Peter Jackson Confirms 3rd Hobbit, Will Spend Half His Budget Getting Liv Tyler Into Fighting Elf Shape

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Peter Jackson Confirms 3rd Hobbit, Will Spend Half His Budget Getting Liv Tyler Into Fighting Elf Shape

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 30, 2012 | Comments ()


Peter Jackson confirms what we've been suspecting for a while, he'll be spooling out his Tolkien film franchise into a third Hobbit film which is set to premiere Summer of 2014. Word is the third film will cover the material between the book plot of The Hobbit and The Fellowship of The Ring. That means more Gandalf, Aragorn and, oh yes, Arwen. I don't intend to be unkind to Liv Tyler because she is and always will be a stunning woman, but the problem of a character who never (alright, nerds, slooooooooooowly) ages is making the performer (who is, in this case, over a decade older) look convincingly young and elfish again. Actors who play vampires over a long time face this problem too. (*cough*Boreanaz*cough*). And don't throw Blanchett at me. You and I both know she's an alien. Regardless, that's a small nit to pick in a writhing mess of problems presented by a 3rd installment but, like it or not, I'll be there. My money already belongs to Jackson. (First Showing)

Then again, if there is a fountain of youth, I'm pretty sure Jada Pinkett Smith is chugging from it on a daily basis. The woman looks amazing. (Celebitchy)

CNN basically called Sarah Palin stupid. I mean there's pretty much no other explanation for this. (WG)

Commenter Jeniscola sent me this absolutely fascinating piece on the Aurora Shooting and our addiction to Evil. I'm not one to blame pop culture (TV, film, video games) for crimes, but I thought this was a compelling argument. (Slate)

This Spock-centric "Live Long And Swagger" shirt is pretty damn adorable. (We Love Fine)

How do I feel about this "Community" poster? Well, they certainly didn't neglect Annie's Boobs, but they totally Britta'd Britta. (The Autumn Society)

Uproxx, inspired by Jason Bateman's photos of Michael Cera on set, has put together the very best of George Michael Bluth. It'll make you forget all the hipster disdain you've built up for Cera during the show's hiatus. Promise. (Uproxx)

Unreality has 7 Actresses Not Afraid To Pick Incredibly Challenging Roles. Featuring Pajiba 10 favorite, Monica Bellucci. (Unreality)

Fo those complaining (still) about Bane's voice in The Dark Knight Rises here's a side-by-side comparison of a scene before and after Nolan remastered it. There are some weird lilts they added for contrast that make Hardy's line readings sound, well, sort of dumb. (Film Drunk)

Speaking of Batman villains, how much would you pay to see Catwoman square off against Marie Antoinette? (If you've seen the movie, this pairing makes more sense.) Yeah, I'm talking the super obnoxious Marie Antoinette played by Kristen Dunst. Forget the guillotine, go for the razor sharp stilettos. (TFE)

Are you enjoying the Olympics? I've been hearing a lot of screeching over certain swimmers. Careful how you lust, ladies. Today's Olympic heartthrobs are tomorrow's Kardashian Paterfamiliases. (Neatorama)

If you're into a little light Bond-age, here are some gorgeously skanky limited edition James Bond prints, one for each book title. (Laughing Squid)

Finally, in response to his wife's adorable Ask Amy video series, Will Arnett shot "Boy's Minute." I wish we could go back in time and have Arnett host "The Man Show" in place of Adam Corolla. Arnett and Kimmel? Yes please.

5 Shows After Dark 7/30/12 | The Nolan Brunette

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  • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

    Where is Annie's Boobs in that poster. I am just not seeing him.

  • If you want what Jada Pinkett Smith is drinking you need only pop down to your local Scientology Centre... it's the one thing that tempts me.

  • Lbeees

    Why is Arwen catching heat and not Gandalf or Aragorn? Those men are aging and will still be expected to play **younger versions of themselves** in the upcoming triology. Come on! Don't play into that bullshit misogynist worldview. My Pajeebs is better than that!

