The Best Photo Of Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender And A Lizard Dude You'll See Today

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The Best Photo Of Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender And A Lizard Dude You'll See Today

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 12, 2012 | Comments ()


I've been working all morning to the soothing strains of the Cloud Atlas soundtrack. If you read the Tom Tykwer interview I posted yesterday (and you DO read ALL the links, right, pets?), you would know that a) the director actually helped composed the music and that b) they (unusually) composed the music before shooting the film so they could play it on set for the actors. It's gorgeous and an integral bit of the story and I hope you enjoy. (CB)

Oy, Adam Scott fans, would you have hit this in high school? (Buzzfeed)

I learned from lowercase_ryan this morning that Mitt Romney has adopted "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" as a campaign slogan. "Friday Night Lights" creator Peter Berg told him to, you know, STOPPIT. (Deadline)

For all you Disney theme park nerds, here's a fun look behind the scenes of various rides courtesy of a former park employee. It's now one of my life's goal to pose with the Matterhorn yeti. (/Film)

Unreality has 7 movies that made them hate alcohol. I prefer to call these "The 7 Movies That Make Me Thank My Lucky Stars I Have A (Barely) Functional Relationship With Alcohol." (Unreality)

JRR Tolkein mined much of his material for "The Hobbit" and "Lord Of The Rings" from his experience in the trenches of World War I. So, you know, it's not so much of a surprise that the entire saga is basically a sausagefest. That being said, procreation must be tough on Middle Earth. (BioTV)

I *love* an Election Year Halloween more than any other. Check out a surefire popular choice this year. The stockings are a nice touch. (Cheezburger)

Also, here's some pumpkin carving porn for you, my dears. Yeah they're all pretty fetch but, no, that does not look anything like Gillian Anderson. (Laughing Squid)

Neatorama has a fun, trivia-fueled post on the origin of many popular spices. I learned just last week that the vanilla bean trade is so lucrative and competitive that individual pods are branded like cows. Roll THAT little nugget of info out at a party, see how much tail you score. (Neatorama)

As promised, Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender and The Lizard Dude. Here they are on the set of Terrence Malick's newest film. (/Film)

Ah but the Lizard King himself (not Jim, the other one), posed recently in a series of increasingly preposterous outfits. Dafoe, you are a treasure, never change. (T&L)

You know what's a GREAT idea? Getting a tattoo based on a flash-in-the-pan Internet meme. (FB)

A lot of Whovians were wondering what would happen to Rory's dad Brian at the end of this past season. Well here's the scene they didn't shoot that will JERK THE TEARS RIGHT OUT OF YOUR FACE. Oh, you'll think you're fine, but then Arthur Darvill's voice-over starts and it's all over, Bub.

Finally, worried about that rumored bacon shortage? Have no fear, Ron Swanson's got you covered.

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  • Green Lantern

    UGH! I'm with most of the rest of you. That last scene should have been shot AND added to the "Who" season finale. Oy!

  • Al X

    The Cloud Atlas soundtrack is as boring as the movie promises to be.

  • googergieger

    *looks at header pic*

    You know, I always wondered what Donald Rumsfeld was up to these days. What he is doing hanging out with Portman and Fassbender is beyond me, though.

  • John W

    I believe that pumpkin of Gillian Anderson was carved by the same woman who touched up that fresco of Jesus in Spain

  • Tinkerville

    WHY didn't they shoot that scene?! THAT was the emotion that was missing for me the whole episode! GAH!

  • tmoney

    Stop trying to make fetch happen.

  • Maddy

    Why was this not in the episode! Poor Brian!

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Pitch time: MEMEmento, the story of a man with no pop cultural awareness after head trauma who attempts to keep his formerly popular blogtwitter-y empire afloat by tattooing memes on himself in a desperate attempt to remember them, and also as a ploy for hits. Co-starring some cats.

  • Natallica

    The fact this comment hasn't yet reached, doubled... bajillioned (?) the upvote record is beyond me

  • BlackRabbit

    Am I the only one who, whenever I see Fassbender's name, has a little voice in their head go "Fassssbender?" Like the theme to Goldfinger?...I'll leave now.

  • Natallica

    I read it like Freddie Mercury's singing in "Flash". That would be something like "FASSSSSSSS!!!... BEND-AAAAAH!!!". I think I shouldn't have seen "Ted" three times

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Everytime I see Fassbender's name, I think: "Damn, that's what he's called!". Don't get me wrong: I like the man. It's just that I can't memorize his name. Drives me mad.

  • Slash

    No, you're not.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I hear it more like Homer's "Max Power" song. Which is pretty much the same thing.

    "Faaaas-BENDER! He's the man with the penis you'd love to touch...but you musn't TOOOOOUCH!"

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    This is why I just can't get into Tolkien. I recognise his skill as a storyteller and stuff,, men, men, everyfuckingwhere I look there's a penis. And whenever there are women, well, let's just say he wouldn't pass The Bechdel Test.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Historical context is everything.

  • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

    Is it really Pumpkin carving though? Or is it just drawing pictures on Pumpkins? It looks like its drawing, which is still impressive, and more than I can do naturally, but I don't get how that is called Pumpkin Carving. If I get a rock and draw all over it without ever taking a chisel to the thing, is that a sculpture?

  • Bert_McGurt

    It's essentially low relief carving. It can be tough to do, as evidenced by Sylvester Scully up there.

  • Snath

    Because that's not drawing. That's carving! That's a light inside, shining out. The shading in the picture itself is caused by varying degrees of pumpkin thickness.

  • Wembley

    So, basically .Middle Earth is where China is headed. Sweet!

    The Shire is Taiwan
    Minas Tirith is Hong Kong
    Ringwraiths are internal security agents (Guoanbu)
    Eye of Sauron is the computer security system (run by Google) that hunts down dissidents.

    Does that make Jackie Chan Merry or Pippin?

  • I would watch that reimagining of LoTR

  • DarcyMcCarbomb

    No matter what he's doing, Willem Dafoe is absolutely captivating.

  • Natallica

    He has this sort of ambiguous sexual elegance. Reminds me of Bowie on his Thin White Duke days.

  • Anne At Large

    That was my first thought, something about his expression was very Bowie-esque. Now I realize it was the ambiguous sexual elegance...

  • lowercase_ryan

    and the Disney photos make me want to go back there sooooo bad.

  • BWeaves

    Now THAT's how the last Doctor Who should have ended, damn them.

  • Candee

    Seriously! Why the hell didn't they shoot that?

  • TheOtherGreg

    Oh, Brian. Oh, Rory!

  • JenVegas

    seconded. i've got...a tardis in my eye...sniffle.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I wonder if Romney was serious when he claimed FNL was his favorite show. If it was, how could Berg's letter not slay you to your core? What if Joss Whedon or Steven Moffat sent you a letter saying they wanted no association with you because you were a piece of shit? This only proves Romney was lying to begin with otherwise he would have crying eyes today.

  • Jezzer





  • TheOriginalMRod

    Natalie Portman as Sookie Stackhouse....

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Yes, please?

  • OK, how come no one here is mentioning the fact that Fassbender is filming a movie with Ryan Gosling? I thought that bit of casting had become real solely because of the collected Pajiba consciousness willing it into existence.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    So it's like The Secret?

  • Dumily

    Don't forget about Christian Bale. Fassbender, Gosling and Bale. Might I recommend investing in Duracell stock.

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