That Time Matt Damon Was Just The Icing On The Tom Hanks Cake

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That Time Matt Damon Was Just The Icing On The Tom Hanks Cake

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 26, 2012 | Comments ()

Damon Icing.jpg

Happy almost Halloween! Someday, a day not far from now, you won't have to endure my pumpkin links anymore. Today is not that day, son. Here are Ray Villafane's amazing drooling zombie pumpkins. (Laughing Squid)

The Criterion Collection is running a costume contest. As you might imagine, the prizes are classy as f*ck. (Criterion Collection)

I wouldn't be surprised if one of these Wes Anderson outfits won the Criterion contest. Me? I've always been partial to the Baumer. (Unreality)

A teacher who admitted to a relationship with her 17 year old student has just been given her own reality show. Conservative party, remind me. Statutory rape is still legitimate rape, right? (Celebitchy)

Oh should we not be looking to the conservative party for information on rape? My bad. Well how about these 50 cheery facts about rape to brighten up your Friday? (HuffPo)

If you read Dan's absolutely brilliant review of Cloud Atlas, you may be thinking of skipping it. Personally, I think that would be a mistake. At the very least, check out this behind the scenes/making of/conversation between the directors and "Cloud Atlas" author David Mitchell. It is, at least, a fascinating look at the art of adaptation. (Time)

Who's getting hammered and watching "Mockingbird Lane" tonight? Oh you MUST. It's going to be such a gorgeous train wreck. Plus, Eddie Izzard! (CB)

If Reddit told certain impressionable members of the population to jump off a bridge, I'm afraid they would. In this instance, they created a fake Justin Bieber cancer rumor and convinced several of his fans to shave their head in solidarity. I mean, yes those kids are idiots, but damnit, Reddit, use your powers for good. (BioTV)

Dustin sent me this Damien Lewis eye candy link to share with y'all. Gingers in fur collars? Does that do it for you? (GQ)

Last night's episode of "Parks and Recreation" turned my heart into mush. I'm blaming the following link involving kittens in costume on the aforementioned mushiness. (Neatorama)

Oh man, this Tumblr, with its acidic drool and feces galore? Goldmine. (Things I Learned As A Field Biologist)

I'm actually quite sad Cloud Atlas is opening today because surely that means we won't get as much Tom Hanks adorability. Alas, alack, enjoy it (and Matt Damon) while you can.

But even better, in my opinion, was this amahhhhhzing song from two ladies who encourage you to keep your t*ts in this Halloween. Oh, Lady Louis CK, I'm a fan.

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  • "Ooh, CANDY!"


  • SabrinaHatesDisqus

    I don't care what they think, I'm still going with sexy 19th century steel conglomerate tycoon.

  • "...and FROG."

  • Marcela

    The best part of that Halloween song was that guy's perfect Tim Gunn impersonation.

  • Yocean

    Wait. SO the bald girl who I "liked" on FB to show I think she's is beautiful because I thought she had a cancer was shaving head to show solidarity with the Biebs? And it's something Reddit made it up? I want my "like" back.

  • no one

    Oh look, Tom Hanks in a skit with someone in soldier’s uniform.

    Perfect opportunity to once again share my favorite quote of Hanks’ regarding WWII.

    When discussing “The Pacific”:

    “From the outset, we wanted to make people wonder how our troops can re-enter society in the first place,” Hanks says. “How could they just pick up their lives and get on with the rest of us? Back in World War II, we viewed the Japanese as ‘yellow, slant-eyed dogs’ that believed in different gods. They were out to kill us because our way of living was different. We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different. Does that sound familiar, by any chance, to what’s going on today?”

    Yes, we wanted to annihilate the Japanese because they are different. It had nothing to do with Japanese imperial aggression, Pearl Harbor, or the fact that they were killing hundreds of thousands in the Asian Pacific.

    Tom Hanks is not this generations Jimmy Stewart. Tom Hanks is an idiot.