  • The Unreality list of actresses willing to take on challenging roles is flawed in a major way: Tilda Swinton doesn't make the cut. All she does is take on challenging roles. Her only mainstream work was in the Chronicles of Narnia and even then she worked far harder than she had to for a kids film.

  • ed newman

    Michael Clayton was pretty mainstream if you ask me.

  • DarthCorleone

    Yeah, I'll probably see your third Hobbit movie, Peter Jackson. I'm a sucker. I'm still at an extreme loss as to how you'll make a compelling narrative out of it, though.

  • I love Tolkien's work (and Jackson's) as much as the next fangirl, but making The Hobbit into 3 films just smacks of a money grab and boils my blood. The Hobbit is a much lighter, smaller scale story, and it doesn't need to be an epic trilogy. Yes, there are goblins and dragons and battles, but at the core, it's really just about one little hobbit getting mixed up in an adventure and growing some balls. Yes, the dwarves want their mountain back. Yes, the Battle of Five Armies is going to be pretty badass. But it's really just the story of how a hobbit realizes that the world is bigger than the Shire and how that changes him. He just happened to find the doomsday device while he was out.

    (nerd rant over)

  • Excuse me but our whole economy is built around Peter Jackson continuing to make movies that feature our beautiful (and diverse) countryside. Do you want to kill off New Zealand, is that really what you want? REALLY?!

  • BWeaves


    Frankly, I've read the appendices and the Sil., and they just don't interest me. It's why I've never splurged on Christopher Tolkien's 10 extra books. I just don't care about the backstory.

    Do you hear me Hollywood? I don't care about anyone's backstory or origins. Just give me a good one-off story and I'll watch it over and over.

  • BarbadoSlim

    Didn't Liv become some sort of professional impregnated person. Oh you say she ISN'T pregnant right now?

  • BierceAmbrose

    From a social-psychological point of view, young men are a thicket of false positives.

    That made me chuckle, because it's true. Also, I now have a mission in life - to be an endless source of social-psychological false positives. I believe it may be my calling.

    Getting serious for a moment, there's a decent sized literature on rituals and traditions that recognize status (at all, not one up / one down) and induction into roles in a community ... and their lack & decline as culture modernizes. "Place in the world" and its absence has recurring power. I'm kind of surprised that the Slate-ite didn't touch on this. We can do better, in that we're all literate and stuff.

    Rain man having his first encounter with "Freshman Year at MIT Syndrome" is gonna feel way, way displaced, even worse being later in life & after more apparent successes than an actual freshman at MIT. I'm only kinda kidding that we oughta keep sporks and other dangerous implements away from PhD candidates. IT IS A PROFOUNDLY ABNORMAL CIRCUMSTANCE TO BE A GRADUAL STUDENT.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Jackson and co will really have to delve deep into the appendices for this. They have no movie rights for The Silmarillion, which means little-to-no elf backstory.

  • At this pace I hope we get a faux-documentary style adaptation of The Similarion.

  • lowercase_ryan

    when you mentioned Annie's Boobs I was really hoping for the monkey.

  • Fredo

    Having seen the 5-minute scene when it was released last fall, it did kind of take me aback how Bane's voice sounded in there -- like it was layered on top and not coming from the person in the scene. But then I kinda went with it. After all, how's he supposed to sound with that thing on his face?

    As for a 3rd Hobbit movie...really?

  • fracas

    Actors who play robots also age faster than their characters (Brent Spiner), and little kids on magical islands (Walt).

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Black don't crack baby!

  • Sara_Tonin00

    1) If we can accept Hugo Weaving as an elf, and he's decades older than Liv, then we'll be able to accept Liv. I'm sure they'll be all soft-filtered. I saw Cate Blanchett onstage in Uncle Vanya last week, and you are right: she is an alien. A gorgeous, talented impossibly tall and graceful alien. Or so my DNA insists in its own defense.

    2) At first I thought CNN played Garbage's "Stupid Girl" and that would be less bad. but it had to be Pink. CNN should talk to NPR about the music they choose for leading into segments.

    3) I saw those James Bond bookcovers last year in the UK, and was smitten enough to take photos of them.

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