Target Thinks that Pregnant Women are 'Plus Sized.' In Other News, America is Really F***ing Cold
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Target Thinks that Pregnant Women are 'Plus Sized.' In Other News, America is Really F***ing Cold

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | January 6, 2014 | Comments ()


I feel compelled to mention how cold it is outside throughout much of the United States. We’re sitting at a luxurious -2F degrees in Tulsa, but there are places that are legit -50F right now. Insane. I don’t care that it’s “supposed to” be cold outside, so feel free to complain about how your nipples have just shattered from the mere act of putting on another layer of clothing. (Gawker)

If your kid is a genius — and whose kid isn’t? — then you may be worried about them peaking too early in life and then sliding down into a hole of unproductive oblivion. Good news: At least 9 child prodigies have not followed that pattern. (Mental Floss)

Stevie Wonder is set to perform with Daft Punk at the Grammys. I have to stop there because the inappropriate mask jokes are simply begging to spill forth. (Vulture)

Ke$ha has gone to rehab for an eating disorder, which she says was spurred on by Dr. Luke’s persistent comments about her “looking like a f—-ing refrigerator.” (MSN)

Here’s a woman re-enacting the 3 hour orgasm that sent her to the emergency room, and guess what? You apparently cannot kill an orgasm by jumping up and down and drinking wine. Isn’t that part of why she had the orgasm in the first place? (WG)

Is Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit a true fit for the January (dumping-ground) movie schedule, or will it clean up as an unexpected blockbuster? (Film Drunk)

Q: Which book does Robyn Robotron describe as “Innerspace meets Horton Hears a Who with a bit of menace from The Neverending Story thrown in”? A: A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle. Find out why in her review for Cannonball Read 6. (Cannonball Read)

Isn’t it amazing that — for all the tough guy characters he’s played — Tom Hardy is just a frightened little kitten in need of stroking? Ha, stroking. (Celebitchy)

Jesus, Target. It wasn’t enough to let your system get hacked, thereby exposing millions of customers to credit card fraud. Now you’re labeling pregnant women as “plus-sized.” (Jezebel)

Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock was supposedly outed on Facebook by journalist Itay Hod. Does it matter whether everyone “knew” Schock was gay or that he’s in the public eye or whatever his stance on LGBT legislation happens to be? I generally believe people should out themselves if and when they are ready. With Schock, it’s arguably a more complicated issue. (HuffPo)

Well of course Disney wants to make a Frozen theme park attraction. Also in the works? Despicable Me. (Slashfilm)

Would you like your Frozen anthems to carry a hefty dose of profanity? Sure, why not. Just as long as this doesn’t happen at the Disney theme park attraction. (The Mary Sue)

Here we go, people. I know there’s a lot of anti-Buzzfeed sentiment rolling around these days, but how can you resist this list of 15 amazing ways to spike hot chocolate? Oh right, you can’t. (BF)

Paula Patton breaks the “short or tight” rule. See also the rule against marrying total douches. (Go Fug Yourself)

If you’re stuck in one of the many parts of the country that are experiencing extreme cold weather right now, you should fill up a SuperSoaker with boiling water and see what happens. Or you know, you could stay warm inside and watch this video instead:

Agent Bedhead lives in Tulsa and missed her dog. She can be found at

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  • Art3mis

    I'm generally very much against outing people against their will, but I make an exception for public figures who use their platforms to actively work to deny rights to gay people. If an anti-abortion politician was revealed to have herself had an abortion, that would be relevant. If a "tax the rich more" politician was revealed to have been using dodgy offshore accounts to avoid his own taxes, that would be relevant. And if a virulently anti-gay politican is voting to deny gay Americans legal protection from being fired from their jobs or the victim of hate crimes, then hell yes I think his sexual orientation (and attendant hypocrisy) is relevant.

  • NateMan

    Screw Schock, and screw McCarthy. I am typically against politicians and celebrities being outed. Who they bone is entirely their own business. But from looking at his voting record it seems pretty clear that he's more concerned about staying employed than he is making things better for people. It's a bit hypocritical of me, I realize, but I'm okay with that.

    And McCarthy has always been, and remains, so full of shit I'm amazed her eyes aren't entirely brown. "Vaccines gave my kid autism! My kid doesn't have autism, but it's still probably vaccines' fault! Wait, my kid does have autism, and anyone who says otherwise is a lying liar. Incidentally, vaccines are still to blame, but good news: going gluten free cures autism!"

    Wow. That irritated me beyond all rationality.

  • Heya Bedhead. The Target article link is missing. (I'm sure it's because it's so freaking cold.)

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    My nipples haven't shattered, but I have become an expert in glass etching very quickly since January 1st.

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