  • Ren

    Hanks spent a lot of time researching The Pacific. More then likely he is referencing John Dower's 'War Without Mercy' a tome about race and power within the Pacific theater. As Jezzer said below, there is much more to it then what you stripped it down to. It's not that there wasn't, in either situation, an enemy. It was the sheer intensity, on both sides, of dehumanizing and making another culture "the other". It heightened the war on both sides to a staggering amount. Read a helps.

  • Jezzer

    Before clicking on the article I asked myself, "Self, do you think EricD is still carrying an off-topic rage boner for Tom Hanks?" Myself answered, "Nah, surely he's moved on by now and is off writing Glenn Beck/Steve Doocy slashfic, or whatever it is he does in his spare time when he's not deliberately overlooking the use and effects of wartime propaganda in his rush to paint Tom Hanks with the Hanoi Jane paintbrush."

    Then I clicked the article and was disappoint.

  • no one

    Wow, you know you are on pajiba right? Where we get our two minues of hate each day on Rainbow Killer and Cameron Diaz. There is no moving on. And any time someone wants to say how adorable Hanks is I will be glad to point out his douchetastic doucheness.

  • Jezzer

    I read Tom Hanks' remarks, and he never said or even implied that we were racists for fighting the Japanese or that this was our only reason for fighting in WWII. He remarked that each side in the conflict used wartime propaganda to dehumanize the other and make the other side seem alien and wrong and a threat to national values, and that it was reminiscent of the way the US and the Middle East deal with each other today. None of that is incorrect.

  • Bedewcrock

    "I've never seen a cop with their tits out." ha!

  • Quatermain

    I have, but not while they were on duty.

  • kirbyjay

    Catherine Willows anyone?

  • zyzzyva

    Boo on the every iteration of "Sexy _____" Halloween costumes... Wasn't this already tired [and I suppose even less appropriate] in high school?

    Love the ideas & costume guides from Take Back Halloween:

  • competitivenonfiction

    I agree, except that I think the one exception to this is the "sexy piece of drywall" from Childrens Hospital. That was pretty awesome.

  • Kala

    Wow. That site actually makes me want to dress up. Major points for the obscure literary personalities!

  • Natallica

    "Feces galore" would be a great title for Adam Sandler's artistic biography

  • PDamian

    Gingers in fur collars ... aw, HELL yeah ... gingers in shorts ... mmmmm ... gingers in sweats ... really, does it matter what they wear?

  • DominaNefret

    No Frankenstorm articles? I'm pretty shocked.

  • lowercase_ryan

    If tricking Bieber fans into shaving their heads is wrong, I refuse to be right.

  • This is good social sorting, frankly.

  • John G.

    I love Halloween. I love zombies. Those pumpkin carvings made my day.

  • ERM

    I don't think they successfully got anyone to shave their head. Any pictures were faked as part of the prank.

  • vdo86

    I thought it was 4chan not Reddit (?)

  • Ben

    It was a combined effort as far as I know, 4chan created the rumor and the fake twitter account, then reddit spread it far and wide across the internet

  • becks

    I don't know why you got downvoted. I heard this also and can't find anything to suggest you're wrong.

  • becks

    Oh, I think I figured out why you got downvoted now. Some people will literally downvote anything, with no rhyme or reason. I remember back in the day when our comments would walk barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways to get posted. Nowadays trolls just click a stupid button. The world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Grr. There had better be some serious boycotting going on of Oxygen. Reality shows in general piss me off - statutory rapist/former cheerleader ones make my head just about explode.

  • KatSings

    My costume is based on a Miramax/Dimension no Criterion entry for me! :-(

  • googergieger

    "In this instance, they created a fake Justin Bieber cancer rumor and
    convinced several of his fans to shave their head in solidarity."

    You think that's bad? I shaved my balls when I found out Lance Armstrong had it. Now you guys know why I was double angry when I found about all his cheating.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I just hope you were careful enough to avoid imposing Lance's treatment on yourself.

  • googergieger

    Na, the wonder twin powers still activate. If you know what I mean.

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