The (Lame) Jennifer Lawrence Backlash Begins, Plus Plenty Of Shirtless Males (Good & Bad)
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The (Lame) Jennifer Lawrence Backlash Begins, Plus Plenty Of Shirtless Males (Good & Bad)

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | March 8, 2013 | Comments ()


Jamie Lynn Spears, the 21-year-old sister of Britney, has just gotten engaged for the second time. From the looks of this guy, Jamie Watson, I say that she should skip this one and marry number three. It would be great if young people listened to their elders who try to warn them against early nuptuals, but I guess I didn't listen either. (Pop on the Pop)

Leonardo DiCaprio reveals his mantra: "Pain is temporary, film is forever." You know, I'm not even a Leo fan, but I have to admit that he was an excellent villain in Django Unchained and deserved an Oscar nomination at the very least. It's okay though -- Leo is drowning his sorrows somewhere on a yacht while surrounded by gorgeous VS models. (HuffPo)

Selena Gomez's dad used to take her to Hooters when she was seven years old because all of the waitresses thought she was so cute. She still dryly describes the experience as quality bonding time. (Jezebel)


If you love cooking simple recipes as demonstrated by a cute blonde from Austin who sort of looks like Lisa Kudrow, please check out my friend Hilah Johnson's cooking show. She was actually able to quit her day job last year and do this full time, so she must be at least a little bit good at which she does. Trust me, she IS good. (Hilah Cooking)

It seems that Mia Farrow is finally getting with the electronic age and learning to delete Woody's presence online via an eradication app. Can you really blame her? Dude is married to his freaking adopted daughter now. How enduringly gross. (Page Six)

The lovely Chrissy Teigen is doing her best to get herself banned on Instagram by posting a nude photo of herself getting a spray tan. Then she realized how much she was actually revealing when she blew up the photo on her computer. She's so damn funny. (Daily Mail)


If you thought looking at Chrissy Teigen naked was a good thing, well, I offer you the above photo of Justin Bieber shirtless from inside his hospital room. The Biebs passed out after a concert in London last night, but as you can see, he's just fine now. For him, I mean. (Vulture)

I cannot explain my inexplicable attraction to Russell Brand, who is clearly a smelly, STD-ridden man, but I still find him attractive even when he was a young junkie. Mind you, I'd never actually touch the guy. I just want him to call me and say naughty things in his fetching accent. (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

The tabloids are already fabricating Jennifer Lawrence's downfall into some hellish downward, Lohan-esque spiral. According to the excerpted article, JLaw has everyone worried because she smoked pot in the privacy of a hotel suite, and she held hands with her female friend, so ... lesbian scandal time. (Celebitchy)

This essay entitled "Nora Ephron's Final Act" (by Norah's son, Jacob Bernstein) is well worth reading. I won't even try to do it justice with a lame joke. (Warming Glow)


To make up for the shirtless Bieber pic earlier, I offer you a story of Matthew McConaughey shirtless at Whole Foods. They even tried to kick him out! Don't they know that the essence of McConaughey is shirtlessness? (Film Drunk)

Tina Fey has exposed the dark world of mommy boards and mommy blogging to the masses. I can't say I disagree with her at all. The most judgy people in the entire world are parents while they assess other people's parenting skills or lack thereof. (Lainey Gossip)

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Reese Witherspoon are currently enjoying a girls' vacation in Mexico. Well, two of them are burping and farting even more than usual, and one of them is pretending that she doesn't mind the odor. I think we know who belongs to which camp. (People)

Here's a performance video of Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, and Josh Homme performing "Mantra" in the studio. I still love Nine Inch Nails with the fury of a thousand old-school Reznors, but it was a lot more fun when the Rez would snort a bunch of coke and destroy all of the keyboards. (Nine Inch Nails Tumblr)

If you've ever found yourself growing irritated at the latest Taylor Swift earworm -- seriously, even Target is playing this shit all the time -- then you can take comfort in this "goat" version of "Troubled." (Ghost of a Flea)

Agent Bedhead lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She and her little black heart can be found at

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  • Ruby

    I'm a bit offended that J-Law's offensive comments to Jesse Eisenberg aren't part of her downward spiral. She seems kind of thoughtless, which people keep telling me is okay for a 22 year old (i'm 20 so....), but I don't really get the love.

  • John W

    Somebody please enlighten this stupid person. Are those goats screaming for real like that or is that fake? Either way it doesn't matter because that's some funny ass shit.

  • Arran

    I will never dispute the fact that Woody Allen is a creep, but he didn't marry his adopted daughter. Mia Farrow adopted her with a previous partner and she was never adopted by Allen. It weirdly bugs me whenever I see "He married his adopted daughter", because...the actual truth is gross and weird enough. There's no need to constantly repeat factual inaccuracies to make it even grosser.

  • Leo DiCaprio seems like kind of an introverted Joseph Gordon Levitt. I find him likable. But he just doesn't put himself out there like other celebs do, which I respect. I hope he does more roles like that of Django.

  • denesteak

    man that goat version of trouble is amazzzzzinnngg.

