent writer at Ubisoft admits that we won’t see a gay protagonist in an AAA game “because of fears that it’ll impact sales.” (Kotaku)

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  • the dude

    Brad looks good. Always. That's a rule of nature

  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, but the haircut should be graded separately at this juncture.

  • ellie

    That Jonah Hill article seems a tad catty. If I was friends with Marty, Leo and Brange I definitely wouldn't avoid mentioning them in interviews - especially since the film he was nominated for starred Leo and was directed by Marty.. It makes sense.

  • e jerry powell

    Here's a funny thing: Lupita's speech may have been the first time that white people who never watched Oprah may have ever heard about colorism in the black community. I have a mother that could pass for white and a father that couldn't if he wanted to. My skin tone is somewhere inbetween. I like to think of myself as a really tall cappuccino.

    One of the more interesting examinations of colorism as specifically championed by Oprah is Toni Morrison's Paradise, where the central community in the story ended up founding two cities in Oklahoma, having been turned away from every black community they encountered after Emancipation because they were "eight-rock black." As in absolutely no white people sneaking into their ancestors' slave quarters at all, ever.

  • kinoumenthe

    I've known about it a long time, but I can't remember when I first come across it… I'm pretty sure it wasn't in litterature though.
    I've also known about the same (or rather, similar) trend in Asia for a while.

  • e jerry powell

    Actually, I was just using Paradise as a more recently accessible literary example that would be fairly near(-ish) to the pop culture memory banks, but it has been thoroughly documented since slavery times, the earliest part of the era that the novel covers.

  • BlackRabbit

    I learned about it from Fresh Prince, but I agree it's not a subject that is discussed as often as it perhaps should be in society.

  • Bedewcrock

    Am I missing something? Did you mean John Oliver, not John College? Is that another name of his?

  • emmalita

    I think she must have meant John Oliver. I've listened to most of the names given to J.Oli by Andy Zaltzman and Jon Stewart. I've never heard him referred to as John College.

  • I did not know that Harvey Weinstein was married to Georgina Chapman and now at least two things in the world make sense to me.

    1. Why so many actresses wear Marchesa.
    2. Why she's always introduced as "the gorgeous Georgina Chapman" on Project Runway All-Stars.

  • e jerry powell

    I've never thought much of Georgina or Marchesa, and that really shouldn't be Harvey Weinstein's fault. What it does point up for me is why Heidi's and Tim's names are in no way associated with the spinoff; it's all Harvey and Jon Murray.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I don't know where is the place, since I was not on the liveblog, but can we talk about that lameass "hero" montage that happened? It made me angry. First, because there were maybe 3 women? Second, because I thought it was historical heroes being portrayed, and then they showed Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird.

    But mostly it was the utter lack of women. As if there aren't any number that could've been in that montage. (C'mon. at LEAST Joan of Arc.)

  • kinoumenthe

    Somehow, I doubt that "representation" was on the mind of the people who put that montage together. We can be sure they really like pandas though.

  • kinoumenthe

    Nah, Brad is just emulating Ragnar Lothbrok's hairstyle.
    He must be watching Vikings or something.
    Watch out for when all the braiding starts to appear.

  • Monica

    John College sounds like a meme.

  • ironypants

    that link is to his speech from the SAGs not the Spirits!

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