Ryan Gosling And Michael Fassbender Did Charity Work Together On Halloween. Your Move, Other Dudes.

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Ryan Gosling And Michael Fassbender Did Charity Work Together On Halloween. Your Move, Other Dudes.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 1, 2012 | Comments ()

Gos and Fass.png

Listen, do you ever get the feeling that Fassbender and Gosling are just messing with you? And by "you" I mean you, mortal dudes. We'll get back to those talented, photogenic *ssholes in a second. For now let's look at a Pajiba hero who's a little closer to earth. Temperamental genius, erstwhile "Community" showrunner and potential heir to the McFarlane/Groening animated throne, Dan Harmon, dressed up as The Goblin King for Halloween. If you asked me, he nailed it. (Harmontown)

Is anyone watching "Arrow"? No? Bueller? Well then, I guess you won't care that a "Doctor Who"/"Torchwood" fav is the show's new Big Bad. (THR)

Speaking of the sexually irrepressible, James Bond and his many partners are the subject of this fittingly named "nymphographic." If you look at the numbers, you'll see Daniel Craig is getting significantly shorted. (Nymphographic)

James Bond - The Nymphographic

by TinyMaster. Browse more data visualization.

The "Business Week" cover in reaction to Hurricane Sandy warms my hippe, treehugger, liberal heart. It really does. (Bloomsburg Business Week)

You know that moment when you're firing up your favorite show and the "Previously On" segment spoils the episode you're about to watch. Annoying, no? Someone got mad enough to write a whole thing about it. (Unreality)

A screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was always a Halloween tradition around the Robinson household. (There, does that suitably explain away my abnormalities?) The Rejects gave the movie the old "Mindhole Blower" treatment. Alas, the commentary doesn't reveal how Curry got those killer legs. (FSR)

Marion Cotillard glued some roses to her bosom for "Harpers Bazaar." In a dive bar somewhere in Van Nuys, Mena Suvari is demanding her signature look back. (Celebitchy

I think this dude managed to cover all the geek bases this Halloween. What say you? (Reddit)

Here's all the information that's fit to print about then new season of "Luther." Can we start a letter writing campaign demanding the return of Alice Morgan? (Warming Glow)

And, oh yeah, Fassbender and Gosling took a break from working on that Terrence Malick project to do some charitable work. Drool away, Merrill. Drool away. (FD)

Finally, RDJ pulls a pretty adorable "oh sh*t" face in this great "Call Of Duty" commercial directed by Guy Ritchie.

Pajiba Love Express
Here's some Daveed Diggs for you. On Daveed Diggs' digs, actually. That man does things with clothes that should not make sense, but are absolutely perfect. (Go Fug Yourself)

Woody Allen has "so moved on" from his daughter's accusations and says he never even thinks about it. He equates her words about him to a bad review he won't read and comments on how wacky it is that Mia Farrow is his mother-in-law. He is the worst. (Celebitchy)

Not The Worst but still very gross: Leonardo DiCaprio and his Pussy Posse Wolf Pack were on the douche prowl in NYC. (Lainey)

Here are 5 under-the-radar shows. I had never even heard of the first two. (Uproxx)

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