Peekaboo, B*tches. In Response To Fashion Criticism, Anne Hathaway Eschews Pants Altogether
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Peekaboo, B*tches. In Response To Fashion Criticism, Anne Hathaway Eschews Pants Altogether

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 12, 2012 | Comments ()


It should be noted (before you get your knickers in a twist) that I am not at all referring to that unfortunate incident where some scumbag paparazzo caught Anne Hathaway in a compromising position and Matt Lauer leered at her about it on national television. No, I'm referring to this cover of Glamour wherein Hathaway posed (one presumes willingly) sans pants. Or, if you must, wearing "hot pants." She looks fine, if a bit "I'm gonna live forever!" (Go Fug Yourself)

Should "Dexter" get another season? HAIL NO. Saran wrap that puppy to a table and be done with it, Showtime. (WG)

Here's a round-up of the most controversial photos of 2012. The first one still angers me. (FlavorWire)

The lovely and talented Ravi Shankar has passed away. The Guardian has gathered some tributes from musicians around the world. (The Guardian)

And here's the man himself.

Many folks are having fun with the fact that today is 12.12.12. (And some killjoys are having fun ruining it.) Whatever your take on it, this NYT article from the last time we had a 12/12/12 is worth a look. (Think Progress)

Beer snobs, rejoice, one of the world's most famous and treasured beers is, for the first time, on sale in the U.S. You may need to drown your sorrows in some Natty Ice once you've seen the price tag. (NPR)

Instead of finishing all three Hobbit films in one go, Peter Jackson is going to take a break to shoot the next Tintin movie. I hope it's called The Desolation of Snowy and clocks in at over three hours. (Bleeding Cool)

The Awl has a year-by-year breakdown of when and how to lie to your kids about Santa. (The Awl)

Me? I still believe in Black Santa.

Check out the cool kids cast Jason Reitman has assembled for the LACMA Live Read of Ghostbusters. (You may remember his Princess Bride with Paul Rudd and Mindy Kaling.) Mae Whitman as Annie Potts? Inspired. (/Film)

Any fashionable geeks in your life? Then they might enjoy these (surprisingly high quality) Death Star earrings. (Etsy)

And while this "Doctor Who" shirt may not be entirely fashionable, I double heart it. Thanks, Sarah. (Tee Fury)

Here's a round up of the best and worst media errors and corrections of 2012. Ah yes, that chime you hear when they misspelled "correction?" That would be the print media death knell. (Poynter)

Finally, because his boy Ben Affleck is getting all the love this year for Argo, here's Matt Damon with a killer Clinton impression. It's only three degrees of hillbilly away from his McConaughey.

What's More Adorable Than a Celebrity? A Celebrity With His Or Her Parents | Democracy is a myth, sold to us by the West.

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  • Sara_Tonin00

    The first two photographs on that controversial list bother me. I wrote to the Times about the second one (and their photo of an "unconscious somebody at the Libyan embassy" who was actually the dead ambassador - I wasn't alone in these complaints) - now they put them in slideshows and post graphic warnings before them.

    The dead and dying have no choice in being photographed, or how it's used. There are times when it might be worth seeing (the ambassador, if they hadn't been grossly coy about it) and times when it's not (what do we gain by seeing the Empire State shooting victim's life running into the gutter?)

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I actually don't mind the pictures, aside from her weirdly Barbie-doll legs. People don't get to choose what they wear for fashion mag shoots. I suppose a star of her caliber could put her foot down, but part of the fun of doing a photo shoot is getting the chance to wear something weird (esp if you have the body to pull it off)

  • $27019454

    Full disclosure: I did not read this article in full and I have emphatically been drinking. I am sofa king sick of her huge clown head and her Oh I am so down to earth and Oh I am not your usual starlet SHTICK. And the thing is: I dso not read much news at all and I donot have TV reception.

    This bitch. "My first meal after Les Mis" "I still have body issues"

    Fucking GET IN LINE.

    Also? Also and fer totally serious? She is a HORRIBLE actress. She is self conscious, acty-acty and has that overkill facto that (Mrs Julien Alert) I atribute to Ann Miller.

    She is the human equivalent of Jazz Hands.

    I love musicals but I am not a fan of tragedies made into musicals (translation: I love Mary Poppins and Sound of Music). I can't wait to line up NOT to see this bloated ego-fest.

  • $27019454

    I think my point about not having cable was that even I, amish as I am, am sofa king sick of seeing her huge Joker face. In other news: Wine.

  • John W

    I thought Anne was smarter than that.

