Police Put Amanda Bynes On Psych Lockdown, and Cate Blanchett Will Eat Your Face

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Cate Blanchett Will Eat Your Face

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | July 23, 2013 | Comments ()


The troubled Amanda Bynes set a fire in someone’s driveway last night, and police have finally put her in a 5150 hold. As Courtney so eloquently wrote, it’s well beyond the point-and-laugh stage. We’re in the get-that-woman-some help-before-she-hurts-herself stage. (Pajiba)

My two favorite narrative devices are two sides of the same coin: The MacGuffin and Chekhov’s Gun. Here are ten of my favorite Chekhov’s guns in television. The one from The Wire still kills me. (Uproxx)

How did Tom Hiddleston pull off that amazing, adorable, brilliant Comic Con feat? He flew into San Diego in disguise. AS JANGO FETT. Hiddleston, you mad genius. (Celebitchy)

Cate Blanchett’s latest fashion choice “looks like a costume she’d wear if she were playing a rather fabulous alien creature who was going to impress upon you her gloriousness before then EATING YOUR FACE.” (GFY)

I really love Chris Evans (thanks to an interview that offered some great insight into what kind of guy he really is), but he’s never really made a good prestige movie. If early reviews of his latest are accurate, that looks like it may change. (Slashfilm)

This should never be admitted on the Internet. (Unreality)

The one perfect, perfect thing that the Freddie Mercury biopic had going for it is now gone. (Filmdrunk)

About the time Matt Smith hijacked Nathan Fillion’s Twitter account. (The Mary Sue)

If you’re keeping up with the Station Agents, we had our usual heated discussion on Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom and I brought up Operation Tailwind, the real-life event behind this year’s season-long arc. It is FASCINATING. (WG)

Big ups to Beyonce for continuing a performance uninterrupted while her weave was being snatched by a fan. (DListed)

If you missed early reports, a couple of Kick Ass 2 stuntmen actually talked a woman trying to commit suicide out of ending her life at Comic Con over the weekend. (Underscoopfire)

Uh, there was another baby born yesterday who has even BETTER genes than the Royal Baby. (Vulture)

Speaking of the Royal Baby, you know who has the right to freak out? John Oliver, that’s who! (Buzzfeed)

If you want real movie violence, f**k the summer blockbusters. The art house is where it’s at this year. (FSR)

Chris Hardwick will be hosting “Talking Bad,” a “Breaking Bad” discussion show, which is perfect because if there’s one thing I want to watch after Breaking Bad, it’s people trying to make jokes. (Showrenity)

Pajiba Love Express
Here's some Daveed Diggs for you. On Daveed Diggs' digs, actually. That man does things with clothes that should not make sense, but are absolutely perfect. (Go Fug Yourself)

Woody Allen has "so moved on" from his daughter's accusations and says he never even thinks about it. He equates her words about him to a bad review he won't read and comments on how wacky it is that Mia Farrow is his mother-in-law. He is the worst. (Celebitchy)

Not The Worst but still very gross: Leonardo DiCaprio and his Pussy Posse Wolf Pack were on the douche prowl in NYC. (Lainey)

Here are 5 under-the-radar shows. I had never even heard of the first two. (Uproxx)

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