These Kanye West/Wes Anderson Mash-Ups Are The Best Thing You'll See All Day
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These Kanye West/Wes Anderson Mash-Ups Are The Best Thing You'll See All Day

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 19, 2012 | Comments ()


O.R. they? (They are.) (Kanye Wes Anderson)

Jezebel has a great article on this "Victoria Secret" photoshopping scandal. Most of the changes are fairly innocuous (as the piece points out the model didn't need much help) but I'm a little perturbed by the part where they photoshop her muscle definition out. Because abs, ick, right? (Jezebel)

Earlier this week I showed you the most frightening scarecrow I'd ever seen. These Star Wars stuffed men, on the other hand, are the best. This is how the world ends, not with a bang but a saber. (Geekologie)

Have you read about this young girl who dresses as a different historical figure every day? Is she not the living, breathing embodiment of a young Leslie Knope? (Fashionably Geek)

Speaking of Amy Poehler, she joins Kevin Bacon, Sarah Silverman and many others (including the Best Actress Of Our Time) to campaign for reproductive rights.

Yeah, yeah this proposed inflatable bridge is a no good, very bad, terrible idea that would result in a bunch of people dying and/or bellyflopping into the Seine. But it's pretty cool looking, no? (Laughing Squid)

They've cast a new Mary Jane for the next Andrew Garfield Spider-Man flick. Does that mean Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy is gonna go the way of Rachel Dawes? Booooooo. (/Film)

The members of the AV Club list the most awkward pop culture experience they've shared with a parent. Mine would have to be seeing Jungle Fever with my folks in the theater when I was 10. What's yourn? (AV Club)

CRAZY body art ahead. NSFthosewithzipperfetishes. (My Modern Met)

And a tip of the hat to mswas for sending me this bananas face paint video. I kind of want to dress as a bag of popcorn this Halloween.

It's National Geographic photo contest time! Check out all the eye-boggling entries. (The Big Picture)

Finally, I think Vulture listed the "Community" fan base too low on the "25 Most Devoted Fans" list. (Vulture)

Don't agree? Go ahead and watch Troy and Abed call out NBC for their scheduling shenanigans and then get back to me.

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  • Strand

    I watched Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers with my dad when I was in my young teens. It was all good until the full frontal nudity which were extremely awkward with my very conservative (ie false modesty) family.

  • meaux

    Not my story, but a good one nonetheless: a friend of mine was watching some teen sex comedy (er, maybe American Pie?) in the theatre with her mother and her mother-in-law-(at the time)-to-be. The characters were discussing a certain sex act sometimes referred to by its initials. Her mom taps her on the shoulder and whispers, "Honey, what's a BJ?" Mortified, she explains the term to her mom. Seconds later, the MILTB taps her on the other shoulder and asks, "Um, what's a BJ?"

  • athena23

    Watching Quest for Fire with my dad in the theater. I was 9 and even though I wasn't sure what the nice man and lady were doing in that position while grunting, I somehow knew I shouldn't ask...

  • Watching "Taxi Driver" with my older sister. We were raised in the typical conservative household where violence...okay....awkward scene involving porn...OH MY GOD?!?! Didn't help she was like 17 and clueless and I was 12 and even more so.

  • PDamian

    My most awkward movie experience was just last year. My mother and I went to see Black Swan. My mom is one of those don't-ask-don't-tell types, as in "You have the right to do whatever you want in your life, as long as it's with consenting adults and it's not in front of me." I was acutely aware of her intense discomfort during the sex scene with Mila and Natalie. Once it was over, she sighed and muttered, "Well, I hope there won't be more of that." I whispered, "Do you want to leave?" She didn't answer, but about three minutes later, she patted my arm and said, "Isn't The King's Speech playing on another screen?" I got the hint and went to buy tickets, and we walked across the hall to the other screen (my mom is a devout Catholic who would never sneak into a theatre without tickets). She loved Colin Firth, so it was a good afternoon.

  • John W

    Best actress? I don't know I always thought Tea' Leoni was just okay.

  • Even Stevens

    My most awkward cinematic experience with a parent: watching Monster's Ball with my Dad. You think that sex scene is long and uncomfortable as is, try watching it with a parent. AWK-WARD.

  • Captain_Tuttle

    Speaking of Amy Poehler, she joins Kevin Bacon, Sarah Silverman and many others (including the Best Actress Of Our Time) to campaign for reproductive rights. And I thought I was the only one who thought that way about Sandra Bernhard.

  • firedmyass

    I had a debilitating crush on her in my teen years. I came horrifyingly close to sending her a letter offering to be the best pool-boy she could imagine.

  • valerie

    That Jezebel article is embarrassingly stupid considering theres next to no photoshop on the model's bodies. I do, on the other hand, find it hiliarious that they make the models make those angry expressions and then photoshop the furrowed brows.

  • JoannaRobinson

    I dunno, I found the part where they were posing in push-up strapped bikini tops that were then photoshopped to look like bandeaus sort of interesting.

  • Waaaay back in high school, I wrote movie reviews for the school paper. I was stoked when my dad said he'd see Altered States with me. So, so weird. I did make him proud when I noted that the people writhing on the rocks looked like a scene from Dante's Inferno - which I'd read without it being assigned, because I was (and am) a history/lit nerd. Turns out it actually was from a silent movie of the Inferno that had been recolored (weirdly) for that scene. The conversation on the way home about the danger of hallucinogens was sort of awkward, but I'm still glad he went with me.

  • Snath

    My most awkward pop-culture moment was seeing Titanic with my whole family. PG-13 shouldn't have any awkward, pants-tightening moments for a teenager, right?


  • Yossarian

    Not mine personally but I know a young lady who, aged 15, saw Boogie Nights in the theater with her Dad. Apparently they didn't know much going in but assumed it was about the '70s and Disco and whatnot. And for some reason they didn't make a tactical retreat and walk out. Now that is an awkward 156 minutes.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    This has to win.

  • Legally Insignificant

    Have you seen this banana video? It definitely makes my "10 most interesting internet videos" list.

  • Mrs. Julien

    That is some joyless dada-esque wackdoodle.

  • Blake


    Plus it's Gillian Jacobs birthday tomorrow, Happy Birthday Gillian!


  • John G.

    Little Leslie Knope is the cure for Honey Boo Boo.

  • Mrs. Julien

    That header photo puts me in the mood for some friscalating. Good thing it's Friday. Wild cat. Wild cat. Rrrrr.

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