The 2013 Kardashian Khristmas Kard Really Brings the Krap

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The 2013 Kardashian Khristmas Kard (See Inside) Really Brings the Krap

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | December 2, 2013 | Comments ()


Over the weekend, Amazon announced a drone delivery service called Prime Air. No joke. Of course the FAA has yet to approve this service, but maybe sometime in 2015, select customers will have unmanned delivery of their packages within 30 minutes or less. Sign me up. (Kotaku)

More good news: Rose McGowan stars in a new short film that features herself dancing naked around her home and backyard. NSFW obviously. (Film Drunk)

Here’s a compilation of 8 foods that you’ve been eating wrong all this time. Hey, there is no wrong way to eat food. Unless one counts that time I ate edamame with the shell intact. I try to forget about that little incident. (Mental Floss)

Joe Jonas says he lost his virginity at age 20 and only smoked pot because Miley Cyrus made him do it. I’ll buy the first claim, but the second one? Riiiiight. (Us Weekly)

Dustin has put together a list of 9 Netflix series that you can watch in under 9 hours. Starring … Benedict Cumberbach. (WG)

The Roger Ebert memorial sculpture is almost complete. WOW. (Vulture)

Cannonball Read Godtopus gear is on sale now, and all proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society. Snap some of this up! (Zazzle)

Lindsay Lohan thinks there’s a character in Grand Theft Auto V that might be her. What a strange realization. Good luck with that lawsuit, Linds. (DListed)

The annual Kardashian Kristmas Kard has arrived and is notable not for its inherent gaudiness but for who’s missing. Also, LOOK at what they did to Bruce Jenner. (Buzzfeed)


Miley Cyrus is currently leading the race for Time’s Person of the Year. Don’t worry, there are still a few days left to stop the nightmare. (Celebitchy)

Maria Bello has come out as bisexual, and she reveals her unconventional, “modern family” method of raising her son. (NYT)

Cameras have rolled on the set of 50 Shades of Gray. I can’t believe they’re making this movie. (HL)

Jaimie Alexander showed up to a children’s hospital dressed in full Sif armor. Thank goodness she wasn’t wearing that coochie-baring dress. (USF)

The Weinsteins are working on a Sin City television show, which stands a good chance of happening way before A Dame To Kill For ever happens. (Slashfilm)

If this picture of Taylor Swift and Prince William could speak, it would say Wills had better be glad he’s married already. Otherwise, he’d end up as the topic of a breakup song at the hands of a jilted Swift, and the Queen would have none of that. (Go Fug Yourself)

Here’s a video showing what your grandparents think of Catching Fire:

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  • Mark Maloney

    Never could muster any interest in anything Kard-related and certainly can't/won't now. Didn't we learn from that Simpson's episode that all the people needed to do to stop the oversized unpleasant things from ruining their lives was to just stop paying attention to them? Yeah, like that.

  • dizzylucy

    Ah yes, nothing says Merry Christmas like posing "seductively" next to a giant $ sign...

    The amazon drone thing seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Robert

    I'm having major deja vu. That food link already pissed me off last week from a different Pajiba Love handler. Pancakes are separated when the stack arrives so you can butter/syrup each layer however you want as you restack them into a sticky bundle of goodness.

  • DeaconG

    Or like this:

    Separate pancakes and add butter to each stack.
    Put them back together.
    Wait a minute or two for the butter to melt.
    That way you can always dip the middle layers in the syrup that's on the plate and you're good to go.

  • That Rose McGowan video was the worst kind of pretentious nonsense. (Of course I watched it, you used the words 'Rose McGowan' and 'naked.') Watch, Channing Tatum will parody that the same way he did Van Damme's commercial and he'll break the Internet.

  • mswas

    You can also shop on Amazon and fight cancer! Fall down the Cannonball Read Buy Hole all the way to a poster of Ryan Gosling on amazon. Then shop to your heart's content! A percentage of everything you buy will go to Cannonball Read and will be donated in entirety to the American Cancer Society - at no extra cost to you! Shop and fight cancer? Sounds good to me!

  • BWeaves

    I can't believe you buried the Cannonball Read Godtopus clothing story in the middle. It deserves to be first. Also, it needs more thongs and sexy tank tops.

  • mswas

    Post that on our Facebook page, and that could happen!

  • BWeaves

    Speaking of food I've been eating wrong:

    1. I've also embarrassed myself in front of fellow customers by trying to eat the shell of the edamame.

    2. I know plenty of people who eat the core of apples and they don't start at the bottom. They just eat the whole thing. I eat as much as is tasty, so it depends on the apple.

    3. If a pistachio won't open, it's bad, so don't even try.

    4. Pomegranates are a complete waste of my time. And they are slippery and they stain.

    5. The top of the banana is the end WITHOUT the stalk. The grow up, like erect penises. Most people eat them from the bottom, because the stalk makes a nice handle for opening them. It really doesn't matter which end I open. I go for whichever end opens the easiest.

  • emilya

    i recently discovered that using needle nose pliers works really well for opening the stubbornly closed pistachios. i do not endorse doing it while your co-workers are on the phone or there are clients in the office.

  • PerpetualIntern

    I break bananas in half, which keeps either end from getting squishy. BAM.

  • I realize the person who films your first period might feel like family, but really....why is Seacrest on their Khristmas Kard?

  • Guest

    Also where's Kanye and North West?

  • My mistake, I thought the banner pic was the Kard. The real thing is even worse. It looks like the pinball machine from a harem-themed casino in Vegas.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Truly ambassadors for our planet and for our time.
    Tell them that.
    And then send them into space to 'represent' us - wink wink. I hear the all-consuming demon beasts of planet Hellscorch 212 require some education.

  • bastich

    Let's make sure that Kim is on that space flight. I heard that the demon beasts were big fans of rump roast.

  • Just tell Mama Kris that the Hellscorch overlords will pay a high price for the companionship of Earth daughters. Crap. Now I can't get Reba McEntire's "Fancy" outta my head.

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