'SNL' Recently Held Secret Auditions of Black Female Cast Members, Who Definitely Will Not Be Allowed to Play Santa
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'SNL' Recently Held Secret Auditions for Black Female Cast Members, Who Definitely Will Not Be Allowed to Play Santa

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | December 12, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.01.26 PM.png

After controversy erupted over the lack of black female cast members on Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels has apparently set out to correct wrong that with secret auditions. (Gothamist)

Megyn Kelly over at Fox News wants the children of America to understand — I mean, really, really understand — that Santa Claus and Jesus are white. This, according to her, is not up for debate, and the thought shouldn’t even be suggested, because you wouldn’t want any black children to get the wrong idea, OK? (DListed)

Seth Meyers gave an interview to the Dan Patrick show, which I have edited down for your reading pleasure, and answered all the best SNL questions, like: Who was the best audition ever? Who failed at an audition but went on to be famous? Best guest host, worst guest host, etc. (Uproxx)

How did Benedict Cumberbatch research his role as the dragon in The Hobbit: The Second One? He studied lizards, of course. (Vulture)

“The nice people at InStyle called me “Britney!” and I am pretty sure that’s because they know I like to sign my Letters of Truth, which makes me feel like someone understands me finally. Love, Britney Spears.” I love it when the Fug Girls channel Britney. (GFY)

Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy is not the only one taking over newscast for stunt-promoting Anchorman 2; Steve Carell interrupted a weather forecast over in Britain to offer the meteorologist some not-so-helpful tips. (The Guardian)

The lovely Cameron Diaz posted a make-up free picture of herself in order to promote her new self-help book, and I’m just going to be kind and say, she looks her age. Is that mean? That’s kind of mean, isn’t it? (Celebitchy)

Our boy Howie Decker takes another stab at overly analyzing the rape-y lyrics of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” That song, man. That song. (Underscoopfire)

I don’t really care about Family Guy, but this live-action rendition of its intro is goddamn delightful. (Unreality)


Jason Segel is going to play David Foster Wallace in a movie and .. I don’t know about this, guys. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable for anyone to play David Foster Wallace. I also feel like it’s a cursed role. (Slashfilm)

All around terrific guy Matt Patches runs down nine other wonderfully bizarre Hobbit adaptations, and some of these Hobbits are not nearly as cuddly as Martin Freeman. In fact, one is downright swallow-your-soul terrifying. (FSR)

How does the “Friends” holiday episode, “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” hold up today? VERY WELL THANK YOU. (OMG)


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  • hippyherb

    What I love about the Cameron Diaz picture is that she hasn't got that stretched, shiny, puffy and swollen deformed look that a lot of hollywood/famous women have got. No evidence of botox or plastic surgery that I can see. She looks human. Good on her.

  • Our boy Howie Decker takes another stab at overly analyzing the rape-y lyrics of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” That song, man. That song.

    Oh for fuck's sake. Not this again.


    At this point, saying the song is "rape-y" is like saying "Don we now our gay apparel" is saying that the singer is getting ready for a Pride Parade.

  • Three_nineteen

    I got a "Happy Thanksgiving" text from...I don't want to go into it, so I'll say it was from someone I know. (I didn't bother to reply.) I have an urge to post this on her Facebook wall.

    Unless I can't, because we may not be Facebook friends, which I can't bother to check right now, so just forget it.

  • Yep, Cameron Diaz looks her age and she looks gooood, too. I like that she went makeup-free for even one pic, because it helps everyone see that the look projected when one has stylists and makeup artists is not how anyone looks without those things.

  • "In fact, one is downright swallow-your-soul terrifying."
    I'm going to go ahead and believe that you're referring to the Leonard Nimoy song with this. Proof positive they had the best narcotics in the 60s.

  • Holly Martins

    "I’m just going to be kind and say, she looks her age. Is that mean? That’s kind of mean, isn’t it?" It's unnecessary.

  • delle

    ...and it isn't helping.

    It's often said around Pajiba that women in media are under constant pressure to maintain impossible standards in terms of looking thin, young and sexy and that it is not a good thing. I'm curious how one could argue how saying in a negative sort of tone that an actress looks like she is the age that she is, is not in fact holding her up to that very same impossible standard? This place confuses me sometimes.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I thought everyone knew Santa was a black albino and Jesus was a four foot tall Portuguese woman?

  • NateMan

    I know it's something that exists, but for some reason I couldn't just read 'black albino' without bursting into laughter. Thanks for that!

  • kinoumenthe

    Yes, Cameron Diaz looks her age, and she looks good. I don't see what's the friggin problem here.

  • Davis

    She doesn't not being mean but i've met tonnes of 41 year olds who look way better than Ms Diaz

  • Endgame55

    Ms. Diaz is quite lovely, you're all nuts.

  • logan

    Not if she's 51.

    Awww lighten up Francis!

  • kinoumenthe

    Well, Stripey, I do not know this Francis whom you speak of.
    And the article says she's 41.
    I'm all light but really confused by the lack of relevancy of your reply.

  • NateMan

    Actually, Jesus was usually pink, because as the ONE white guy in all of the Middle East, that bastard got sunburned worse than Boo Radley on the 4th of July.

    Gods she's a dumb.... All sorts of words that I try not to use.

  • I LOVE the picture of Megyn Kelly above. It is a visual encapsulation of all her credibility and gravitas as a news anchor, editorial voice, and analytical mind.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Someone can't be sexy and still be credible or respected in their field? I don't think Kelly or any other cable news anchor is terribly good at their job, but I can't help but think someone like Tina Fey wouldn't get that kind of reaction here.

  • Sean

    Fey is a comedian. She doesn't pretend, or want, to be anything else. Kelly is pretending to be an intelligent voice of knowledge and reason. She isn't. She is a mildly attractive puppet that spreads hatred and ignorance.

  • foolsage

    Tina Fey isn't an intellectual lightweight; it's not a great comparison. I respect and admire Tina for her wonderful, wonderful brain, you see. She's also pretty, but that's truly secondary to my interests here. Megyn's quite attractive but doesn't seem to have an intelligent thought in her head.

  • Jim

    Yea. She only put herself through law school. Practiced law for 9 years.
    Cold called her way into working in television and now has one of the
    top rated news programs on cable. What exactly is it that you do?

  • Sean

    Does it matter what her past acomplishments are if she preaches ignorance and racism on Fox news? I don't care if she personally breastfeeds all starving puppies in the northeastern US. Her words on Fox news everyday have damned her in my eyes. She, and everything about that network are vile.

  • Gorry, you sure know a lot about the lady.
    Do you know enough to explain why, with such an impressive background, and as a public figure, she made the decision to pose for the softcore cheesecake photo above?

  • Jim

    Not sure why. But I'm guessing probably because she could.

  • Slim

    She said on her "news program" that, undeniably, Jesus was a white man. Her education is clearly has some major gaps somewhere. I could be a professional toilet-scrubber and not so ignorant in history and geography as to make a bananas claim like that. How anyone can take FauxNews seriously is baffling.

  • SamuraiShampoo

    Probably something far more respectable than cable news anchor.

  • Evelyn Bailey

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