  • Austie

    This is the best PL in weeks. Missed you Bedhead

  • Robert

    They tried to do the J-Law backlash after The Hunger Games premiered, too. Remember the reports of her being a diva because she has a self-deprecating sense of humor? That was all the rage for a few weeks. This, too, shall pass.

  • Skyler Durden is not logged in

    Is this the part on Pajiba where we confess gross things about ourselves?

    Because Russell Brand? Yes, I'd hit it. Something about the fact that he's an admitted sex addict drowns my lions.

    I think it is because when you're an addict, you'll bang anything, regardless of the quality. And that means even a CHUD like me might have a shot. Look out boys! If you have no standards, I'm your girl!

  • Lindsey Gregory

    I know he's atop a bloodied, beat-up dude, but that picture of nekkid Matthew McConaughey is giving me a lady boner.

  • foolsage

    Looks like JLaw gives great hugs. I saw nothing at all sexual there by the way. That's not a grope, or any sort of foreplay; it's just a good close hug.

  • The Tina Fey article lead me to this BuzzFeed list, and I just...I can't, you guys. You don't want to live a diverse lifestyle because 'sometimes the brown rubs off,' which apparently leads to your daughter listening to hip hop, which I guess is also somehow a terrible thing? Anonymous post online or not, how can you possibly write something like that and then not reflect for a while on where your life went wrong?

  • Guest

    Your link leads back to this page.

  • Effin Disqus, man. The link is right, I hit edit, it's still the right link. Hit 'save edit' and it leads back to this page. So no more html for me. What I get for getting fancy.

    Let's try this:

    Or, you know, click the link Rochelle helpfully put up.

  • Rochelle
  • You beat me to it, thanks.

  • Completely setting aside the whole 'girls holding hands or hugging in any way indicates anything other than friendship' thing, I dislike the idea that potentially being a lesbian is part of a downward spiral. Really? I've got roughly the same reaction to pot smoking.
    Call me when she gets all coked up and drunk and plows a car into a nursery school. Then we can discuss downward spirals.

  • KatSings

    Everything about that (except for the lush locations and names of celebrities) sounds like how my roommate and I behaved in college. Which...she's 22. So, that makes sense. But we'd go out and drink, and my friend is one of those super cuddly people, and an affectionate drunk, so I'm sure we looked like a couple on occasion instead of just besties. I'm all for her doing her thing. Nothing about this bothers me at all.

  • I just turned 30. For the week of my birthday, I went up to Seattle to hang out with my best friend. We held hands--most especially in the market where it was crazy crowded and we got separated once--and we hugged and even though I'm gay and she's bi, there was absolutely nothing sexual going on.
    And yeah, especially when you consider her age, this seems to be less an indication of a downward spiral than it does know...she's kind of well adjusted and normal.

  • Nat Kittyface

    And isn't she Californian? I spend a lot of time in CA and I've noticed that people there in general are a little more tactile than in my home state - lots of hugs (oh god, so many hugs) and kisses and handholding and whatnot.

  • $27019454

    Downward spiral? The fact that she smokes pot openly (well, in her hotel room) or even at all has catapulted her into, like, all the way high places. Literally. Figuratively. All those things. And Oreos!

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Frankly, the thought of a J-Law lesbianic relationship is the exact opposite of a downward spiral. At least in my opinion.

  • the_wakeful

    If J-Law has a lesbian affair I would be soooooooo happy.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Does the goat have an album out yet?

  • Ted Zancha

    I can not explain why, but this whole "goats screaming like humans" makes me laugh until I cry...every time.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Then you'd likely enjoy humans yelling like goats yelling like humans.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Uh, why is there a giant picture? Oh Disqus, you so funny . . .

  • lowercase_ryan

    Has anyone ever been set up the way Bieber has to live a life so completely and totally removed from reality? I would venture to guess that not a single aspect of his life touches on what we would call normal, except that it's all he's ever known or will know. I really think he has no idea at all either. It's...weird.

  • crystalline9

    The self-declared King o' Pop. Which means we get to look forward to all kinds of insane inanity in the future.

  • foolsage

    I really hate to make this comparison, but PLEASE BELIEVE that I'm speaking only of the unreal lifestyle and withdrawal from anything the rest of us know of as "life".

    With that caveat behind us... Bieber is a bit like Michael Jackson. Minus the talent, obviously, but still...

  • lowercase_ryan

    Actually I think this is a very fair and accurate comparison.

  • Bedewcrock

    Seriously. Have you ever read tweets from his fans? It's this weird cult-like empowerment mantra repeated over and over. Shit, I'd be delusional too if I had that many people telling me how amazing I am every day.

    I can't tell if social media has pushed obsession into a whole other type of fanaticism. It is kind of nuts how mean people can be. If only we could harness this power for good....and solve world hunger or something.

  • lowercase_ryan

    This is exactly what I'm talking about. The guy could murder someone on live television and the next day there would be 5,000 youtube explanations of how the whole thing was faked.

  • Salieri2
  • chanohack

    Taylor Swift.

  • lowercase_ryan

    actually I think she's had brushes with reality. But I can see it.

  • opiejuankenopie

    You went with the goats and not the Cage? I just lost a bet.

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