The Women of "Downton Abbey" Get The Tim Burton Zombie-Clown Treatment

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The Women of "Downton Abbey" Get The Tim Burton Zombie-Clown Treatment

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 20, 2012 | Comments ()


It's hard, in the wake of of what happened in Colorado last light, to get too frivolous with Pajiba Love today. But I did try because distractions can be healing too. But I also wanted to start with this beautiful piece from Adam Gopnik on the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting. His reflections helped me process this morning and I include it in the hopes that it might do the same for you lovelies. (New Yorker)

Also, in the wake of the shooting, does anyone really give a sh*t about what Fred Willard did in a theater? PBS fired him from his new show for it. Perspective, people. (THR)

"Girls" writer/director/star Lena Dunham wrote one of my favorite tweets about Willard yesterday. If you, like me, are a fan of Lena and her work, Unreality has a list of 15 movies and TV shows that will help you fill the whimsiquirkilicious hole "Girls" has left in your heart. (Unreality)

Dear young women of the world, be careful who you idolize, someday they may end up in a shirtless group photo with child molestaches. (Vulture)

In related manufactured pop group news, the Spice Girls might maybe reunite for the Olympics closing ceremonies. Slam your body down, wind it all around, y'all. (The Mary Sue)

Speaking of refined musical taste, I imagine this folding travel guitar might be handy for wandering minstrels. Though, you would lose out on sexy/cool guitar case cachet. (Laughing Squid)

This fashion spread featuring the women of Downton is all well and good, but now I'm wishing they had tried smearing the clown make-up on Maggie Smith. (Tom and Lorenzo)

Speaking of old birds, here's a funky little photo gallery of rare images of avians who are now extinct. (Environmental Graffiti)

And for my beloved sci-fi bookworms, Tor books is now offering all of their titles DRM-free. Which, I believe, means they can be read on any device. Yes? Right? (Boing Boing)

And good news for coach potatoes, Viacom and DirectTV have settled their dispute so now all programming should be available. Meth and The Daily Show for everyone!! (WG)

Finally, because I feel like I need a hug, here's the magnificent Joss Whedon performing in a short written by a kid. It's like the internet is giving you a snuggle. Don't fight it.

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  • emperorcupcake

    DRM-free books can be copied, loaned out, transferred to other devices, converted to different formats, etc. It's a pretty awesome thing, if you're a reader or an indie writer. For more info:

  • BobbFrapples

    Aaaaaand now when I hear "Buy N Large" and see Fred's face a la Wall-E, I'll have a whole new mental picture.

  • Mrs. Julien

    That header pic looks like the "After" photo of the Lady of Shalott.

  • John G.

    Also, in the wake of the shooting, does anyone really give a sh*t about what Fred Willard did in a theater? PBS fired him from his new show for it. Perspective, people.

    Did anyone give a shit before the shooting? Arresting Fred Willard for this is a ridiculous, moronic, over-moralizing waste of police resources. And firing him is worthy of a PBS boycott. This is church lady law.

  • chanohack

    That's na good look for Lady Edith... who woulda thought?

  • Jezzer

    Unreality has a list of 15 movies and TV shows that will help you fill the whimsiquirkilicious hole “Girls” has left in your heart. "

    I hate everyone.

  • Slash

    One response to that "tweet" about Fred Willard was better: "Just buy him a computer."

  • Slash

    Thank goodness we got that hardened criminal Fred Willard off the street so he can't disturb the other pervs in the porno theater.

  • Maguita NYC

    You forgot to also be thankful that money is injected into vice squads that keep away from us a hardened masturbator such as Willard, yet make it easier for any a-hole to buy a gun and shoot innocent bystanders waiting at the movies.

  • L.O.V.E.

    "hardened masturbators"?
    When it comes to guys, is there any other kind?

  • Maguita NYC

    Aren't we all!?

  • Regardless of the wasted police money and initiative, what Willard is accused of is pretty gross and kind of disappointing,

  • Maguita NYC

    What the hell do people think men, and women, go into a PORN theater and watch a PORNO for?

    Knitting and Crocheting?

    We all know why people go into a porn theater. A more meaningful question would be, why is the vice squad suddenly acting like it is big news, and had ONLY arrested Willard?

    Are you telling me that Fred Willard was the ONLY one pulling on his needle in there?!!!

    Oh Yeah, bring on the conspiracy theories.

  • Green Lantern

    I will agree with both the "pretty gross" and the "kind of disappointing".

    The worst thing that will happen to him is the "ick factor" impacting his career future.

  • Really, someone downvoted my discomfort over public autoeroticism? How about that.

  • $27019454

    I am on board with your disappointment. I just wish I had not heard bout this. I know in the grand scheme of things its a big Who Cares, but yea...kinda creepy for a successful grown man to do this in public. I dont think he should have been fired and I think PBS is overreacting, but I think my weekly viewings of Best In Show will be colored by this creepy feeling for a while.

    But that's just me.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I don't really understand the disgust. The whole point of 'adult theaters' is to watch porn. Men masturbate when they watch porn. Ergo, they're going to masturbate in adult movie theaters. It's not something I'd care to do but it's not like he was standing in the center of a busy shopping mall doing it for all to see. And doesn't everyone masturbate?

  • It's not the what, it's the where. It's crass and vulgar. I don't care if there is a public place agreed upon for doing those things, it's still icky and shows a complete lack of imagination on his part. WHO STILL GOES TO THOSE PLACES TO DO THAT?

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Adult theaters are by definition crass and vulgar, that's why I wouldn't recommend you go to one. He was exactly where he should have been, Too bad the vice cops were rounding up lonely men in a darkened theater that smelled of cum and desperation instead of out herding dangerous under aged prostitutes.

  • Also, I've nerded out over the Moa and Haast's Eagle. Ah, humans, we kill and kill.

  • Here's Gopnik today, a little angrier. Worth linking to the Anthony Lane post from early morning too, which stays away from the guns/politics and instead views it in relation to the backdrop.

  • E-Money

    Can we talk about Very Maggie Smith? From the people who brought you Very Mary Kate

  • Maguita NYC


    Why are you comparing the Village People to child-molesters?
    (photo of New/old Kids).

    FYI, did you mean COUCH potatoes... or really Lay-Z-coaches?
    (And good news for coach potatoes)

  • PDamian

    The photo of Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) is quite lovely -- wonderfully ethereal. And who knew she had such fantastic ta-tas?

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