The Daniel Radcliffe Neckbeard Threat Level Has Just Entered DEFCON 1, COCKED PISTOL
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The Daniel Radcliffe Neckbeard Threat Level Has Just Entered DEFCON 1, COCKED PISTOL

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | February 25, 2014 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.09.25 PM.png

Daniel Radcliffe’s neckbeard is something you will never, ever be able to unsee. Dude. As Michael K. says, “This is a picture that could make a laser hair removal machine catch fire and shut down.” (Dlisted)

Errol Morris’ next film will be about a suburban dad with dark secrets, namely that he’s a serial killer. The best part? The man Morris cast as the suburban Dad with the dark secret. It is perfect. (Slashfilm)

This is the absolute total opposite of the kind of asshole Kickstarter that SLW wrote about this morning. Our good friend, Slashfilm’s Dave Chen, who co-hosts Cast of Kings with Joanna and also produces The Tobolowsky Files, one of the most brilliant podcasts around. He’s raising money to make a documentary on Stephen Tobolowsky, and you might not think it by looking at him, but Tobolowsky is one of the most fascinating guys in Hollywood. The best part? Donate $15, and you get a link to watch the movie. Win. Win. (Kickstarter)

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Amazon Prime Instant lately, and you know what? It’s pretty great. Here’s the 10 Best TV Series Amazon has that Netflix doesn’t. (Uproxx)

Here’s a picture of 50 Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson posed like she’s “rubbing up like a horny cat against a wall.” If you want to get her off the bed, just throw a ball of yarn across the room. (GFY)

Jason Diamond takes a look at Bill Murray and Harold Ramis’ collaborations, and isn’t it sad to know that they’ll never work together again? (Flavorwire)

Here’s a list of 10 Oscar speeches less than 11 words a piece, or the way God intended. (Mental Floss)

How Game of Thrones transformed one man from a “movie guy” to a “TV guy.” (Unreality)

Lena Dunham will host the March 8th installment of SNL, which should be great for rooting out the trolls on a bigger stage. (EW)

Miley Cyrus says that she’d rather ‘choke on her own tongue’ then play Tinker Bell in NBC’s live musical version of Peter Pan. Isn’t that reason enough to cast her? (Daily Mail)

Scarlett Johansson is NOT a sexual ornament, says Scarlett Johansson, who prefers to think of herself as a character actor. You know, like Jim Beaver or J.K. Simmons. (VF)

Here’s Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on the cover of Martha Stewart’s Weddings because I love Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. (Celebitchy)

Small town America might be “peaceful”, “prosaic” or “familiar,” but if you’re talking about a town in a Stephen King novel, it might just be nothing less than the nexus between good and evil. PandaLove takes a look at just how sinister a town in Maine can be in King’s Salem’s Lot. (Cannonball Read 6)

Frank Underwood: Just a Guinea Pig in a Cage | How I Met Your Mother "Rallies" and We Ask for Your Go-To Hangover Cure

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  • $78742978

    Eh, I like Scarlett. She kind of is a character actor, albeit a mainstream one. Jude Law was considered a character actor once, so gorgeousness doesn't automatically disqualify you. Her roles are really well-chosen and varied and interesting, if you look at them, from the early days the the really smart moves she's made lately. If you think back to when she was mostly in indies, she was beloved by most people in the know. And you know, eff Woody Allen, but that collaboration gave her some good stuff. She's not Lawrence Olivier, but she's good and she has a brain. I mean, look at her IMDB. There's not many paycheck movies on it.

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Sooooooooo, I've been around Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in a semi-public setting. It was not a great experience. She spent significant time making sure that everyone saw her touching him (and touching, and touching, and touching). Even though there were no paps there, I felt like she was always posing for a possible "candid" shot.

    They seemed like perfectly nice people, but over the course of about 2 hours, her focus on out outward image was nearly constant.

    Maybe in true privacy she dials it down; but as a non-famous person, it gave me the icks.

  • e jerry powell

    Watching Stephen Tobolowsky naked and eating Pamela Adlon's pussy has to be one of the more startling moments of television viewing in my advancing years.

    And yes, I am very ashamed of what I was doing to see that.

  • emmalita

    Just reading that was traumatizing.

  • e jerry powell

    I apologize, and I will make brownies. Maybe some Denver brownies, even! That will make it all funny!

  • Bananapanda

    Am I the only one who remembers Tobolowsky as the killer on the Practice who stalked around at night in a nun's habit? Sooo disturbing.

    I *cannot( handle that man getting sexy on the screen.

    That said, he's got hilarious life stories.

  • goddammitmrnoodle

    That wasn't Tobolowsky as "Vogelman." It is was Michael Monks.

  • e jerry powell


    (And so was the sex part.)

  • loo shag brolley

    It's nice to see The Good Wife getting a steady increase of media attention. That show is worth every good thing you could possibly throw at it.

    Anyone know if its possible to make monthly payments for Prime, or do you have to fork over the full amount? It's a fair price, but bunny's on a budget over here.

  • emmalita

    Totally worth it.

  • I think you have to fork over the full amount all at once. if it helps, you also get 2 Day Free Shipping along with the streaming.

  • AvaLehra

    Dead Like Me was so good, I still cannot believe how shitastic the movie was.

  • BWeaves

    Also, I watched Dead Like Me on Netflix, recently, as I haven't watched anything on Amazon Prime. I really enjoyed it. I skipped the movie as all the reviews said it sucked.

  • AvaLehra

    It was SO, so bad. I watched hoping it wouldn't be as bad as all the reviews said it was.

  • BWeaves

    RE: Radcliffe. The beard is for his Igor role. It's not like it's his normal look. I'd give him a pass.

    RE: Miley Cyrus. Isn't Tinker Bell usually portrayed by a spotlight and a small bell? Can we cast her, and have her choke on her own tongue before she finds out that a human is not actually needed for the part?

  • e jerry powell

    Too late: Julia Roberts. Damn her.

  • A. Smith

    I'm at a loss, neckbeard is bad?

  • Jiffylush

    Can you call it a beard if it doesn't connect?

  • NateMan

    He grows worse facial hair than my very good Asian friend.

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