  • Slash

    Matt Damon is ADORABLE.

    RE Anne's ladybits: you know, you can solve the problem of not showing your vajayjay in public by wearing underpants. Just sayin'. I mean, upskirt photos are scuzzy, but still. Underpants. Use them. Or, you know, let it all hang out and then pretend to be embarrassed afterwards. This isn't that hard.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    If I ever find myself in a body swap comedy where I end up a girl, I think I'll just stay a girl and steal Matt Damon.

  • fasha

    I can't believe that a human being would pull out a camera to take a picture of someone about to be hit by a train, instead of running over to help them up. People disgust me.

  • Ben

    There was a crazy dude that had just pushed the guy in front of the train and was standing around there still being crazy. The platform is empty because people freaked the fuck out and ran away cause... you know crazy guy pushing people in front of trains.

    The photographer says he was trying to use the flash to signal the driver, weather you want to believe that or not is up to you though I guess (Not sure if I do) but yeah, no one is running to help him because people were rightfully scared of the crazy guy.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Or - the guy who was pushed was belligerent/drunk, and the pusher felt he was being attacked, and tried to get some space. Depends on what version you believe. (I have no idea which one)

    I don't believe the photographer though.

  • AngelenoEwok

    I don't care what none of y'all say. I'm loving Anne right now. Just look at her awesome haircut!

  • ghisent

    Man, I would really like to see someone slap Matt Lauer in the mouth on national television. If Hathaway had done that, it would've made my day.

  • fracas

    Is The Hobbit really three movies, or is it one movie that you have to wait five years to see the end of?

  • $27019454

    THere's no VIGGO in it so it's not really a LotR movie because i forwarded thru all that Mr Frodo crap any way because VIGGO.

  • Eeesh. I love the hell out of Anne Hathaway and even *I* want her to go the hell away for a while. We all know you'll win that Oscar, sweetie. Now please go back to not being a media whore for a second.

  • Melissa D

    My uncle left home when he was 17 to work in Boston, and he became quite a successful metal worker (his partner did the sketches, he did the execution). At one point, he worked for the company owned by Matt Damon's grandfather and uncles, and he was good friends with one of the uncles for awhile, too. He met Matt when he was little, because after his grandfather retired he'd come by to visit the boys and take Matt with him.

    And that is how I am 1 degree from Matt Damon, and also how said uncle became my favourite.

  • e jerry powell

    Isn't MattyMac three degrees of hillbilly away from Clinton just by himself?

  • googergieger

    Somewhere there is the douchiest level of Avril Lavigne ever feeling embarrassed over that Hathaway picture. Props on someone finally inventing what appear to be hipster granny panties, however. Long time coming.

  • ghisent

    Huh? I don't get that - are you comparing her to Avril lavigne? Calling her a douche? Why? What? MAKE SENSE, MAN.

  • googergieger

    Sometimes, some people just aren't meant to get things, sport. In Avril's hey day she was a straight up trendy twat. On her worst day of her little mtv pop punk dress up days, she wouldn't be caught dead wearing that awfulness Hathaway is wearing in that, I don't know is it for an article? Or did someone take pictures of her in a very bland hell? Canadian hell? That's a thing right?

  • ghisent

    OK, this?

    "Somewhere there is the douchiest level of Avril Lavigne ever feeling embarrassed over that Hathaway picture. "

    Is only barely proper English.

    I get your point now, and I even agree with it. But don't condescend to me when your post was so poorly phrased.

  • googergieger

    Okey, dokey, aritchoke. How would you say the douchiest Avril version that ever did exist, is embarrassed over that Hathaway pic? Would you clarify what you meant by embarrassed? Would you say why she would be embarrassed? Thought it was pretty clear myself, but then again, everyone isn't meant to understand everyone. I mean look at the Welsh. I mean don't, cause, gross. But still.

  • ghisent

    "Even Avril Lavigne at her douchiest would be embarrassed by that picture."

  • Mrs. Julien


  • googergieger

    Ah. Well next time just plug that right into anything I say, you don't understand.



  • emmelemm

    I kinda love Matt Damon. He seems like an actually nice guy.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Who has two thumbs and wants an Oscar?

    This woman!

    [imagine I'm holding a photo of Anne Hathaway, preferably that crazy derelicte one from a few days ago where she looked like she was wearing some post op dominatrix knee braces]

    Should I have gone with "That woman!" and index fingers?

  • FrayedMachine

    Totally did not recognize her at all. Like in the least bit. I hear that it's Hatheway but I still don't see it.

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